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new kitchen rug


 I love it when I find the perfect thing after I’ve been hunting for it for weeks (sometimes months or years.)  Actually, it’s sweet when I find the perfect thing right away, but I do need to practice my patience, so this was a good opportunity to do that.  Anyway, I was shopping for basic staples at Target and, as those of you who love Target know, it’s difficult to leave Target with just the basic staples.  I always wander into the home section just to check things out.  I may be shopping for bananas and I know bananas aren’t with the lamps, but I can’t help myself.  

While looking around the kitchen section, I found this great green & white rug.  It was exactly the kind of rug I’ve been looking for to use on my new white Carrara-ish kitchen tiles.  The rugs I had in my kitchen before were gold shag runners that I found on clearance at Wal-Mart a few years ago.  They worked with the old linoleum floor, because they sort of blended in, but they looked grungy against the crisp white.  I really needed some kind of rug under the sink, though, because it would get pretty spotted between drips from the sink and things that missed the trash can, which is in the cabinet under the sink.


This does the job perfectly.  I had a hard time finding a cute rug I liked that wouldn’t slide all over the place and this has a rubber grip on the entire bottom.  I’m also sort of picky about rugs.  I like cotton and wool rugs and am not a fan of those poly-blend-plastic-ish kind of rugs.  This one feels nice and natural under foot.  (This isn’t a sponsored post, by the way.)


…and it goes perfectly with my Lucketts Green milk paint stool.  



It’s a winner!


Just a funny little story on the side – See those letters drawn on the chalkboard?  My five year old boy is learning to read and that’s where I write his word families to review them a few times a day.  My younger son likes to get involved in this drill.  He erases the words I write and writes new words.  The other day, he was pointing to these hieroglyphics asking his older brother to read them.  After looking at the wall blankly for a few seconds, he looked at me, exasperated.  “Umm…mommy.  I can’t read those!  They’re not even words!”

I thought I would hate having scribbles on my wall, but I actually really like the chalkboard in the kitchen.  There is something playful and inviting about it.

  I also found a couple of rosemary topiaries at the grocery store and, of course, I had to buy them!  They’re great for photo shoots…


…as long as they are alive.

The only way I’m going to have a green thumb is if I paint it.

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  1. Susan says:

    Love the rug! I was just at Target this afternoon & I too looked down the lamp aisle while buying my flour and sugar! Lol but I neglected to shoot down the rug aisle…darn. I decided I am going to a thrift store for an old lamp & paint with the looking glass paint to look like the mercury glass. I have done quite a few glass object just not a lamp before. It is such an accomplished full of pride feeling to do it yourself sometimes. This weekend I have been painting a buffet black in our cold Colorado garage, outside is 31 degrees
    Brrrrrr! The excitement to get it done kept me going ! I love your blog!

  2. Harriett says:

    Does that rug come in red?!? Need it to match my tricycle red bench :)

  3. Denise T says:

    love the rug … also the design..I am drawn to some modern design. It looks like I am a bit of electic, whimsy, cottage and modern. I have not seen Rosemary toparies anywhere yet. I was thinking about adding to my Christmas decorating. However, I bought small pebble rocks and paper white bulbs . Hopefully, they will be ready by then.

  4. Julie says:

    I also love your small wreath on the window. Where did you find it? Is it dried?

  5. Mary Borgsmiller says:

    Love the rugs and your topiaries. I guess you can cook with them also?.. I would love those. Need to look around here for them!

  6. How I love all your pops of limey green against your crisp white cabinets.What a welcoming kitchen for your family and friends. Your toes will stay warm on your new rug in the coming days.

  7. The rug is perfect! I only thought about kitchen rugs to pad my feet/legs, but catching drips makes so much sense. That’s where mine gets the dirtiest. Hmmm, I’ll have to do some looking. 😉

  8. kelly starr says:

    you should go back and buy another one…. so you have a replacement when this one gets too dirty!

  9. I snuggled in today and read your book…not all because I am savoring it! You inspire me and that’s not easy since I am known to be very creative. And the rug and touches of this apple green are perfect!

  10. Love the rug! Love Target. You had me chuckling about how you end up in the home aisles when you go for staples. I seem to do the same things. Get my boys slushies and popcorn so we are good to browse! x

  11. Go ahead, paint the thumb Lucketts Green! See if it works!
    By the way, these photos remind me of the biggest take-away i got from the photo styling session at Haven. Layla talked about layering the pops of color from front to back and from top to bottom in a photo – and I’d never thought about it that way. It draws your eye around the space and all the way to the back. . . I love how you’ve got the green rug, stool, wreath, and then the backpack. . . lovely!
    ps. i got my package. yours is on it’s way!

  12. Rug Love! :)

  13. AngieB says:

    I bought the same rug, but in the beige for my laundry room! Love It!

  14. Vicki M says:

    I love the green with you white cabinets. It is such a clean look.


    Can I paint my dark oak cabinets with your milk paint? I love all things primitive; however, I am concerned with the wear and tear on them. I would love to have that crisp clean look.

  15. Those rosemary topiaries are adorable.

    I hear you about the green thumb.
    I still have an indoor basil plant that is *knock on wood* blooming…in Chicago.
    ~ Dana

  16. Gorgeous!! Love your colors and agree with Breida! Good job layering! :-)

  17. just found your blog via bh&g christmas mag…love it! and just for the record, lucketts is one of my fave places to shop!! oh, yeah, i see a whole new blog for my reading pleasure!

  18. Love the rug and TARGET! I usually go in for yogurt and come out with 100 dollars worth of “must haves”.

  19. Does anyone know the brand of this rug? Couldn’t find it at my local Target, and not having any luck online either. Any help finding it would be most appreciated!

    • Theresa says:

      It’s from Target HOME – handhooked medallian green. I bought one in Washington State this weekend.

    • Patrina says:

      Threshold is the brand .It’s not on the isle with the majority of the rugs. It was a few down with the little scatter rugs and dish towels and things in my area. It comes in two sizes .HTH!

  20. Amanda says:

    Hi! I love your decor style! And wow to your before and after shots of your home! =) Where is this rug from? I hope wherever it is they still carry it!! Thanks!!

  21. Kimberly says:

    I love the rug and this would work in my white kitchen. All my towels are green, has anyone found this my local target doesn’t have it.

  22. I just got a new kitchen rug from Rugs USA. It’s indoor/outdoor since we are spillers and drippers. I need to be able to wash it or in this case, hose it off. Yours is super cute in your kitchen.

  23. I bought this same rug for my kitchen without seeing this post. I used it for 3 months, and it looked horrible at that point after drips and spills. I tried washing it and ended up throwing it out after because it fell apart. Is it still working for you?

    • Yep, the same thing happened for me, too. I didn’t try washing it, but it ended up looking gross after a few months, so I switched to a rug with more pattern to hide to drips and spills.


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