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Writing a Book | Acknowledgements


Since today is a day of Thanksgiving here in the US, I thought it was a good time to combine saying thanks and sharing just a little more about the book-writing process in one post.  I had already turned in the final manuscript and my editor, Michelle, asked me to write my acknowledgements.  Oh…I hadn’t even thought about that!  I felt like I could write a book of thank yous to people, but I didn’t want to bore readers, so I mentioned the key people and kept it brief.  I’d like to expand on those acknowledgements here, though, to let you know why I mentioned who I did…

My family, of course, for all of their love. 

This one is obvious.  My family has been a huge part of this entire journey.  My mom prodded me to start a business and my parents were my initial investors.  They have also helped at antique fairs, painted furniture, shopped with me, put tags on strings, proofread articles, cheered me on…so much that I could never repay.  My husband has picked up furniture, delivered furniture, repaired furniture, built things, fixed things, picked out my computers, helped with my retail space, given me feedback, proofread articles, chapters and blog posts, done u-turns for promising yard sales, and has been all-around wonderful as my business has grown.  He’s even thinking about starting a blog of his own!  My boys   keep me from being too impractical with my decorating, which makes me better at what I do.  They also help load and unload my van, stick pins in the pieces I’m upholstering and sprinkle glitter.  My brother came up with the name Miss Mustard Seed and helped me with technical decisions early on.  My in-laws have helped me in so many ways as well…shopping with me, watching the boys when I needed to work, giving me things to sell or use in my home and they have always been “fans.”  Beyond that, my aunt gave me furniture to paint and stuff to sell and has been an encouragement all along the way.  I know not all entrepreneurs have support from their family, but mine has been awesome and I’m so thankful.

The gift book team at Thomas Nelson, for seeing my potential and making this book a reality. 

This team is amazing.  Not only were they working with me on a professional level, but they were readers and fans of my blog and truly wanted to see this book happen.  They persisted and tweaked until we got the thumb’s up.  Had I been in the hands of a different group of people, this book may not have happened.  I don’t even know all of the hours they put in behind the scenes, but I’m so thankful for their hard work.

My editor, Michelle Burke, for bringing out the best in my words and photographs.

This lady is awesome.  Awesome.  She was critical and encouraging all at one time, which is a true art.  She made me think, gave me suggestions, gave me direction when I felt lost, picked me up when I was discouraged and said just the right thing at the right moment to get my creative juices racing.  I love Michelle.  She also has wicked good grammar.

Charlene Mindte aka “Mini Mustard Seed”, for taking such great care of my boys when I needed to work and for being my hand model. 

My boys were not in school full time when I wrote this book, so Charlene took care of the little guys when I needed to work.  I’d also call her in at critical moments to use her pretty hands in my pictures.  She’s helped me with making ornaments, sheet music wreath, glitter letters and painting furniture.   I would’ve really struggled to meet deadlines without her help and you would be distracted by my freakish thumbs and hang nails in pictures if I had done my own hand modeling!


Jami Clune, Dee Kasberger, Lisa Leonard, Laura Dreyer, Cindy Austin, Ann Drake, Kristi Abernathy,  Alice and Jay, and Christi Wilson for creating some of the beautiful accessories, artwork and pillows in my home. 

All of these ladies made beautiful things (most of them for free) for me to use in my home.  Many of them sent things to me before they knew their work would be featured in a book.  I have been overwhelmed by the generosity I have received through the blog world and these ladies are a big part of that.

Jami made the clay tag on page 187, Dee Kasberger created the artwork on page 165, Lisa Leonard made the place card holder on page 194 (the name on the card was my grandmother’s), Laura Dreyer painted the nest on page 167 (she also designed my logo, which is featured throughout the book), Cindy Austin painted the cow on page 107, Ann Drake made the ticking and linen pillows on pages 12, 38-39 along with some others featured throughout the book, Kristi Abernathy made the clay tag on page 65, Alice and Jay made the lamps on page 166, and Christi Wilson made upholstery webbing bunting on page 53.

I also want to slip in a thank you to Jody McKitrick who took all of the photographs of me in the book.  She was credited, but not thanked in the acknowledgements.

Karen Watson, Barb Blair, Shaunna West, Donna Williams and all of the “DIY Divas” for their friendship, advice and encouragement. 

Karen, aka The Graphics Fairy, has been one of my mentors.  She’s the reason I’m a vendor at Lucketts.  She has taught me soooo much about blogging and business.  She has also been a true friend and when something exciting happens, I want to pick up the phone and call Karen.  If we were teenagers, we’d have slumber parties a lot.

I’ve only been in the same state as Barb Blair of Knack twice since I’ve known her, but that’s enough to consider her one of my very dear friends.  She called me out of the blue one day and we talked for over an hour.  Then we talked the next day for over an hour and the day after that and then I was referring to her as my “good friend, Barb” when my husband asked who I was talking to all the time.  We talk paint, family, balance, books, opportunities, retail spaces, furniture, nose rings and business.  I’ve called her crying and she prays with me.  She’s always brought things back to the things that are really important.

Shaunna West of Perfectly Imperfect has been one of those people I loved immediately when I met her.  We have so much in common and she has been so encouraging.  Our businesses and families are almost parallel, so she’s been a great person to talk to when I need some perspective.  She’s also just so stinkin’ inspiring and another friend who prays with me on the phone.

Donna Williams of Funky Junk Interiors was my first blog friend.  She reached out to me and we started partnering up on the Workshop Series and later the Copy Me Challenge.  I am absolutely certain that those collaborations helped our blogs grow.  We made a promise that I would have her book on my coffee table and she would have my book on her coffee table.  I kept up my end of the bargain and now it’s her turn.  :)

The DIY Divas are my “tribe.”  Girls who have my back, who I can bounce things off of and who have been amazing with helping to review and promote my book.

All of my blog readers, fans and friends, for following my adventures through every blog post.  This book may not have happened without their subscriptions, comments and clicks. 

This isn’t just a casual shout out to my peeps.  This is a sincere thank you.  Thomas Nelson only paid attention to me and my blog because you did first  You were a part of the pitch and a part of the argument to take a chance on a first time author.  You have been a key part of my journey.  Thank you.

Last, but certainly not least, I am so thankful to the Lord, for creating me, saving me, shaping me into who I am today, and using me despite all of my imperfections. 

I love that God uses people time and again who are broken, filled with faults and have left behind a trail of mistakes and bad decisions.  I am no exception and it’s only through His grace that a decorating blog has become a ministry, encouragement and inspiration to others.   It’s only by His goodness that this business has been so blessed along the way.   I have no design, writing, photography or business training and really have no business writing a book when looked at from a human perspective.  He has opened doors and I’ve simply walked through.

“…For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matthew 17:20

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Just a quick moment on this day to say Thank you Miss Mustard Seed for your blog and your talents they continue to inspire me.
    As a young girl I was given a necklace with a mustard seed in the charm and have always loved that story from the book of Matthew. I think that was one of the reasons I started following your blog 2 years ago.
    Have a Blessed day.

  3. Beautifully put : o ) Thank you so much for inspiring me this year to leave a job that left me drained and to give me the courage to take a new path doing something I love. I read your book cover to cover in one sitting and cried at so many of your words. It spoke to me and confirmed that the changes I made were good ones! Have a wonderful holiday with your family : o )

  4. joyce says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. This was a very touching post. Your true gratitude shines through. You inspire me to be all God intended me to be and enjoy the journey all the while. Blessings!

  5. Susie says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family…enjoy this special day!

  6. Kim Wagner says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to our little girl. We are so proud of you. On this day, we are thankful for PIONEERS for allowing us to work remotely – in a job and ministry we love. To the Lord for putting all the complicated pieces together in less than 7 months to make it all happen. Last November we started entertaining the idea of relocating to Gettysburg and in December we purchased a house contingent on the sell of ours in Orlando and on July 3rd we closed in Gettysburg. Wow – we really felt His hand in the whole transition. We are so blessed to be near our daughter (aka Miss Mustard Seed) and her wonderful family. It is a joy to be able to help them in this journey and to be a more active part of their daily lives. We are in a wonderful neighborhood, involved in a great church and about 8 miles from Marian and family. Our son and his family, in Oregon can now visit us and we are all together. The Florida, PA, Oregon thing did not work well for family get togethers. The remote part is working great – thanks to awesome technology. We get lots of boys time and we love it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you – many comment regularly on Marian’s blog and we have met some of you at the Lucketts Fair. Thanks for being soooo encouraging and supportive. You all are a part of getting us to Gettysburg! Thanks Warren and Kim

    • Marin is very blessed and fortunate to have such wonderful parents to help her out, to give their love to and be her biggest fan. Thank you for being there for her so she can share some of herself with us!

    • You are one blessed girl Miss Mustard Seed! Your Parent’s post had the tears a flowin’. God is so good all the time. Isn’t he?

  7. Beautifully written post!
    Thanks for taking us along the ride with you through your blog.
    Wishing you continued success and a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I am sorry this is a bit unrelated to your post, but I was wondering if you could point out some good places to shop/antique/junk in the Gettysburg or Abbottstown area? I am visiting family in York this week and planning a trip out to your neck of the woods Saturday. Also, do you have a shop in Gettysburg or just Lueketts? Lastly, do you have any milk paint for sale in this area? I didn’t see any retailers local to the York/Lancaster area…
    Thaks Marion!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
    Stacey of Embracing Change
    [email protected]

  9. Gloria says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all you share

  10. So nice to read this post, and hear God getting the credit! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Many Blessings to you and your family!

  11. I bought your book a few days ago. It is so beautiful. Congratulations.

    P.S. I’ve been scouring CL for French furniture because of you.

  12. THE Bombshell* says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! And you are most welcome! 😉 lol

    You’ve been inspirational to us all! May God continue to use you!

  13. Kelly DuMaresq says:

    Marion, Thank YOU for all you do for everyone. You have such a generous spirit. It’s so wonderful to see good things happen to good people.
    On a side note, I just received some Milk Paint in the mail up here in Toronto, Ont and I was so excited when I opened the box. I showed my husband and said “I know the girl who made this!” That’s how you make all of your readers feel!
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  14. WendyW says:

    Hi Marion, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! I have followed you for a long time in blogg land and would like to thank you for all your inspiration! I would love to purchase your book. as well. I live in Australia. Can you please let me know how I can get a copy? Thank you. Kind regards, Wendy.

  15. Barb Lewis says:

    as previous comments have stated more eloquently that I ever could, thank YOU for being you. Not only are your ideas inspirational, but your spirit. This has been a difficult year for me and your uplifting words have made it easier to bear. Know that alot of what you say applies to other areas of life. Thanks and god Bless you. barb

  16. Happy thanksgiving! Beautifully written. And what a wonderful comment from your parents.

  17. Denise T says:

    Glad I found your blog and have been following up since then. Happy Thanksgiving

  18. Denise T says:

    Thank you for your amazing , creative , and inspirational posts. I m thankful that I found your blog . This year has taught me a lot about the bloggers, readers, dIys , families , faith and grace. Dad passed away two mths ago and I know he is with his heavenly family. I finally had knee surgery yesterday , today I realize little things mean alot to me . The more I realize, I see opportunities at any time . Love your blog! Happy Thanksgiving.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family – and extended family! I am personally thankful for you and Shauna and Donna – you are all such an inspiration to me {and I’m sure there are lots of other ‘newbies’ who feel the same way}! Thank you.

  20. What a beautiful Thanksgiving post! Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family along with wishes for abundant blessings always!

  21. Yes what a beautiful thank you to all who have helped you on your journey in a career that was not even around say ten years ago!! And now you’ve written a book, contributed to a major TV network, magazines, and through it all, the Holy Spirit guides you to women who may not have been reached for The Lord but through paint, God is using yes paint, to paint new clean hearts in women as their eyes also become open to a Savior…all because you decided to blog…isn’t this exciting?!! I’m excited to get this book for my daughter, married to an associate pastor and a new to them home owner. She’ll be so excited to read and be inspired by your creative decorating but also making her home a place she serves and trusts her Lord daily. Thank you to your family! We are excited what The Lord does when we least expect it!!! God is so good.

  22. Kristen says:

    Today I’m thankful for Miss Mustard Seed. I absolutely loved your book. I gave away my copy but I know I’ll get another one. Hopefully, I’ll have someone to give that one to.

    Thank you for sharing. You could definitely tell how thankful you are by reading your book. Happy Thanksgiving !

  23. a beautiful post of gratitude and thanks giving. Happy Thanksgiving! Hugs

  24. Thank you for being so inspiring! You truly inspired me to start my own blog, start refinishing furniture, and to follow my dream. My husband is a youth minister as well as is extremely supportive like yours. I am so thankful for this, and for God blessing us and giving me this opportunity. I hope to get your book for Christmas and can’t wait to pore over it and all of your incredible work.

  25. What a beautiful post ! Thank you for sharing your heart with us! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  26. Barbara F. says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart and for continuing to inspire! I think your new book is just the start of many wonderful things!

    God bless,

  27. You are a blessing to many of us. This blog is beautifully written and I am thankful that I “found you” just a couple of weeks ago – as a first time blog-reader I am already addicted and look forward to each day’s blog.

  28. Kimberly Moody says:

    Such a beautifully written post! You are so inspiring and above all so humble! Can’t wait to get my hands on your book!

  29. Aw! What a lovely post Marian! I’m so thrilled that you mentioned me in your book! You did an amazing job on it, I think it’s one of the loveliest books that I own! I am so thankful to have you as a friend, you have supported me as well. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with your family. We’ll have to catch up soon. I can’t wait to see where your adventure takes you next!!

  30. Thank-YOU for continuing to pave the way for those that are still floundering. Watching success grow in others is incredibly encouraging and not to be envied. It’s proof of what’s possible for most anyone that has the courage to believe in themselves. Nicely done, Miss Mustard Seed!

  31. Debbie Mainiero says:

    Off top here, I’m sure….but in the middle of the night, when I was watching TV because one glass of wine really IS a sleep disruptor…..didn’t I see you in an Oreck commercial?

  32. You made me cry with this one, Marian.
    I loved that you thanked some people that are an inspiration to me, too:
    Karen, Shaunna, Donna.
    And God, of course.
    I love that you are so grateful.
    I am so grateful too, from just being able to read your posts and be inspired by you!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  33. Perfectly written post! I just love your humility and how you always mention those who have helped you along the way. One thing that makes your blog stick out to me is the POSITIVE tone-always! You LAUGH at your mistakes and NEVER criticize others. As Christians, we sometimes forget that we are out there for the whole world to see and you my dear are honoring God in everything you do-HE is wll pleased I’m sure! Happy Holidays to you and congratulations on all of your success!!

  34. This is a beautiful Thanksgiving post. I loved the book Marian and love each of your blog posts. Thanks so much for such a wonderful gift to us all. x

  35. My heart is so happy reading this post. :) So happy for you. You have a great circle of supporters and friends…a true blessing! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  36. And thanks to you Marian … for the opportunities you have given me, and for being such a crazy awesome blogger!


  37. I love you, love you friend. You’re such a blessing to me, and I’m so thankful for you, too. You deserve all the success and blessing that’s come your way!

  38. Michelle Burke says:

    AWWWW. I’ve never been told that I have “wicked good grammar” before. That makes my heart go pitter patter. 😉 Inspired You was such a dream project for me, and you are a dream author. I’m so glad I was on this journey with you!

  39. Christy K. James says:

    I’ve never left a comment before but I’m a big fan and right now I have big fat goosebumps all over:)

  40. The acknowledgements are some of my favorite book parts; it’s always interesting to see who is thanked and why. I’ve loved reading how God has been so good to you and yours…bless His name forever!

  41. Krista says:

    Reading that post brought tears to my eyes, Marian. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  42. I’m a little behind on catching up on your posts… and this was such a sweet one that I couldn’t resist commenting. How wonderful to reflect on family, friendships, accomplishments, and so much more… many because of your blog. It’s inspiring to see what can happen from simply sharing. Again, I’m so happy for you… having followed your blog for so long and then reading your fabulous book… I feel like I’m visiting a friend when I open it up. Happy Holidays to you!

  43. “wicked good grammar”…hahaha.. Thank YOU Miss Mustard Seed, you have been my inspiration for the few pieces of DIY I’ve done around the house..

  44. Veronica says:

    I’m new here and just visiting your blog. Your thankful words are beautiful

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