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Traveling, Brushes & Country Living


I have no idea how people work in jobs where they have to travel all the time.  I supposed they get used to it and get good at it – find the best places to eat, where to charge a laptop and iPad, where to rest, and how to get comfortable in an airplane seat.  Most of my trips are going to be spaced out, but I have one scheduled this week right on the heels of my Colorado trip.  On Tuesday, I’m heading out to Petaluma near San Francisco, California to teach a couple of workshops with my Milk Paint retailer out there, Gracefully Worn.   I haven’t been to California since I was four, so I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m also so thrilled that I get to meet some of my blog friends like Maria from Dreamy Whites.

The details of my trip to Petaluma, local signings and my trip to Houston, TX in January are all on my side bar.  I am working on trips to Fayetteville, Arkansas, Atlanta,, Nashville,  Glendora, CA, San Antonio, Ontario, Tampa/Orlando and more!

As I’ve shared on my blog before, I have a bit of a thing for brushes.  So, when I spotted this lovely at an antique store, I had to get it.

I’m really not sure what it was used for (or what I’ll use it for), but I just couldn’t pass it up.  Any ideas about what this brush was made for?

I’ve gotten some amazing opportunities through this blog and recently, I was offered another.  I just wrote my very first article for,which is a huge honor.  I was asked to find some Woodland-inspired gift ideas and it was a lot of fun doing some virtual shopping.

(These are from The Sitting Tree.)

I also found out how challenging it is and I have a whole new respect for the folks who put those shopping guides together on a regular basis!  If you’re interested in reading the article, you can check it out HERE.

(By the way, HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!  Sorry Baltimore fans.)

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  1. Hi Marian I asked our brush maker and he said it is a dusting brush. I love the patina on the handle. I hope you are planning on coming to Mississippi on your tour next Spring. You have quite the following here.
    Our milk paint should finally get here next Monday YEA!!!!!
    Have the Merriest of Christmases.

  2. Lisa Broussard Januska says:

    Yay for Houston!!! We’ll be excited to get to meet you…did I miss the post saying where you will be?

  3. I love the rug in your dining room (bamboo area rug; with script writing) Where can I purchase one?

  4. Peggy says:

    The brush could be from a barber shop. My husband is a cosmetologist and he has a brush similar to the one you found, with soft bristles a little longer than your brush. Barbers used them to brush the hair off the clients neck when he finished with the hair cut.

  5. It might be a dusting brush…but I know that many painters use a large flat brush (sort of like a big chip brush) for that – it helps to get in to cracks of moldings etc.

    So – any plans for coming to New York…especially Long Island?

    Have fun in CA!


  6. In my job I travel pretty much constantly, just a few weeks in one and the same place makes me itch to travel more. But after a while it gets very tiring, and now that I’ve done this for three years I feel like it’s time to slow down and settle down somewhere. Starting to read home design blogs like this makes me long to have my own home to decorate and design… :)

  7. Don’t forget Pittsburgh! We are just a few hops from home base and we would love to meet you and set up a book signing and maybe dinner, a movie, a spa day. ya’ know, whatever it takes to get you here!

    Congratulations on the Country Living article as well. So good to see you blossom even more.

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