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Decorating for Christmas & a Giveaway


Just a few years ago, I couldn’t wait to decorate for Christmas.  I had to restrain myself until the day after Thanksgiving and then the tree was up and the halls were decked.  Now, my freelance writing has me decorating for Christmas in July and Thanksgiving in January and I don’t feel quite as antsy to haul out all of the Christmas decor when it’s actually Christmas.  Today, though, it started snowing.  After pecking away at my computer for a while, the Christmas spirit got to me and I wanted to decorate.

I started with some little trees I picked up yesterday at the grocery store.


…of course, it looked like this when I picked it up…



No offense to people who like this tree pick and the metallic foil, but it’s just not my thing.  To each his/her own, so I removed all but the pot, tree and dirt.


I put it into a terracotta planter, still in the pot.  As you can see, there was quite a gap around the edges.


I was standing around, thinking about what I could use to fill the space when the gumballs in the large clam shell in my office caught my eye.  Hmmm….perfect.


I just scattered some around the base.  They fill the gap, but will still allow for easy watering.


…and they look cute.


See the little snowmen next to the tree?  It’s my family…


I don’t usually do this, but Michelle, a papier mache artist, sent me a picture of a snowmen family she made for me and asked to send it along and consider hosting a giveaway.  I saw the adorable faces and the hats stamped with our initials and I couldn’t resist.   She makes these entirely by hand!





And here’s me…


…appropriately curvy.  :)

These will be displayed and loved for years to come.  Thanks you so much for making them for me, Michelle.  You’re a gifted artist.  Michelle would like to offer up one custom made snowman family as a giveaway for one of my readers (an $85 value.)  If you would like to win, just leave a comment on this post.  You can check out Michelle’s other work at A Pinch of Prim Etsy Shop and her blog.  (The giveaway will close Thursday, November 29 at midnight PST and is only open to readers in the US and Canada and those over the age of 18.)

It was nice to start decorating for Christmas today.  Sort of therapeutic to step away from the computer and string up a glitter banner…


…and fill a trophy with greens and feathers…


…with some pine cones nestled in…


..and an ironstone bowl with fuzzy wool yarn while listening to Christmas music…


…and singing along.

 The winners of the Antique Farm House giveaway are…

Karen (chic-tiques2010) and Teri (teribroberg)!  Congrats, girls!


The winner of the Silhouette Portrait is…

Julie (julesknight5)

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  1. Anna Prusa says:

    Oh my goodness I love that snowman family! How beautiful!

  2. Love the snowman family so much!!!

  3. Denise Greer says:

    These are so cute. I’m about half way done decorating and these would be a great addition

  4. Love the snowman family…would be cute for a family of six!

  5. Kim L. says:

    When I opened your blog, the first thing that I saw was one of the snowman’s (snowmens’?) head. I instantly fell in love and was hoping that you would either tell me how to make them or where you got them. Winning them would be even better!

  6. Love the snowman family. I also love the turkey over at Michelle’s Etsy shop. So talented. Thanks for sharing all your Christmas vignettes Marian. Patti

  7. gRETCHEN says:

    Super cute… i’m looking for something to display our new family of five this christmas!

  8. Connie says:

    Love the snowman family. Have always loved snowman and these are adorable!

  9. Allison Hunter says:

    Those snowmen are absolutely divine! So detailed and darling!!

  10. Beautiful snowmen!

  11. Adore the snowman family!!! So perfect!

  12. How adorable. I went right to Michelle’s etsy site and sent her a message. I really need to get my decorations out, but I’ve had a hard time with the Christmas spirit this year. Although decorating always helps. Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  13. Aimie says:

    These snowmen/women are adorable!!!! We would love to add them to our Christmas loveliness!

  14. kristine says:

    Following on pinterest

  15. dianne says:

    the snowmen are adorable. I would be so pleased if i would win those. She is such a talented person. Thanks for inspiring me once again Miss Mustard Seed.

  16. Michelle west says:

    How stinkin’ adorable! I’d love them forever! ;-D

  17. There are 673 comments here!!! All i wanted to say, is i love that bowl of blue yarn!


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  19. I was checking out snowmen online and ran across this!!!! My little ones love snowmen and wanted to give it a whirl to see if we could win!!!! This is a snowman family we got the perfect place for them ON OUR FIREPLACE!!!! Please give us a chance to win those are amazing!!!! Big Hugs Casey

  20. Lynette Zorn says:

    The snowmen are adorable!

  21. They Are adorable…I would take very good care of them. I would give them a special place to sit and treat them with loving kindness.

  22. So sweet and nostalgic xo


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