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new kitchen rug


 I love it when I find the perfect thing after I’ve been hunting for it for weeks (sometimes months or years.)  Actually, it’s sweet when I find the perfect thing right away, but I do need to practice my patience, so this was a good opportunity to do that.  Anyway, I was shopping for basic staples at Target and, as those of you who love Target know, it’s difficult to leave Target with just the basic staples.  I always wander into the home section just to check things out.  I may be shopping for bananas and I know bananas aren’t with the lamps, but I can’t help myself.  

While looking around the kitchen section, I found this great green & white rug.  It was exactly the kind of rug I’ve been looking for to use on my new white Carrara-ish kitchen tiles.  The rugs I had in my kitchen before were gold shag runners that I found on clearance at Wal-Mart a few years ago.  They worked with the old linoleum floor, because they sort of blended in, but they looked grungy against the crisp white.  I really needed some kind of rug under the sink, though, because it would get pretty spotted between drips from the sink and things that missed the trash can, which is in the cabinet under the sink.


This does the job perfectly.  I had a hard time finding a cute rug I liked that wouldn’t slide all over the place and this has a rubber grip on the entire bottom.  I’m also sort of picky about rugs.  I like cotton and wool rugs and am not a fan of those poly-blend-plastic-ish kind of rugs.  This one feels nice and natural under foot.  (This isn’t a sponsored post, by the way.)


…and it goes perfectly with my Lucketts Green milk paint stool.  



It’s a winner!


Just a funny little story on the side – See those letters drawn on the chalkboard?  My five year old boy is learning to read and that’s where I write his word families to review them a few times a day.  My younger son likes to get involved in this drill.  He erases the words I write and writes new words.  The other day, he was pointing to these hieroglyphics asking his older brother to read them.  After looking at the wall blankly for a few seconds, he looked at me, exasperated.  “Umm…mommy.  I can’t read those!  They’re not even words!”

I thought I would hate having scribbles on my wall, but I actually really like the chalkboard in the kitchen.  There is something playful and inviting about it.

  I also found a couple of rosemary topiaries at the grocery store and, of course, I had to buy them!  They’re great for photo shoots…


…as long as they are alive.

The only way I’m going to have a green thumb is if I paint it.

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  1. I totally agree…I remodeled my kitchen 2 years ago ad still dont ave a rug! Yours is really pretty. I might have to run to Target!

  2. I love your new rug & the pop it gives to the kitchen. Good ole Target…they have the best stuff!

    And I could kick myself for just passing up a rosemary topiary down at my local Sam’s Club, just like the one you got. I was thinking it would probably be all brown and crispy by Christmas so passed it up. May have to make another run! : )

    And….I got a shipment from Amazon today with your new book, “Inspired You”. I’m getting ready to kick back & enjoy the rest of the evening with it.

    Happy weekend! It’s a gorgeous one here in Indiana. I saw 75 degrees this afternoon!

  3. I always love to hear that I’m not alone in my inability to leave Target with just bananas. The rug is perfect. Lovely kitchen.

  4. Marian, I have been eyeing the same rug! It looks fabulous in your kitchen. I have a green cork floor in my kitchen, so I’m not sure if the greens will match. The only way to know is to bring one home and try it. I always love those Rosemary topiaries at this time of year. Don’t let the soil dry out, though. I’ve been known to kill quite a few!

  5. I love the rug too!! And I LOVE your tile, beautiful!


  6. Love the rug and target:) Oh I can look forever at all the goodness there!! Your step stool is so amazing!!
    Where did you find the sign above the sink??

  7. Katie says:

    Luckily, that’s rosemary, and it’s very hard to kill. Water it about once a week and it should be fine. They last forever.
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t just go to Target for groceries. My oldest son has gotten to the point where he tries to steer me away from any clearance stickers he sees.

  8. Penny says:

    Someone once told me “a dry rosemary is a dead rosemary” and it’s really true. They take a lot of water in a dry winter house. I hope that helps you keep your little rosemary topiaries alive.

  9. Lesley says:

    I love that rug! On a side note, I have been following your blog for a while and knew you were from PA but I just noticed in the side bar your upcoming book signings and noticed your were going to be in Elizabthtown. Just curious how close is that to were you are? How close is Luckett’s? I went to college at Etown in the early 90’s, well I only lasted one semester there before I transferred. I have been really wanting to make it to Luckett’s one day and it always seems so far.

  10. Elizabeth Scheller says:

    I love the rug and the upholestry project (chair). I need to muster the courage to try an upholestry project myself. I have a seat cushion that I could start with.

  11. I LOVE….LOVE…LOVE that rug. It’s beautiful with your cabinets. :)

  12. Your kitchen is gorgeous! The rug is perfect.

  13. … i absolutely LOVE that green stool!

  14. Lori Ryan says:

    Very cute! Not sure if your looking for a curtain above your sink or not, but Lowe’s has curtains almost exactly like the rug. It comes in blue too. Also don’t know if you have Lowe’s near you or not. Just thought I’d mention it. :).

  15. That rug is perfect! Fun that it goes so well with your Lucketts Green :)
    I wanted to buy some rosemary trees when we were out shopping last weekend and my hubby quickly reminded me that they don’t live long. Sigh. I still want some though!

    • Terrie from Atlanta says:

      Jill, I bought two little Rosemary plants shaped like 18″ Christmas trees at Whole Foods six years ago. They were indoor decorations that year; have been in large clay pots on my porch ever since then. We use the sprigs when cooking, I place them under my pillow when I have sinus or migraine headaches, sprigs are cut and tied to gifts, etc. GO BACK AND BUY! They are not high-maintenance . . . and the fragrance when it rains is lovely.

  16. Anne Boykin says:

    Dear MMS, Everything in your kitchen looks just … well, so you! Which means lovely, of course. I love the boxwood wreath above your sink. And the rug is perfect. Hugs, Anne Boykin

  17. Margaret says:

    Hi Marian,

    Yep, I do know what you mean about Target!

    Your kitchen looks so wonderful-and love the pop of green. I saw the rosemary plants, too, and wanted them until I remembered I have 2 very curious cats at home.

    Love the chalkboard/family center in the “heart of the home.”

    And…warm congratulations on your book! Yay, you!


  18. Sandy says:

    Put a smile on my face seeing and reading that you practice word families with your son. I taught first graders for sixteen years and presently working with my granddaughter on word families. She writes on our basement door “white board,” a great find I ordered from someone’s blog this past year.

  19. I saw this rug recently at Target and wanted it instantly…it doesn’t quite go with the colors of my kitchen, though. I am glad one of us could get it! It looks perfect in your kitchen!

  20. This is very cute! I’m actually surprised you found this at Target, I never seem to have as much luck there as other people I know. I think it looks expensive, West Elm-ish maybe!

  21. JolieAnne says:

    I have been a fan of your’s for a long time.
    I just ordered your book and I cannot wait
    to read it! I have 3 sons and I remember trying
    to keep my house in perfect order like you!
    Now I put up with a lot of messes but it is worth it!

  22. LOVE that rug! It looks beautiful in your kitchen. But, what really caught my eye was the chalkboard wall! I am thinking about painting my kitchen. And, I have just about decided to include a chalkboard wall. They are just too much fun! My 3 girls can all spell now. . . I remember well the days of, “What did I just spell?” and it would just be a bunch of “almost” letters! What precious times! Looking at those letters on your wall almost makes me want another! Life to the full, Melissa

  23. Just the right pop of color and works perfect with your stool and wreath too! I am on the hunt for a rosemary topiary after seeing that in the latest Jeanne d Arc living magazine! Did you say you just bought it at your grocery store? I am wondering if a nursery would have it?

  24. Rondell says:

    I’m having trouble with adding a color to my white and black kitchen but I just think I found it! Love the green! I’ll have to try out my fav store to see if they have the rug, really makes the kitchen pop!

  25. Oh my goodness…luv this rug! I need a new kitchen rug at my beach condo and this one would be perfect…how much was it? thanks so much for sharing this.


  26. This is my first visit to your blog, and your home is beautiful!! I love your easy classic style, and I love the fact you bought that cute rug at Target! I just bought a small one from there a couple of weeks ago to use by the back door! What a precious little rosemary bush, and I may have to get one for the season, too. They smell delicious!!

  27. A nice splash of color and so Lucketts green!!!!

  28. I have the same rug in red and I love it! Therer were two on salen for $9 when I bought mine I am kicking myself for not buying both of them. FYI- the tag says spot clean, but I put mine in the washing machine on delicate and it comes out perfectly!

  29. I love the color and the trellis pattern…it looks perfect with your pretty kitchen. The rosemary topiary is a very nice touch…they like lots of water and sun.

    The rug I have in front of my sink is ragged and slips and slides, but it has a bright cute pattern on it and I love it like and old blanket! But I know, looking at Target can definitely change things!


  30. Love the green rug with the stool! So cute!

  31. Carol says:

    My advice: go back to Target and get a second rug now. Because they won’t have it later when yours gets stained or tired or whatever. I found the perfect rug there for my bathroom, and having 2 of those is great cause I throw it in the wash with the towels, and have a clean and dry one to put right down. Go ahead and make fun of me if you will- my daughters do.

    • You are exactly right! Buy two. Sometimes after a while you can buy discontinued Target items on ebay. But don’t count on it. I have bought 4 or 5 Woolrich king sized denim duvet covers. We have dogs, so I change them every week.

    • That’s such a great suggestion! I may do that.

  32. I love the rug, I have some rug in different color. I have the brown and cream. Target just gets it! Your home is a inspiration to us all.

  33. Amy Morgan says:

    I love the rug……and stool…..and chalkboard walls…….heck, I love it all!! Someone near me is selling a Pottery Barn 8 X 10 rug that looks just like this even the same color. They are wanting way too much for it though but I would love it for the dining room.

  34. Green is my all time favorite color. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog. It seems any of the DIY projects I’ve been searching the web for over the last month are all right here!! I’ll be back for more! :)

  35. That rug was meant for you to have!

  36. Love the rug and your kitchen!!! Just a word of advice though…check under your rug often, as some rugs with rubber backing will leave yellow stains on your tiles/lino. when they get wet and it is almost impossible to get off! Learned that one the hard way! :(

  37. This is really crazy, but in the first picture I thought the step stool was an antique!. Duh. One good thing about picking your favorite colors for your home, is that you can buy things like the rug in multiples, or on sale, and those things can work in different rooms. See you in Colorado.

  38. you are tots adorbs and I love the way you write. :)

  39. Love the green rug, matches the chair perfectly.

  40. Terrie from Atlanta says:

    Marian, honey, agree totally with Carol and Ann about buying a second rug! You just never know, and especially when you find something so perfect & reasonably priced. Plus, I was thinking about the size: you could put them end-to-end, duct tape them together on the back side, and perhaps get a proportion that runs the length of the “working area” along that counter.
    So very pretty, and the step-stool is a butterflies-in-the-stomach find! Just picturing little boys crawling on it to help you in the kitchen . . . XoXo

  41. Have been buying my rugs on clearance at TJMaxx. Great bargains and beautiful. You can get a 5 by 8 for forty bucks. Very heavy and easy to clean.

  42. Your kitchen is beautiful. Have an Ebook copy of your book and am thoroughly enjoying it. Can hardly wait for Target to come to Canada! Just came back from Meadville, PA, love your state.

  43. Marian: Love the way you and I both shop at Target! Bananas in with the lamps! HA LOL
    Love your Rug…You really lucked out with the colors. But then, I love everything you do.
    {{HUGS}} Joy.

  44. The green is a fabulous color but the problem I’ve found, lately, with “rubber” backing…when washed, it tends to fall apart. Makes a huge mess in the washer, even when washed on gentle and cold. I’m to the point I want to knit/crochet some rag rugs, put rubber canning jar rings on the back and call it done.

  45. I just recovered my dining room chairs using two drapery panels I bought at Target in that exact print, just the blue version! They look terrific!!

  46. 1. Love the black and white and green –one of my favorite schemes.
    2. Somebody beat me to it — I was going to tell you I have seen stuff at Pier 1 in that green and white lattice design.
    3. Come paint my thumbs Luckett Green, too! I can kill any living plant.



  48. Sallie says:

    Hi Marion, I read Katie’s comment about rosemary being easy to grow and Terrie’s comment that hers lasts for years. The only way those comments fit rosemary and me is that I find it so easy to kill and over the years I have purchased many plants only to kill them off in short order. I wish I knew what I do wrong because I love the smell in the kitchen. I wish you the best with yours. Please let us know how it goes and give us any hints you discover.

  49. Vicky says:

    Love the rug. Love your kitchen. Love Target.

  50. Oh I love that rug and missed it at Target today. I am going o see if I can find one this week for the new kitchen redo!!

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