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magnolia necklace



Between stripping paint and refinishing a piece of furniture, cleaning the house a bit, tagging pieces for Lucketts and working on some freelance stuff, I did a little bit more Christmas decorating.  When we were in Raleigh, I trimmed a bunch of branches from my in-law’s magnolia tree to use in my holiday decorating and photo shoots this year, so I felt inspired to work with some of them.  I plucked a few waxy leaves and made a mini garland to turn into a necklace for my antique dress form.


A charcoal velvet ribbon tied on the back adds a bit of contrast against the leaves.



I love how it’s simple, classic and a little whimsical all at one time.


I also played around with some zinc banners and black chalk I’m going to sell in my space at Lucketts…


I’m selling each one individually, so customers can buy the number they need for their message.  I think these are so cool!


 …and I’m diggin’ the black chalk.

If I keep decorating for Christmas at this pace, Ill probably finish sometime in April.

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  1. For those of us who don’t live any where near your lovely shop at Lucketts, where could *we* procure some zinc pennant banners & black chalk?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      I’ll be opening an online shop soon and will make some things available (like the German glass glitter, t-shirts and probably some stuff like this.)

      • really? that is so cool! i currently am awaiting my german glass glitter from another source but they are taking forever…. so it is wonderful to know i will be able to buy it from you! the zinc pennant banners and black chalk would be really awesome too!

        Oh if it will be april before your done with your decorating i am afraid that means it will be next thanksgiving before mine is done, haha! :) not a stitch done yet and i have a package that has to be shipped by saturday to meet a deadline… :(

        Have a wonderful day!

  2. Love!!!

  3. Love zinc – the banners will be so cool. I’ve heard of black chalk but not used it – it will be awesome on zinc! You need to start selling online! You know, in your spare time :)

  4. your making me tired thinking of all your working on …me taking care of grandkids..and just did another…the third MMS inspired no sew tree skirt in two tone burlap…..
    need to get the mini one’s done…and the mannequin

  5. I would love to add magnolia leaves to my Christmas decor, but here in northeastern Ohio, the last of the fallen yellow leaves from our magnolia tree were sent down the street by a gusty wind last week.
    So pleased to hear the news of your on-line shop opening in the near future.

  6. Love the magnolia garland! And the zinc banner. Your taste is great, as always. :)

  7. MayBell says:

    Oh, please! How do you make the garland? I would love to do a “necklace” of magnolia for my mantle!

  8. We have a huge magnolia in our front yard and I was never inspired to use the leaves for anything until now! :)

  9. maggie says:

    Auuughhh! Every time you mention Lucketts I just want to bang my head on the table!! One day I’ll get there.

  10. Simply beautiful Marian!

  11. Kaille says:

    Is there nothing you cannot do – you truly have the Midas touch :) This is so pretty, and the brown velvet ribbon just sets it off! I can’t wait to attend your class on the 7th in Colorado :)

  12. I still have pumpkins in the front urns. Our new dog wakes me up at 4am! After I do home school lessons I walk around like a zombie looking for brains (my own) until bedtime.
    I wish I could find magnolia leaves in Illinois. I just love the look!



  13. Maybee's Mom says:

    Do you ever stop….going 100 miles an hour….we never have our tree/trees up before Dec 7 (my husbands birthday)….and I always take it down day after xmas…so ready to have my house back….kids used to laugh I would be taking off ornaments as they opened gifts..not quite….but almost….I love the magnolia leaves ….I have a huge faux garland I put on my front entrance…and I keep it up ….till Feb….Happy Holidaze…

  14. Allison D says:

    What a lovely necklace! It’s so simple and elegant! How did you connect the leaves together? By hot glue? Or did you sew them?

  15. Colleen says:

    Perfectly beautiful and whimsical….love it!

  16. I love the magnolia necklace. You are definately inspiring.

  17. I love the zinc pendants!

  18. so pretty! I haven’t done much of anything yet in the way of holiday decor…don’t feel bad.

  19. Harriett says:

    How did you string (?) or attach the magnolia leaves? It is truly inspired. Love the velvet ribbon, the whole look. What a great piece to decorate. I can hardly wait for Valentine’s Day. The zinc pendants are also terrific. I hate to wait ’til spring to make it to Lucketts :) :) :) MERRY CHRISTMAS, Harriett

  20. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!
    Wish you would do a skyp session on “HOW TO” do these cool crafts. My home MIGHT—MIGHT get finished with you involved! You were born with a talent to share and pass on and “I” thank you!
    The magnolia necklace would be such a pretty table runner for Christmas and use it throughout the year for different themes. I can picture some red shiny ornaments scattered or various colors of bulbs with maybe some battery candles placed down the branch. I also can see the necklace being used for Valentines with the red ribbons tied in-between the leaves and maybe a heart hanging in the middle, like a heart within a heart or a heart hanging from the middle down.
    Great job!!
    Happy Holidays and keep it coming.

  21. Sherill says:

    You didn’t tell us how to make that wonderful necklace:(

  22. Doris says:

    Also loving the Magnolia leaves. Yes , like Sandy ALSO in Northeast OH, we just don’t get Magnolia leaves here. I Love the zinc banners, so many chalk colors, and so many uses. Good to have a set to spell out just about anything …Great fun, and thanks for sharing!

  23. My dress form, Lady Jane, just looked over my shoulder and whispered something about wanting something new to wear!!!!! A magnolia necklace sounds really nice!!!

  24. Marissa says:

    Hello!! Hope you are having the most wonderful Christmas season!! Last year I purchased some of your German glass glitter letters from the Lucketts Antique store to spell my son’s name on the little Christmas tree in his room. I had a sweet baby boy a couple months ago and went to purchase the letters to spell his name for the tree as well but found that they no longer carry the letters. They suggested that I reach out to you and see if there is any way that you could possibly make the letters I need to complete this sweet little Christmas project. My baby’s name is Bennett so I would need 7 letters…is there anyway at all that you could make these for me? Please let me know and I can work out how to send you a payment, pick it up, etc. Thank you ever so much for your time and consideration of my request. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    All the best,

  25. Can’t wait to see your online shop! I loved the banner and the necklace! You are soo creative!

  26. Karina says:

    LOVE the Zinc garland!! Too cool!

  27. Love it! How the heck are you decorating – while you’re traveling and doing a million other things! You are amazing…and I have to get cracking here!

    I just sold a job today – a new island for a client and I will be doing mostly Milk Paint on the cabinets (with a faux light woodgraining in the center of the cabintes that will blend with her perimeter cabinets) and I will do some highlighting in a pale gold on the edges. The wood will be bare. The color the client wants is a pale blue with a little green in it. (She fell in love with one of my samples in this color). I am not sure if I have to custom mix it yet. Do you have something like sample swatches (a la Annie Sloan) for your paints, so i can figure out how to mix it to the color she wants.?

    I will be experimenting with your paints this weekend – i got my first shipment the other day. When I ordered, I was not sure if I was going to get this job (darn). But happy that I am. I ordered Flow Blue, Shutter Gray and French Enamel). So excited to start painting with it!

    I may have a question or two for you as i go!


  28. Linda says:

    i am being kind of lazy and asking you this before i actually look into it myself… what is the difference between milk paint and chalk paint? i do some furniture and craft projects and have seen both kinds of paint mentioned, but have not used either one. can you help me?

  29. Love this… i’ve already snitched me a few magnolia leaves for some urns i have and they’re great!


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