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family room reveal


 I was going to show how we installed the engineered floating hardwood floors today, but I did a little photo shoot with my family room and I decided I would share the pictures and some of my reasons for picking this floor.


 This is how the room looked when we first moved in…

We ripped out the fireplace a little over a year ago and I’ve been waiting to rip out this carpet since the day we moved in.  After 6 1/2 years of living in this house, we finally ripped out the carpet and replaced it with 4 3/4″ wide Heritage Hickory (a floating engineered hardwood floor) by Virginia Mill Works.



The color on the walls is Glass Slipper by Benjamin Moore.  I love this color.  It’s a soft blue, but it’s still sort of neutral.


Having wood floors means that all of the furniture is on felt sliders.  Having all of the furniture on felt sliders means that I can move furniture around on my own at my every furniture-rearranging-whim.   It also means it’s easier to scoot the furniture away when I’m going to kick some tail playing Just Dance on the Kinnect.


I set up a desk in the corner for my computer.  (Surprisingly, that French chair is very comfortable.)









The wool rug I’m currently using in the room matches perfectly, but it’s too small.  I definitely need at least an 8 x 10 for the space, but we’re going to wait a while before getting one.


So, why did we pick these floors?  First of all, what are engineered hardwood floors?  They are not laminate, but a wood veneer over an MDF base.

Why did we choose engineer hardwood instead of solid hardwood?  Initially, I had my heart set on solid wood.  Actually, I had my heart set on reclaimed hardwood, but my husband talked me out of installing AND refinishing floors in the busiest part of our home.  My options were limited to pre-finished floors.  Going into the store we had a few picked out that we liked.  Once I got to the store, though, I wasn’t sure what I wanted.  We were willing to get solid hardwood floors, but Heritage Hickory caught my eye.   I literally saw the sample board and right away said, “This is it!  This is the one.”  I then inspected it and saw it was engineered and I was okay with that.  It was cheaper, easier to install and still comes with a 30 year warranty on the finish.

I like that this flooring is a rich, medium toned wood that’s not too red or orange.  It has beveled edges and a pretty grain.  It also has a bit of the hand-scraped look, but it’s not overdone.  It’s subtle.  The minor imperfections, dings, dents and saw marks are ultimately what captured my heart.  I also like that the finish isn’t shiny.  It just has a nice satin sheen to it.  My dad walked in just as we finished installing it and he said, “It looks very Civil War-ish.”  I think he meant it looks old.

The downsides?

  • Well, it’s definitely not as comfortable as carpet.  That’s an obvious one.
  • It’s a little slippery.  I almost went into the splits stepping out of our bedroom the morning after we installed it.  That was slightly painful since I was already waddling like I was pregnant from my sore muscles.  We’re all getting used to it.
  • It does show threads and crumbs and stuff like that.  I bought a white kitchen floor, though, so I’m obviously okay with cleaning floors frequently.  I figure the stuff is there, so I’d rather see it and clean it.
  • It’s cold.  Well, colder than carpet.  A bonus is that it prepares me to step onto the freezing tile in the kitchen!  It probably would’t be cold in most situations, but our basement workshop is underneath and it’s not insulated well.  It’ll probably be a bonus in the summer, but I find I’m using a blanket more than usual this time of year.
The boys have enjoyed running around on it and it’s perfect for building Legos and Lincoln Log houses.  All in all, we love it.  I can’t give testimony for how well it wears, since it’s only been installed for two days, but I’ll let you know in a year or two…

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  1. Rachael Marchese says:

    Hi Marian! So, it’s been ‘a year or two’.. how’s the floor holding up? I was looking at that particular floor on the Lumber Liquidators website, is that where you purchased it? I’m wondering if it’s a good place to buy from.. Thanks!

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