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Lucketts Holiday Open House 2012


Not only is tomorrow the first day of the famous Lucketts Holiday Open House, but it’s also my very first book signing.  I feel sort of nervous about it…well, really nervous about it.  I don’t know what to expect.  I do know that I’m just going to enjoy the ride.  I also know that I am going to be sitting at this table in a beautifully-decorated tent tomorrow at 10:00 am.


I couldn’t have imagined a prettier place.  I love the painted shelf behind and the blue-striped grain sack runner.  Perfect for me.


Yes, I am in a tent in northern Virginia in November, so I will be dressing WARM!  I was going to try to look really cute but I think a sweatshirt will be required.  Oh well, that’s me anyway and I’m going to be sitting behind that table tomorrow because I’ve just been me through this amazing journey.  My husband won’t be able to join me until the afternoon, so I will be flying solo.  If you come tomorrow morning, don’t be surprised if I ask you to snap some pictures for me!

I was able to tour the Design House today…oh my goodness, people!  I wished someone was with me, because I constantly had the urge to squeeze an arm and point something out or gasp or squeal.  It’s truly amazing.  Here are some of my favorite parts…









Of course, they have colorful rooms as well, but I was drawn to the more neutral rooms.

I’ll share more tomorrow and let you know how the very first book signing goes.  I hope to see some of you there!

PS – I’m sorry I wasn’t able to host Furniture Feature Friday tonight.  I was at Lucketts all day getting my space fluffed and stocked.  We’ll meet again next week.

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  1. Alicia says:

    Good luck tomorrow!! I wish I could come & gasp at the rooms with you because that’s exactly what I did when I saw the pictures. I love reading your blogs because you have such a wonderful, gracious spirit. Tomorrow is your big day & I hope you enjoy every minute of it & bask in the attention, praise & heartfelt wishes!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m determined to make a trip there from the pacific northwest one day! Best wishes tomorrow, you are truly an inspiration. Enjoy!

  3. Cindy Knighten says:

    Have fun with you’re sales and book signing. Wish I was close, I would be there to help and get a book. You will do great.

  4. Well have fun you deserve it all and I can’t wait for you to come to our area, also where can we get our hands on one of those blue-striped grain sack runner ?

  5. Hope you have a wonderful book signing. If you make it to Austin, I will definitely be there!

  6. I will be sending lots of warm and fuzzy thoughts have a grand time!

  7. Enjoy your book signing! Congratulations

  8. Marian, you could be wearing a dirty burlap bag and still be cute!

    You are going to do fine tomorrow, try not to be nervous because there is nothing to be nervous about. Excited YES, nervous NO – everyone that is coming out to see you tomorrow to have you sign your book for them is YOUR FRIEND, and they are excited for you and proud of you!

    Wish I could be there, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for you to come to Los Angeles! Can’t wait to see the pictures from tomorrow!



  9. SuzyMcQ says:

    Saw you on TV this morning Marian. Great job and a wonderful piece on you, your blog and product line!

  10. sheree says:

    Marian it was nice to meet you at Luckets today. Lov your book thank you for signing. I can not wait to try your Milk paint i bought today .Wish you sunshine for Sat and Sun this weekend. im the lady that drove 2 hours to see you. i am unable to go to the signing in Hav De Grace. i know you will lov the town and D’Bohmenia.

  11. Paula Jolly says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday! Enjoy every second of the book signing!

    Everything looks amazing ~ wish I could swing by!

  12. How wonderful – the tent looks great! Enjoy every moment – wishing I could make the drive down from northern CT to meet you and be part of the sale.

  13. Bridget says:

    I bet you had a wonderful book signing. Your tent was beautiful! Those white fluffy owls are fabulous! Wish Northern California was closer to Virginia!

  14. Wishing you all the best at your book signing! You are going to be fabulous!!! Wish I were closer!

  15. I started following your blog earlier this year, and I love you and don’t even know youj. You are me. I am now seventy years old and have given up some of my crafting this year, although I am being published in Create&Decorate, which is a bucket wish dream to be published. But I have followed your amazing journey this year and couldn’t be more happy for you. I wish you the best!..You are very talented and I am glad you have been given( well worked hard for) these opportunities. Enjoy that ride. I will continue to enjoy it with you. Thank you!

  16. Joy F says:

    Lisa S/I stopped at Lucketts on Wed. and they were just getting things ready for this weekend. Boy they sure turned things around fast…if we had come back earlier yesterday we could have seen you! Hope you enjoy the time/ don’t get writer’s cramp from all the book signing. God Bless you on your new adventure!!

  17. Pamela Marshall says:

    Hi Marian!
    I drove 2 hours to Lucketts on Sunday to find out that you were not there! My heart sank. I originally scheduled to come Saturday, but my two older daughters decided to come home for the weekend so I changed my trip to Sunday. I was so excited to meet you and have you sign a book for me and then I asked and the nice lady told me that you don’t work on Sunday’s, which I so admire. Anyway, I did buy two samples of your milk paint (mustardseed yellow and linen), your burlap roll of ribbon and your German glass glitter! I’m hoping to make it to another one of your book signings! Your work is beautiful and I did not want to leave the design house at Lucketts! IT WAS SO AMAZING AND INSPIRING! Blessings!

  18. I’m sure you did great at your book signing! The book is fabulous, and i’m sure EVERYONE told you that!!!, Now i’m off to catch up on your posts that i’ve missed!


  19. Pamela says:

    **sigh** I love these photos. dreamy

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