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two most FAQs


The two things I’m asked the most about are my blue & white curtains and my cow painting (Eulalie.)  First, the curtains.

I made them a couple of years ago out of Sun-n-Shade fabric by Waverly called Tucker Resist Chambray with $5 white twin sheets as lining.  Confession – I’ve never hemmed them and I’m at peace with that.  In fact, I have a bad habit of not hemming my drapes.  Anyway, I change around a lot of things in my house, but I have not grown tired of these curtains and they end up in a lot of my photo shoots.  I posted a tutorial on making them HERE.

 And yes…Eulalie the cow.  I wrote a post quite a while ago about a cow painting I loved and wished for one of my own.  An amazingly talented artist, Cindy Austin, who happened to read my blog, offered to paint me one.  She sent some photos as inspiration and we agreed on this majestic cow resting in a field.  Cindy painted the piece in colors to complement my home and I absolutely love it.  It’s an original oil painting, but you can buy a giclee print of it in Cindy’s Etsy shop.  (This isn’t a sponsored post, I just love supporting her.)


If there was a fire and all of my family was safe, I would want to rescue Eulalie.

And that says a lot.

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  1. I am an avid lover of your curtains too and even remember writing you several months back to ask what the fabric was. Thanks for sharing that with me then. :)

  2. Alison Ogden says:

    I’ve had my eye on that etsy listing for a while now! It really is a gorgeous painting!!

  3. I love Cindy’s art work. It is so beautiful–
    I love reading her blog too, because she is just so dang funny!


  4. While you have hundreds of beautiful pieces in your home, I think Eulalie is in the Top 5 of my favorites. Simply gorgeous!

  5. Roetta Mann says:

    I bought the print for my daughter who lives in Texas. She decorated in cowboy chic!! Perfect and she
    loves it. Has many, many complements on it!!

  6. I have curtains that are similar to yours, perhaps not as nice, but I got them at Ikea. I stopped in my tracks and thought- they have Miss Mustard Seed curtains! And I get a lot of compliments on them too.

    • julie says:

      Karin — I just did the SAME exact thing! Was at IKEA a week ago, saw those blue floral curtains and thought, “heyyy, are these Miss Mustard Seed curtains?” I figured hers have gotten so much exposure on her blog that IKEA decided to copy them since they are so well-loved! 😉

  7. you know – I love that cow. I have a hard time sometimes finding things to go on the walls in my house – becuase I feel like they need to “fit” – not with my decor (such as it is) but fit with the house. The house is really old. . . Well that cow would look so good here! But I would feel like a copycat! I just have to keep searching for my own cow. . .

  8. Chrissy says:

    No Way!!!! Curtains not hemmed? That’s funny. Wait…neither is my bathroom curtain. The green sheer underneath is finished, but the lace panel is simply a 4 yard length of lace material folded not quite in half and knotted at the bottom. It’s tied on the decorative rod by four loops of wide ribbon threaded through the lace. Easy peasy.

  9. I Love Eulalie! She is sooo cute! Just a laid-back kinda gal. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I also love Eulalie. She’s so tranquil, I can just imagine walking up to her in a field and laying on top of her just listening to her breathe! The artist is pretty fab too!!!

  11. Love the photo taken from over the dining room table catching the chandelier with the colorful flowers and dishes stacked up it makes Eulalie look even more elegant than she usually does.

  12. These are two of my favorite things in your house. :-) Isn’t it funny how a fabric can completely transform a room… and I love Waverly fabric. Also, I ordered your book last week and I’m so anxious to get it in the mail! I know it will be amazing. Hope you have a great week.

  13. I don’t blame you one bit on rescuing the cow painting! It’s something you wanted and that was hand painted just for you – what’s not to love about that!!!
    And I love your curtains too – they look so wonderful in your home. I’ve been contemplating new curtains in my dining room nook – just can’t decide on something I know I will love for a long time!

  14. I still love my curtains and ALWAYS share that you were the inspiration. : ) I don’t know if you remember the Faith of a Mustard Seed Post. My tutorial for dummies (spoof on yours) One of my most popular posts still. Mainly because I always have to refer to it because people always comment on MY curtains now. I thought you might enjoy seeing your curtains living in a different decor “style”. They live here now: I am always inspired by your posts and love when they hit my inbox each day. Keep up being you! Your humility and grace with where you are shows and I know will be blessed! I will be ordering milk paint soon and look forward to trying it. Thanks for being you……Love, Me

  15. Anne Boykin says:

    Dear MMS, I hope you don’t mind but I created an etsy treasury with some items I think speak of your style. I included Eulalie and your curtain fabric:

    Hugs, Anne Boykin

  16. Cindy is an amazing artist, and so sweet! Both are definitely statement pieces- everytime I see a pin by someone with either of those in the pic, I automatically know it’s you. 😉 so pretty.

  17. Your curtains inspired me…I made some in the black and ivory colorway. Have had them up for about a year and still love them!

  18. Marion…I just read your book cover to cover and I must tell you finding beauty in faith and home is hard to find on a bookshelf these days. Your familiar photos and inspiring words are a gift. Thank you so much for always sharing. Long time reader…Renee

  19. Awwww… this post made my day. I’m very touched, and always so tickled to see her looking so pretty on your blog posts. Thank you so much for your support, and for showing Eulalie in such a flattering way hanging over all your amazing painted chests!


  20. I’ve always loved those curtains and that painting is really special!

  21. I love that painting! I am a huge fan of barnyard animals, especially cows :)

  22. Amber Petersen says:

    I LOVE this painting as well and checked out her stuff this Summer when you originally posted about Eulalie. It would be a super FANTASTIC promotion for someone big, like Mrs Mustard seed to host some time, wink.

  23. Thanks for admitting that you don’t finish projects either. The curtains are beautiful and I like how they are puddled on the floor. So who needs a hem?

    The painting of Eulalie is great. I love the coloring and highlights she used in that painting.

    Thanks for the tutorial and posting her Etsy page.

    As always, good stuff!

  24. You’ve answered the TWO questions I always ask in my head when I read your blog or magazines where you’ve been featured! What an amazing gift…a real oil painting and one that looks as amazing as yours does is like winning the lottery! Dang she talented!

    Thanks for sharing!


  25. I am a pet portrait artist, so I understand your feelings about fire and Eulalie perfectly,

  26. Kay Weiss says:

    Just to let you know what a pleasure it is to see all the “goodies” you have , when I get your posts…Very uplifting and clever..Keep up the good work..just another pleased viewer…k

  27. I am sooooo glad to finally get your postings. I got them faithfully for a long time then suddenly, they disappeared and try as I might, I couldn’t get them to reappear. Now magically, here you are!! Yea!!!!
    I love your style and so wish I could replicate it but I have such a hodge podge that I don’t think I could ever get it to work. Doesn’t stop me from drooling though as I look through your postings.

  28. Marian, I’ve always loved that cow painting, and am also in love with Cindy’s sheep paintings. She is such an amazingly talented artist, and on top of all that is one of the nicest ladies ever. When I saw this painting of my dream horse on Cindy’s blog, I just HAD to have her, so Cindy kindly agreed to sell her to me, and take the trouble of packing her up so ship to me via Fed Ex. Like Eulalie, Buttercup (as I’ve named her) is an original oil and even more gorgeous in person. I’m in the process of shopping for a frame which is going to cost an arm and a leg because she’s 30 x 40 inches, but I want to do her up right as she’ll be something I have as one of my favorite possessions for ever! XO Kimberly

  29. Isn’t wonderful, to love the things we have at home???
    I love the cow painting too! I have been wanting a horse painting in mine. One day!

  30. i am glad to know i am not the only one who doesnt hem her curtains-i am always lazing out :)

  31. Always admired your drapes..they are beautiful…love your “cow portrait”…how wonderful to have someone paint that just for you!…

  32. I love Cindy’s paintings. I really like your cow, but my favorites are the sheep that she paints. I hope to own one someday. She is very talented and very funny. I love how authentic she is in her blog posts, they always make me smile.
    I can’t wait to try out your milk paint.

  33. Hi There!

    Thanks for posting this and the link to Cindy’s etsy shop. I have a question about your frame. Where do you typically find your antique looking frames?

    • I actually buy clearance frames at craft stores or ones I find at yards sales/thrift stores/etc and then gold leaf them. The frame Eulalie is in was $11.00 at Hobby Lobby on clearance.

  34. I love the drapes! Love the color and painting as well. You have such a wonderful style, I love your tutorials! I have a great tutorial on my blog about making curtains from a duvet cover and talk about hemming, if anyone out there needs help with that ( But, I totally see why you don’t need to :) Love the curtains!!

  35. Linda A. McDonald says:

    I also have a love of French chairs. However, I’m having a really hard time finding them. Would you please share your sources? Also, what would be a o.k. price to pay for ones that are sturdy? Thank-you so much for all that you share


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