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Another use for Frog Tape…


After a few years of wishing for it, I finally gently asked my husband if he would consider giving up the ceiling fan and letting me hang a chandelier in our bedroom.  Let me be clear that I didn’t hound him and nag him about it.  I said something like, “I know you love the ceiling fan, but would you be okay with having a nice standing fan instead, so I can hang a chandelier?  If not, that’s okay.  I know you really like the ceiling fan.”  Well, he thought about it for a few days and told me it was okay.  Woo hoo!!  Sometimes I ask stuff like that and he says it’s not okay and that’s okay, too.  He lives here too and he doesn’t ask for much.

Now that I had permission, I started looking around online for a vintage chandelier, but they were all more than I wanted to pay.  Then I remembered that I had a chandelier in my stash!  I don’t have a crazy hoard in my basement or anything, but I do have things I’ve bought and haven’t gotten around to fixing up to sell yet.  I bought this chandelier when I was visiting my parents in Florida in the summer of 2011.  I had to take it apart to ship it home and it’s been wrapped up in bubble and plastic ever since.

I unwrapped the pieces, certain I was in for a nightmare trying to figure out how to get the darn thing back together again when I haven’t seen it in over a year.   


…And then I saw that I am a genius.  (I’m being facetious.)  I actually saw that I knew myself well enough to know that I would totally forget how to put the chandelier back together again and I labeled all of the pieces in sequence by number using Frog Tape.


…and I was able to get it all back together again.



I dropped it off at my dad’s today and he’s going to get it wired up for me.

Yes, you can use Frog Tape to make stripes on a wall and for painting projects, but I find I use it for a lot of things.  Anytime I need a low-tack tape that won’t leave a mark, I reach for Frog Tape.  I also used it to label my cabinets and doors when I painted them.   (I used the yellow variety for that project.)


…yep.  The tape is still there.  I took that picture yesterday.  And I painted the cabinets around the time I bought that chandelier.  Does that make you feel better about little detail things around your house that you’ve been ignoring?    

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Frog Tape. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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  1. Very clever! I used Frog Tape to hang a map recently. I wanted to have it framed but it would have been too big. Looped Frog Tape on the back of the map worked perfectly!

  2. I use the tape for my sewing. Usually it marks out different lengths on my craft desk that I need for specific items I make.
    Marian–I was chatting with a shopper in PB today and after ALOT of chatting asked her about her style. I mentioned your blog and book and it seems a perfect fit for her. She had just purchased an awesome piece of furniture on Craigslist for $200 and wants to paint it but not sure what to do. I’m excited for her to check out your blog!

  3. Ha, ha. I too still have tape on the inside of my cabinets from when I painted them. It’s been at least 2.5 years. I feel much better about myself knowing that I am not the only one.

  4. lol. you crack me up. too funny that the tape is still in there. hey you never know if you’ll get th itch to repaint them. no sense having to number them again! 😉

  5. Audrey Zumwalt says:

    Love Frog tape too. I had an antique bench with lots of small spindles in the back and arms that I took apart to restore and after several years and several moves; much to my surprise, I got it back together. I am sure I had each piece marked because I was very careful about that. Now, I take lamps apart and get careless about marking the parts.
    Your chandy is beautiful … will you paint it?
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  6. I love your new/old chandelier – it;s going to look fabulous. i have 2 in my shed at the moment waiting for somewhere to hang. and i love that you never got around to removing the frog tape from your cupboard.

  7. I would like to try Frog Tape, so I’m going to look online if I can find it in Europe somewhere. Who knows … And … Great chandelier!

  8. Great forethought :-)
    We did a similar thing when we took possession of my brother-in-laws old garden shed. Numbering the panels before dismantling it made it so much easier to re-assemble.
    Sounds like you approached your hubby in just the right way to win the ceiling fan battle! We have a ceiling fan in our bedroom too though with no-where practical to house a standing fan it is definitely staying (I just realised how silly it is to state that I can’t find anywhere to put a standing fan when I have managed to find space for a display of three vintage desk fans which don’t actually work – ha!).
    I would prefer a lovely pendant though I do like our ceiling fan though.

  9. can I show this article to my husband? 😉 I like our ceiling fan too, but would love to switch it out for a chandelier. I’ve actually had my eye on one from another vendor at our shop- the base of it reminds me a lot of your new bed. <3 I'm glad I'm not the only one who buys something and then months later finally gets around to fixing it!! LOL

  10. Painter’s tape is great stuff but Frog Tape brand is new to me. So funny about being a genius; it’s a hoot when I actually put enough forethought into something that makes my life easier later. I scare myself sometimes -grin.

  11. Ha! You WERE brilliant to number those pieces! Thank goodness! Funny about the tape on the inside of the cabinet too… i would soooo do the same thing.


  12. AnnieVee says:

    Oh I love that chandy Marian. It’s gonna look fantastic. I hope you keep it the same colour. I don’t know why, but I’ve been wanting to put “gold” back into my life for about 2 years now.

    I’ve got a heavy brass chandy that I picked up in front of a neighbour’s home that was destined for the dump…NO WAY, I SAY! Hopefully I can clean it up and have my hubbie hang it in my DR. I’ll send you a pic when that happens. 😉

    I’ve taken to filming the “taking apart” of any big projects on my digital camera. It is so good to refer to it during the “putting back” stage. I’ve done a banquette, and chandelier as well. Try it sometime.

  13. beverlee says:

    I love frog tape. My husband thinks it’s too expensive, so I use it, and can keep up with where it is, unlike his tape, that escapes all the time.
    I love chandaliers! Love them, but we live in Hottexas. It gets hot here, and being an older lady…need the ‘wind in my face’ sometimes….so I am stuck with them. I am the one who could never be without them.
    Labeling your pieces is so smart…and my SweetGuy is the one who is smart enough to do that, not me!
    Thank you for all your help…

  14. MaryS says:

    You have a good guy there!! But he has a good gal too. Your chandelier will look great!
    I just installed 2 in my house as well. Love them. Not sure I could have one in the bedroom as it’s upstairs and in the summer is VERY hot!! Thus the ceiling fan. :( Not pretty but practical.

  15. Karen says:

    I found the Frog Tape on your site a few weeks ago and immediately asked hubby to pick it up for me at Home Depot where he works. As a matter of fact, i have two projects today where i am going to have my first go at it. Painting the trim around my kitchen island bar to match the wainscoating in the kitchen/hearth room AND painting a soft accent paint of sage green on my living room fireplace which is now white with white marble. The carpet is a deeper sage green and I am excited to see how it will softly pop the fireplace as an accent. I will use the Frog tape to mask off the white hearth and other parts of the wood trim on the fire place.

  16. Diane says:

    I used Frog Tape to mark the measurements and locations of the kitchen island and the swing of the refrigerator door for the contractor who is going to update my kitchen. But, just one thing about the ceiling fan—I couldn’t live without the bedroom ceiling fan. Obviously, you aren’t old enough to appreciate one. But, don’t throw it away….in a few years you will be asking your husband if he minds replacing the chandelier with a fan. Or perhaps, by then fans will be more attractive. My house has AC and I still need that ceiling fan. I’ll bet other readers do too. (I don’t know what the deal is with designers and ceiling fans. I don’t think they are that unsightly. And, I have two other chandeliers in the house that I love.)

  17. Molly says:

    Oh MMS – how I love your blog. I loved your chandelier story about how you asked your husband politely if he would take down the fan for a way (and I mean waaaaay) cuter chandelier. I laughed out loud! We’ve all been there. So, I wanted to share an awesome tip with you from my Mom. She always says, whenever you need your husband to help do something, all you have to do is add one magic phrase and they will do it! Instead of saying “would you take out the trash?”, the magical phrase is, “would you be WILLING to take out the trash?” Ladies – I’m telling you, it works. She says its so effective because it makes them think they actually made the decision (vs answering to a command) and puts them in the position to be the hero. Isn’t that just awesome? I do it all the time. Give it a try and prepare to be amazed! hahhahaah

  18. Marti Reynolds says:

    I don’t ad my website because at this time it’s private while I learn this blogging world. But I wanted to say I’m glad I come across this post. I often find myself decorating, adding and removing whatever I’d like in my home without thinking about anyone’s else’s wants or likes. Thanks for the reminder, I’m going to try harder to ask my Loveys opinion before changing things!

  19. Melissa McIntyre says:

    It’s nice to seet hat someone else doesn’t really see the point of painting the INSIDE of the cabinets! We have been in our house for four years and have seriously considered painting the 20 yr. old OAK cabinets in our kitchen since. I’ve decorated around them, but I may be ready to bite the bullet soon, IF i get the ok. I had been contemplating to paint or not paint the inside of the doors. If I do it, I think I’ll go with NOT! Thanks Marian! 😉

  20. So clever of you to use the frog tape. I did the same when I painted my kitchen cabinets. The chandelier is stunning and I know it will be so so pretty in your bedroom. We have ceiling fans in almost every room and I just don’t see my husband letting them go. That was a very nice compromise you and your husband made.

  21. Okay, I must admit, I am sooo jealous! I have tried your method, resorted to hounding, then back to your method to try to get my husband on board with swapping out our ceiling fan for a chandelier. Just not gonna happen. Happy compromise? Yes, he agreed to one in the master bath. Now bubble baths will be even better! Love frog tape! I do a lot of painting and it is magic (even as labels!)!!!

  22. Marleen says:

    I have yet to use frog tape…i have several rolls of the blue painters tape which i use for sooo many things…many previously listed. My main use i did not see mentioned is… Any time i go to a sale~any sale, thrifting, antique mall and buy anything i mark it with what i paid~(sharpies work well). Most of the time the receipt descriptions are not detailed enough for me to remember what was what~saves soo much time when i go to pricing, and if it is an item i will use for awhile i put the tape on the bottom~how many times have you thought O i will remember or searched through your receipt bin???
    BTW…I do LOVE your Chandi :)

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