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Today is THE day!


Today is a big day!  Not only is it election day here in the US, which affects a lot of people, but it’s a big day for me personally.  Today is the official release date of my book, Inspired You.  The book has actually been available for a couple of weeks, but now it’s widely available and the e-book is now available.
 The enhanced e-book will also be available soon through Apple.  The enhanced e-book is more than just the book in an electronic format.  There is a video for each chapter that shares additional tips and ideas.  I think Thomas Nelson also shows more of the pictures I submitted as well.  (I turned in over 500 and I think there are about 250 in the final copy of the book.)  
To give you an idea what the videos will be like, here is the Chapter 1 video – How to write neatly on a chalkboard… 

If you’d like to buy the book, it is available for purchase at these retailers…







I’m also selling it at Lucketts and some of my Milk Paint retailers are carrying it in their shops.

Thanks for all of the kind comments, reviews and support about my book.  It really has been overwhelming.

I also wanted to share what I was working on today…


Wowee!  I must say, this is the best upholstery job I’ve ever done.  I actually took the entire chair apart and used the pieces from the chair as a template and made decking… the works!  Usually I just staple fabric on in a haphazard way.  It ends up looking good, but it’s definitely not properly done.  I did things the right way and it’s amazing how much easier it was and how awesome it looks.  Go figure.  :)  I did shortcut a few things, but nothing major.  I snapped pictures throughout the process, so I can hopefully walk you through some basics of upholstery.  I’ll try to take some videos when I do the second chair.  (It seems easier to explain things in a video.)  Look for those tutorials soon!

Disclosure: The links to Thomas Nelson and Amazon are affiliate links.  

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  1. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says:

    Congrats on your fabulous book! I really enjoyed the chalk tutorial too.

  2. Vicki Bucy says:

    That is such beautiful fabric. I really love it and I love the color of the rest of the chair. You have done a great job so far.

    Congrats about the book. Can’t wait to get it.

  3. I obviously need your book because I just learned about writing in chalk while the board is wet…you so inspire me!

  4. Congratulations on your book. You should feel very proud.

  5. Gorgeous fabric and a perfect job!

  6. Okay, now I am excited…just bought your book off Amazon!

  7. Marion,
    HUGE congrats to you!! Big day indeed!

  8. Michelle J says:

    Congrats!! Yay!! Love the book! Praying God blesses you and many people with it. Looking forward to the upholstery tutorial and video. I have been wanting to learn how to do my own!

  9. Love that chair and love that fabric. Taking an upholstery class is on my to-do list. The local community college offers them, but I couldn’t make it work this fall. Hopefully in the spring.

    And congrats on the book. You already know I love it. :)


  10. Tardevil says:

    Congrats on your book!! I was just @ Suzanna’s and hate that I will miss your book-signing over Thanksgiving. It’s good to see that fabric on a chair. That’s the one I was thinking of using for my living room drapes.

  11. joyce says:

    Red letter day for you! You are an official author! The chairs will be gorgeous! I really love the colors on the fabric.

  12. I’m so excited and happy for you, congratulations and I wish you many, many sales! And that chair is going to be beautiful, I love the fabric!


  13. Awesome! I’m going to ask our local Milk Paint retailer if they’re selling your book. :) I have a question, and you may have answered it at some other time (if so, please forgive me!), but what is your favorite brand / type of chalkboard paint to use? I’ve tried Rustoleum (non-spray) on a big board, and ended up with a LOT of rough brush strokes, and it just doesn’t erase well at all. I’ve also tried Krylon in the spray can on a small tray. It is very smooth and erases better, but the paint rubs off a little every time I wet erase. I’m thinking of re-doing my big board with Rustoluem spray and see if it does better. Anyway… just curious! Thanks!

  14. I am so excited. I work in a small Christian bookstore. Today, I was going through my “Advance” magazine to see what new books were available, and there was your book! I felt kind of famous for “knowing” you! xoxo

  15. Shell We says:

    Congrats! You deserve the very best. Just wanted to let you know that there’s something wrong with the links to purchase your books keep getting that dreaded 404 page not found error.

  16. Shelly Windeknecht says:

    Just ordered your new book! I can’t wait for it to arrive. I wish that I lived near you…i’d love to have it autographed and I’d love to shop at that Lucketts store you always blog about! .:)

  17. Wheee! So tickled for you and your success. I learned so much from the chalk tutorial. I have a green chalk “door” to tackle.

  18. Woo Hoo for the official book release! And I am so in need of your upholstery tutorial! I have a chair half torn apart and I keep putting it off because I don’t know for sure how to do it!

  19. Love the colour!!

  20. I just bought your book… so looking forward to it!! Congrats to you. :)

  21. Congratulations – I can’t wait to read your book :) And the chair looks great – love the fabric!

  22. the french sofa we are redoing we took down to the bones (except left the springs/burlap layer in place and while it has been lengthy to put back together it is actually going very smoothly! almost to the point of just needing to make the seperate cushions!! can’t wait to see yours finished looks great and LOVE the fabric!

  23. you so cute! your hair looks amazing curly! great tips with the chalkboard art, working with a wet surface definitely helps! ps i think I’m getting all of my friends and family your book for christmas 😛

  24. Cant wait to read your book! That chair looks nothing like what you normally would do, (fabric choice and the gold leaf finish) I LOVE it. Shows your diversified :)

  25. Kristen says:

    I’m so excited for you ! I feel like we are friends :). Hugs to ya !


  26. Carolina says:

    We are all excited for you Marian…congratulations!!!

    About your book you already know I loooove it! I have been lucky to receive my copy a couple of weeks ago …..and I can say for all of you that didn’t receive it yet…you will see this book is so beautiful and worth the waiting.

    Cute video….. and nice job on the chair I like it!

    Carolina <3

  27. Love the chair! I bought your book a couple days ago and it’s fabulous!

  28. Phyllis Bell says:

    Just got the book last week from amazon. Well done and beautiful!

  29. Please, Please, Please post the upholstery video soon! I’m tackling an antique couch and am way out of my comfort zone! It’s currently stripped down to the bones. Your chair looks fantastic!

  30. Kathy says:

    Congratulations on your book. I just order my copy yesterday from amazon. i didn’t realize you had an e-copy. Do I have to order that separately? If so where can I do that.
    Best wishes with your new book. I’m anxiously awaiting my copy.

  31. Jennifer says:

    Yesterday was my birthday and my best friend gave me your book – I love it!!!! I had never heard of you before but your perspective is so encouraging and refreshing! My home is definitely a work in progress and your book has the perfect balance of desiring a peaceful, functional, beautiful home but not getting caught up in “perfection” or materialism. So nice to feel free to pursue my desire to find thrifty ways to improve my home while loving my family and honouring God first. Thankyou!

  32. Congrats on the book! I pre-ordered mine on Amazon awhile back and it’s supposed to be here tomorrow! I can’t wait to start reading it!

  33. Just popped over to Amazon and ordered your book as well as a few Christmas gifts while I was there. So thanks I get my book (can’t wait to get it!!) and some Christmas shopping is outta the way!

  34. Love the chair fabric!

  35. Kathryn says:

    Congrats on the official release of your book! I got a copy for my birthday and started reading it last night!

  36. Marian- Congratulations! I was so excited to meet you again last Friday at Lucketts and honored to have your book signed! I am excited about the e-book and can’t wait for it to come out. You are truly an inspiration!

  37. This is such an exciting time for you. I’m thrilled to see that all of your hard work has paid off. The chair looks fantastic. Can’t wait for the video.

  38. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! And thanks for the tip on going over writing in chalk to make it stand out!

  39. Jan L says:

    I am very excited to get my hands on your book. I generally prefer a book in my hand, but the e-book with your videos has to be marvelous. What to do…? What to do…?

  40. Congrats on the book and the chalk writing tutorial was extremely informative…kinda of a duh! moment for me, but the reason I really wanted to say was “Why in the world would you want to cut your hair?” I would KILL, KILL i tell you to have naturally curly, falls into ringlets hair like yours. It really suites, you as well. My two cents…or four cents…don’t cut it!

  41. Yay!!! I’m so excited for you. I don’t know you personally but I feel like I do! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book! Congrats to MMS and to your family!

  42. Sally says:

    That chair is awesome!!
    I’m glad you mentioned the perks of the e-book. I was thinking it would be nice to own the hard copy to look through, but now i wouldn’t want to miss out on the bonuses in the e-book. Off to change it in my Amazon Wish List :)

  43. My, I mean your book is on the way!!! Can’t wait. Congratulations.

  44. You must be so excited. Your site is an inspiration for me as I start out in my first apartment and I will put your book on my Christmas list. Mom, are you listening?

  45. Kathy says:

    Congrats on the book release….love, love, love the chalkboard frame!

  46. Karen Stuart says:

    MMS, I am thrilled your book is in my Homestyle Book Club ! I will be ordering two for Christmas Presents (one for myself :-) ), and I can’t hardly wait to receive them. You are my biggest inspiration to get to work doing something at home!

    Keep it up!


  47. Congrats!! I’m anxious to order the ebook but have a question…how long until the enhanced version is out? And, since I am soooo anxious, if I purchase one now, will I be able to add the enhanced portion later or will it be necessary to purchase another book? Many thanks in advance!
    PS—love, love the chair & very excited to see your tutorial. I have my fabric & chair…just too scared to begin! :) Blessings!

  48. Debbie Gilbert says:

    Oh Marion – what awesome blessings God has bestowed. You really validate “declaring” your hopes and dreams out loud to God and we get to witness Him working in out. It has really been inspiring for me to watch this unfold. There really is something to be said about “using” the gifts God has blessed you with.

    I think I will treat myself to your enhanced E-Book – sounds really helpful, especially if you are a visual learner. I have been using your milk paint and ‘lovin’ every minute of it! BTW, the upholstery fabric is gorgeous and it looks top notch and professional!

  49. Congratulations, Marian, on your beautiful new book. I am looking forward to going trough it page by page. It is truly an inspiration straight from heaven…just for you to share with all of us.
    I wish you the very best as you honor God through the work of you hands, heart and dreams.

  50. So glad I can purchase your e-book today. It is really wonderful to see you have such blessed success.

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