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…it’s like having a birthday


My family moved to Garmisch Partenkirchen in Germany when I finished preschool, so I started kindergarten in a new school.  I’m assuming the teacher didn’t have my records yet, because on the first day of school, she asked when my birthday was.  Being a little girl who loved attention and my birthday, I didn’t want to waste a good opportunity.  “It’s today!” I got to wear a crown and received a goodie bag and the class sang to me.  It was the perfect plan executed without a hitch by a sneaky little five year old hiding behind a smile and platinum blonde curls…  until my parents met with my teacher a few weeks later.  My teacher proceeded to tell my parents how adorable I was celebrating my birthday on the first day of school.  I suddenly wasn’t so adorable when my parents informed my teacher that my birthday was in April.

This little story of my devious childhood really has nothing to do with this post, but I was reminded of it when someone asked me today what it’s like to be sitting at a table signing my book.  All I could think of is that it’s like having a birthday.


I get the place of honor surrounded by amazing gifts and blessings.


…and people come out to spend time with me and some have even brought me beautiful, thoughtful presents.  I blush at the attention and look down at my feet.  (I’ve changed a bit since I was five!)  I even get to eat treats like doughnut holes, harvest cookies and peanut butter chocolate pie.  I leave each signing feeling overwhelmed by the generosity of others.  Like I just had an awesome birthday.



It’s still definitely a blur and a “pinch me” sort of experience, but I am truly enjoying the opportunity to meet some of the lovely and talented people who read my blog, sell my paint and have inspiring stories of their own to share.  It’s an honor.


Today I was at D’Bohemia in charming Harve de Grace, MD right on the bay.  I spent the morning teaching a mini milk paint workshop followed by a book signing and a tasty, chatty lunch with the girls of D’Bohemia – Amy and Rachel.  Their shop is beautiful and I bought several things.  (Can’t help myself!)  They have a nice variety at all price points and those girls have amazing taste.






(I bought these gray napkins.)







(…and one of these German linen stockings.)


…along with some ironstone and some pretty pillows.

On Monday, I was at Urban Vintage in Chambersburg, PA and they knew how to roll out the welcome mat as well.



They had the most amazing signing desk for me with a spotted cowhide chair and even an antique typewriter.  It was perfect.

Thanks to Michelle of First Moments Photography for the pictures and the sisters of Once Upon a Bakery for the tasty snacks.  I also bought a few things.  I’m just going to shop my way through my book signings!  I bought some ironstone, a huge dictionary, a toy wooden truck, a set of encyclopedias and a great old iron gate.

On Friday, I was at the Stylish Patina Barn in Frederick, MD.  It was packed with beautiful things and there was a lovely painted desk for me to sign books at.  I snapped pictures, but I lost the camera card!  Darn it!  I enjoyed spending some time with Cassie and the other ladies of the barn sale.  And…yes…I bought some things.  A huge frame, a wooden tote and…you guessed it…some ironstone.  Am I predictable or what?  Thanks so much, Kelli, for having me.

I have several more book signings coming up over the next few months with Raleigh and Monument, Colorado next on the list!  Keep an eye on my side bar for new events.

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  1. Thanks for the great post. Nice to see the pictures and descriptions of the places you are doing the book signings.

    I look forward to meeting you when you come to Colorado. I’ll be at the milk paint workshop and the DIY workshop!

    I would bet it is hard not to buy, buy, buy, when doing a book signing. It sounds like you have gotten some beautiful things.

  2. I love your kindergarten story, so cute – you obviously learned to answer the knock of opportunity at a young age! I know Garmisch Partenkirchen as well, we visited there in 2008 on a Christmas vacation with our kids.

    Congratulations with all of your success so far, I have your book, it’s lovely.

  3. Krista says:

    Marian, I just spent Remembrance Day weekend in Gettysburg this past weekend and thought of you so often. I love Gettysburg, the Remembrance Day weekend events and love your blog! I returned home to southwestern PA yesterday and was excited because my Amazon order with your book had arrived over the weekend. I love it! It is such an enjoyable read and so pretty and informative! Makes me feel like we’re sitting together talking over tea and muffins. Congratulations on all your hard work & success!

  4. Oh my gosh, what cute places to sign your books! And i love your curls! Plus, i’ll have a couple of those stockings, and that settee please! Oh yeah, and that little chevron pillow, if you could just grab that for me, that would be great….!


  5. You are such an inspiration!! I was just laughing out loud about how sneaky you were as a five year old…so hilarious! You deserve all the kindness in the world. Congratulations! :)

  6. Have some farm animals roaming in your front yard.


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