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Decorating for Christmas


My tree is normally up the day after Thanksgiving, but this year we kept pushing it back.  We were busy, yes, but a part of me was a little “Christmased out” from a few years of ornament making decorating for Christmas in July and having a tree up in September and another one up in February.  I’m not complaining at all.  I love what I do and all of the decorating insanity that comes along with it.  It just took a bit to get me in the mood this year.

We thought we might delay another day, because it was foggy and drizzly yesterday, but I was fed up with my procrastination.  We packed the boys in the car and went to our local tree farm.  I’m not super picky when it comes to Christmas tree, so it took about 5 minutes to pick one out.  This tree didn’t look quite so big in the lot, but it’s a huge tree – about 9′.



It’s my favorite of all the trees we’ve had.  It’s majestic, but a little quirky with a shape that’s not totally uniform.



We decorated it mostly with the ornaments I used on the tree in my living room last year for the BHG shoot.





 I also included a special ornament my friend Shari made for me with sheet music I used in her daughter’s farmhouse chic wedding.



I am also using my ruffled linen tree skirt for the third year.   I originally made it for an tutorial.  One of the perks of those is that I get to keep what I make!


I added some other touches around the house as well…




Some people are going to hate the cow head in the wreath, but I hung the wreath on the wall and it just seemed empty in the middle.  I popped the cow head up there and it worked for me.  She looks like a prize winning heifer. Decor Steals sent me the gorgeous preserved boxwood wreath as a Christmas gift.



I also added some simple things like an ironstone casserole of seasonal nuts…


…and a bowl of red apples.



Now I’m ready for Christmas.  Bring it on.

PS – The cow just caught my husband’s eye and he hated it.  :)

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  1. lynnette says:

    i love the quirkiness of the cow with his head in the wreath. imagine the manger…and cow, and well…it is all good. have a blessed Christmas!

  2. Marian, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what you were going to do for Christmas this year. I love your easy classy style and I was not disappointed!! Your tree looks perfect to me! And the cow…let’s just say he’s very interesting. Always your touch with the chalkboard art is gorgeous! Thanks for the lovely inspiration….and….
    May you and your family have the most joyous Christmas yet!

  3. The cow is perfect!! I think everyone should decorate with cows at Christmas time. You have started yet another trend…

  4. Cheri says:

    I follow many blogs but I have to yours is my fav!! I just love your talent and your home ! Merry Christmas!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  5. Emily Sommers says:

    I LOVE the cow head and wish I had one… But I guess that’s the farmer in me :)

  6. The cow is AWESOME! As is the little sheet music garland.
    Can I ask, what is the cow made of? He looks like cast iron though I’m sure that would be way too heavy to hang on an internal wall. Where did you find it? LOVE its country feel.

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      It’s made out of a heavy metal with a rusted finish. It was one of the MMS Decor Steals pick-of-the-month a few months ago. You can ask them about.

  7. Sally B says:

    I love the cow head! I love the boxwood too, what a nice present! I love all your decorations, they are just gorgeous. Thanks of inspiration and beauty you share with your blog and other work. I hope to get your book soon;) Sally

  8. Janet Lawson says:

    I love the chalk wall wreath..

  9. Personally, I love both the tree and the how head. Its adorable and very french country in a modern sort of way. Love the blackboard and text around the wreath, too. Merry Christmas, Miss Mustard Seed!

  10. Harriett says:

    Love the chalkboard wall and your handwriting, but I really love the breadboards. Merry Christmas!

  11. that would be ‘cow’ head…… sorry

  12. I love the cow, she’s festive! And I can’t stand the feel of chalk, but I love, love, love your chalk wall, it is very cool!

  13. lynn Scheid says:

    Cow is great – I have a painting of a cow in a pasture and it makes me happy. Love the white decorations on the tree! We got a taller, leaner tree this year and it looks similar but all full of ornaments my son made over the years. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  14. Suzanne says:

    I love the cow ! It’s perfect.

  15. Kimberly Bruhn says:

    Of course I love the cow…but how does your husband feel about Eulalie(sp)? I am saving up for a canvas like your white cow…I have a print of some cows on a hill and a cool modern art-ish portrait of white-face herefords on the walls in my kitchen. My dad raised them and it’s a good memory for me. Hope you have a relaxing Christmas with your family…it sure is busy in the weeks before! Kimberly

  16. Deb Thalasitis says:

    Love. the. cow.

  17. Whoa! Everything looks fabulous!… and i love the cow head in the wreath, it’s awesome, and funky and fun… the cow has a sweet face, i think that’s what pulls it off…
    The tree is glorious! good job getting it all looking so festive so fast, i am once again amazed at the amount of things you can get done… you are the unstoppable Marian!


  18. Carol P. says:

    And if husband hates it, is it still up? :) Just asking.

  19. We raise cattle, so I think the cow head is perfect!

  20. Oh my just breath taking everything looks just gorgeous I can not wait till next Christmas to be able to decorate since the fire almost a month that took half of our home I have been so depressed I so would love my home to look like this be thankful for what you have in just a flash it is gone may you and your family have a wonderful Christmas

  21. Julie says:

    Girl, if I were in your home, I would TOTALLY steal that cow head. Christian lady that I am. Two enthusiastic thumbs up on her award winning status.
    P.S. – Just randomly found out that we know someone in common…someone who went on a mission trip with you in high school, I believe. Crazy small world, isn’t it?

  22. I’m not quite sure about the cow head – it looks good in your kitchen, but I don’t think I would have put it in mine. But, I so totally Love Love Love your tree {and the skirt of course} – it is sooo beautiful. I love the simplicity of it – yet, it looks soooo elegant. Just lovely. Love you style.

  23. Goedele says:

    Love it! All of it. And the tree looks uniform in the pictures.

  24. Everything looks so pretty! I personally don’t mind the cow. Not sure if I would put it up in my house, but if was visiting you, it would make me smile to see it. :) I love the blue curtains behind your big Christmas tree. Are they new? I have only noticed your other blue/white floral ones before. Did you buy them somewhere or make them yourself? If you’ve already talked about them, I apologize! :)

  25. Sherill says:

    LOVE the cow head:)

  26. I think the cow is hilarious! Something I would have done, too!

  27. Lisa Mann says:

    Your blog is such an inspiration to me!!! I just love, love, love all of your ideas. Keep up the great work.

  28. No hating the wreath on the cow head, as that is what I did too! I am just wishing I had the nerve to paint chalkboard paint in my kitchen, maybe the more I see it here?;)

  29. I have to tell you I LOVE the cow head! And your chalkbaord looks fabulous as always. Merry Christmas!

  30. I have to tell you I LOVE the cow head! And your chalkboard looks fabulous as always. Merry Christmas!

  31. It was great to meet you at the book signing last night. Thank you for coming to Elizabeththown. Love the cow.

  32. jeanette says:

    Love the cow head….where can I get one?

  33. jeanette says:

    How big is the cow head? and what’s your husbands e-mail address? Maybe he would sell it to me…….lol

    • Kate Finnegan says:

      what size wreath is the box wood? 16″ 24″? I was lucky enough to find the cow head and love wreath and want to get the right size :) Thanks! Kate

  34. Becky says:

    I love the cow head, I love the wreath around even more with it, it’s really pretty and fun at the same time. I ordered one of the cow heads, but don’t know the dimensions, I’m going to have to check.

  35. Sarah H. says:

    I am interested in knowing what size boxwood wreath that you used around the cow head. It almost looks like a grapevine wreath behind it? Thanks!


  1. Pins | says:

    […] definitely that color!  {Source} Minus the cow head, I adore everything about this! {Source} Something cute to send to work with the husband. {Source} Genius idea. {Source} […]

  2. […] definitely that color!  {Source} Minus the cow head, I adore everything about this! {Source} Something cute to send to work with the husband. {Source} Genius idea. {Source} […]

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