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the 1840’s hutch


Alright, alright!  I kept it.  I did!!  I just wasn’t sure I wanted to sell it, yet, so I sold some other things instead.  I may just need to love this piece for a while and then I’ll be ready to let it go or I may never be ready.    We’ll see.

 I love the warm wood of the piece…


…and this glass.  Oh my word.  It’s the original glass and the bubbles and waves are amazing.  I think the glass is the reason I’m so in love.  Some girls get swoony over diamonds…just give me a sheet of 100+ year old glass and I’m happy.


While I’m keeping this piece, I have decided to sell some of my other furniture.  The mirrored armoire in my office and some of my French chairs are on the chopping block.  Ah….the life of an antique dealer.

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  1. OH! I am sooooo happy you snagged the hutch for yourself, it’s GORGEOUS!!! (drool)
    Thanks so much for sharing pics of it, i really wanted to see it, it’s so worth keeping…
    now, if we could just find one for me, hehehehe :) jk, I couldn’t fit another big piece in
    my house without selling something as well and that would be a REALLY tough call
    for me…I’m really happy for you, enjoy!

    <3 Co

  2. YOUR BOOK IS GORGEOUS!!!! Just got it in the mail and it blew me away. Congrats. You deserve this great blessing.


  3. I can see why you decided to keep that piece – it’s gorgeous!

  4. i swoon over glass too, perfect in your house! Di

  5. THAT is an absolutely beautiful, elegant piece. The glass just sets it all off. Stunning.

  6. I love the contrast of the rich dark wood next to your lighter decor. It’s dreamy :) Glad you kept it!

  7. Debbie says:

    That is definatelay a keeper.

  8. Pssssh, Marian, KEEP IT! You deserve it. Think of how many pieces you love that you have to part with.

    This is one of a kind. Treat yourself. Please promise me you’ll keep it forever or until you don’t love it anymore. okies? xo

  9. So glad you decided not to paint it. It’s such a beautiful piece!

  10. Phyllis says:

    I recently inherited a corner cabinet which is from that time period also. 2 questions, how did you figure out the date, and how do you care for it?

  11. Michele says:

    This amazing piece of furniture “history” looks perfect in your house!!! Do not sell it b/c it so suits not only your style but what your work stands for. It is MMS!!

  12. Cindy says:

    The scale is just right, the doors and fret work is something you don’t see everyday. I think you will be keeping this a long time. It is not something one sees everyday. I think it could be something you hand down in your family it is a timeless piece.

  13. Cheryl Adams says:

    I also got your book in the mail today and I thank you so much for sharing not only your skills but also your heart and soul between the pages!! It’s a beautiful creation and an inspiration!! (The creation on page 47 is pretty precious too…)

  14. that is a beauty. period. my corner hutch has the robin egg blue paint in the cabinet, and the stain color is lighter…the old beauties that are dark…yummy…and def. better than diamonds. you hang on to that one, til Jesus takes you home :)

  15. I understand! Beautiful wood and old glass makes me swoon!

  16. Janice Hebert says:

    Marian, there is no reason why you shouldn’t keep this gorgeous piece. It looks so nice in your home. It’s just old enough, not too fussy, just perfect. I hope you don’t paint it. Some things just look better with the original finish on them. I have been looking for a “perfect” hutch for my dining room. Have so many sets of dishes and nowhere to display them!

  17. Mindy Hunt says:

    Hey Marian, I’m in love with the fruit bowl on the second shelf in the center. Amazing color and beautiful handles! I’ve never seen one like that. Where did you find it? Is there a name I can google to find similar ones? I love your heart and I’m learning so many new skills from you. Thank you :). Be blessed!

  18. I’m new to this site and new to furniture refinishing. I’m pretty excited to get going on my first piece with milk paint – an old Bombay Co. desk. I may writing for encouragement or advice.

  19. I’m a sucker for some old glass too….. I lived in an 80 y/o house for years, and SHOULD have replaced all those drafty old windows but could NOT because the glass was all wavy and handmade! I just put on a sweater…

  20. Carolyn Harvey says:

    I don’t know how you do it. You find these beautiful pieces and then sell them. I have never found the heart to let any of my “finds” go. I have a house full and now have a 2nd house full. With that said, I am working on things for my daughter. But she has such a small space. What’s a girl to do. I love old glass and cabinets, and rugs, and on an on. Love your site. It is THE BEST!!!!

  21. I’d have kept it too. It’s too beautiful to sell. At least until something you love more comes along.

  22. Its a lovely accent to your home. I too am a sucker for old glass! :)

  23. Denise T says:

    It is a keeper. I am sorry I responded so late .

  24. Keep it. Keep it. Keep it. I have suffered more from non-buyers remorse and sellers remorse much more often than I have from buyers remorse or keepers remorse. I’m not even sure there is such a thing as keepers remorse! You can always switch it out if you come across something you love more. That’s one of the perks of what we do.

  25. I love this hutch, glad you kept it, even for a while… then maybe later, paint it or sell it! I love your site!!

    I have a question for you – in the picture with the hutch are your gorgeous floors… how did you get that color/finish? Are they heart pine? We have oak (i think) – and had them refinished 3 years ago when we re-did our kitchen – but I never liked the color. I wanted them dark & the guy completely talked me out of it — :-( So, any advise on how to get newer oak floors to look like yours (dark, old, amazingly gorgeous) ? thanks!

  26. Rock solid sister!

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