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glittery & Sandy


The Lucketts Holiday Open House is next weekend and it really crept up on me.  I usually start making ornaments in September, but I didn’t start until last week this year.  Because of my late start, I’m just making German glass glitter ornaments and won’t be making any of my sheet music ornaments.  In addition to glittered stars, words and pretty shapes, I’m making a bunch of over-sized glittered pine cones.


(My entire dining room is sparkly.)


I’m bringing 25 huge rolls of 2″ burlap ribbon.  This stuff is great for trimming a tree, garland, swags, and making wreaths.  (Oh!!  I bet it would even look cool woven and then sewn into a tree skirt or a stocking lined with cotton…hmmm…)


I’m also selling some beautiful Christmas cards by Jennifer Carrol Designs.   When I was shopping last week I found an adorable antique berry tote that is perfect to hold them in.


As most of you know, my part of Pennsylvania is right in hurricane Sandy’s predicted path.  We’re pretty far inland, though, so we’re definitely not getting the worst of it.  We’re expecting flooding, 50-70 mph winds and about 4-8″ or rain.  Because of the storm, I have two little “helpers” at home who are usually at school and my berry tote became part of the Batcave.


I was planning to go to Lucketts tomorrow to help decorate for Christmas and to get my space stocked up, but that isn’t going to happen!  I’m getting ready to go, though, as soon as the weather is clear.  I’ll probably go down on Thursday.

If you don’t hear from me, it means I’ve lost power and or Internet.  Be safe, everyone!

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  1. Be safe!
    Your Lucket booth is going to be so beautiful! One day I will say it IRL, one day!

  2. Elaine says:

    We feel blessed we still have power – we’re in MD right off the Chesapeake Bay. Your things are beautiful! I really need to get some of that glass glitter….:)

  3. Maria L. says:

    Stay safe!! My husband and I are in southern NJ so we are trying to prepare for the worst.

    I love your pinecone ornament! Gorgeous burlap ribbon, too. I’ve got a roll stashed away somewhere or other that I’d love to use for Christmas projects…

  4. Love the pinecone something so simple but look so elegant. The stars are great I think I’m going to do that this year. Yeah the burlap….just wrapping gifts with it instead of a bow is so great!

  5. To all of you in the Northeast – Good luck with Sandy. We’ll be praying for everyone’s safety.

  6. I am glittering today in the storm too! Just finished making the glitter crown you posted a few weeks ago, and some Christmas ornaments too. I am also going to make a tree skirt with burlap trim and matching stockings! None for me though I will be hopefully selling it all out of my booth :)

  7. elaine says:

    are you going to offer the glitter to your blogger friends?

  8. Batten down the hatches and I hope you’re all ok.

  9. Everything is beautiful, as usual. I especially love the pinecones!

    Be safe.

  10. These are gorgeous, pinning now!

  11. Beautiful glitter stars Marian!
    Stay safe! Praying for all effected.We are expending high winds due tot he storm.But nothing at all like those on the east coast!

  12. Stay safe!

  13. I love the pinecone and ribbon. Beautiful! Our prayers are with all of you in the path of this storm. Be safe.

  14. Janet Lawson says:

    All of your items are great..
    I love the burlap ribbon..
    Stay Safe..

  15. Susie Routh says:

    Could you recommend a place or a vendor to purchase german glass glitter? And which size do you like the best?

    • My question is the same as Susie’s:
      I’d love to buy some German glass glitter, too, and would appreciate your suggestions!

  16. stay safe Marian and enjoy the time with your kiddos! My husband got to stay home today (and hopefully tomorrow!) so we tried to be productive and he got some extra time with the kids!

  17. love your glitter glass ornaments.
    Hunker down and make good use of your time at home with your family and Batman!

    …be safe. Prayers for everyone on the East Coast. Pat

  18. Nov 3 is a HOT Open House day! I’ve been feverishly working on last minute items for one myself after taking a week vacation down south. Witnessed the beginning of the hurricane down at Daytona and it kind of followed us home. Thank goodness we’re in Indiana, but we are under a wind warning at this moment. No school closings, but it looks like a nasty Halloween for the kiddos. :( Hope you all stay safe and get your treasures made for the weekend.

  19. Are you planning to sell any of your glitter again this year? I’ve been kicking myself all year for not buying it last Christmas…..

    Stay safe!

  20. pamela Pittman says:

    Be safe. I was to fly into Philly tomorrow but all flights have been cancelled. Praying God’s protection over you and your family.

  21. Love that german glass glitter! What grit do you use? Prayers for you and your sweet family Marian!!!

  22. Debbie w says:

    Stay safe.
    Winds + rain + glitter = a big mess!

  23. Brenda says:

    Stay safe all who are on the east coast. Our prayers are with you!

  24. love the ribbon and little stars!

  25. Oh I’m so glad you are carrying stuff from Jennifer! And that berry tote is a great idea for them. Looks good. My stuff always gets included in play too it seems!
    You stay safe too Marian – just looked at the pics you posted from your town. Scary stuff.

  26. I’m doing glittered pine cones for a craft fair in November! :) Praying you stay safe through Sandy! I’m in Florida, so it’s VERY odd to be concerned about my sister in DC getting hit by a hurricane, rather than the other way round!

  27. teresa says:

    Sweet…now I know what to do with all the large pinecones I have around the yard! Thanks!
    I’ve been watching what has been going on back east….glad you are doing fine….scary stuff.

  28. Hello,
    I’m new here…well commenting. I love coming to this blog.
    I hope everybody is safe and in a cozy place.

    I wanted to say that I typically put up many trees at Christmas. This year I am doing one. I have many plans for ornaments so I really only have time for one.
    I’m going to make the German glass crowns…but I’m using the little girl bracelets from the party store so they will be ornament sized. I’m also stringing tiny glittered’ pine cones as garland and wrapping them around lights….very shimmery.

    I’ve also been making garland made from rusty wire and old tart tins. I could not a photo on here…but they are in my Etsy store…Eek..I hope that was o.k to say. I wanted everybody to be able to see them to get ideas.

    Well thank you,
    I really hope everyone is staying safe,
    Anita Spero

  29. Hope all are safe, where you are.
    Looks like a lot of damage, along the coast.

    Stay safe….

  30. Hope you survived the Sandy! I am in NJ just across the river from Philadelphia and made out okay but the wind was really really bad alot of trees down. Love your ornaments!

  31. Karen says:

    Marian, where did you find the gray moroccan/lattice print ribbon? It is GORGEOUS!!! I need to pull out my glass glitter and get busy for the season! I’m so glad I was able to learn it from you at Wild Rose!! :)

  32. Stay safe! I can imagine you’ll be covered with glitters yourself for days!

  33. Anne Boykin says:

    Dear MMS, Stay safe & sound! Hugs, Anne Boykin

  34. I love the glittery ornaments!

  35. Hope you take alot of pictures at Lucketts……………and share them!

  36. Sara D says:

    It all looks so beautiful! Be safe!

  37. Julie W. says:

    Quick Question::::
    Just wondering where u get your small/med size paper letters that u glitter? They used to sell them at Hobby Lobby & now I can’t find them there. I know you are super busy so any help or suggestions you can give me would be great! Hope you guys are safe & staying warm & dry. God bless!! :))

  38. I hope that you have not been severely affected by the storm…..I love the pine cone ornaments….”simplistically elegant”…is the words that come to mind to describe them!…Have fun a the Open House…just wish Lucketts was closer!!!….and I think that the berry tote makes a great “Bat Cave”!!!

  39. First my wish for all in the target of Sandy, to be safe.
    MMS, enjoy you little helpers, maybe Batman can help out with the decor…
    I hear you on making stuff, I am way behind also
    But family is more important…

  40. JaneEllen says:

    Was watching weather channel last night and CBS had a special program with Scott Pelley. Think I’m glad we don’t live in KY anymore, some parts of that nasty storm could go that far also. We were there for couple tornadoes and that was bad enough. I was alone as hubs on the road, watched parts of neighbors barn roof and our swing, deck chairs flying everywhere. No thanks.
    Saw you/family in BH&G zine Christmas Ideas, pages 50-57. Your boys are so cute. Makes me lonesome for mine that are 16 months apart but have families of their own and are in their late 40’s. Oldest boy will be 50 on 12-21 this year. Doesn’t seem possible.
    Love to have some of that awesome burlap ribbon but the price seems a bit out of my budget doggone it. Love the ideas you were telling us about using it. Would be pretty with the stuff they used for the chairs too.
    Be safe Marian, be very safe. The open house not at best time right now for traveling.
    I did pine cones like that for gifts to hang on wall or door one year when we lived in MT. Can remember going to forest to gather the cones. I miss MT so much.
    As always, love your blog. I’ll be ordering some of the sample bags of milk paint soon from closest vendor to us. Be safe ok?

  41. Denise T says:

    No power for 12 hrs here in VA but it came on around 6 pm this evening. . I love this color – grainsack. I decided to use my spare time to do milk paint on one of the dresser right before power went off and I love how it turned out. The type of dresser that has carved pulls – is the one I was painting. This dresser had water damage and could not be stained, so I decided to paint instead.I think traveling is ok . Looking forward to seeing you at Lucketts. How exciting!

  42. Would love to make a trip to see your booth some day. Praying you stay safe, dry, and warm. Our son is in Maryland, without power, probably cold, but otherwise ok.

  43. Oh Marian! Thanks for sharing my cards!!! I’m so excited to see you this Saturday – and to see my cards in your booth! What a dream!!! I will try to take lots of photos :-) Hope you are safe!! Hugs, Jennifer

  44. I know you will be safe, because Batman told me so. I tried making glitter stars and had a glue disaster on my hands. I did manage the pine comes though. Not mentally stimulating, but turned out pretty.

    Blessings for everyone in harms way!

  45. Pamela Marshall says:

    I am so excited Marian, I am actually making a trip to Lucketts on Sunday with my good friend! I am so inspired by you and hope that I will be able to meet you and get a copy of your book signed!! Thanks for dreaming big and helping to inspire me to do the same!

  46. jean clark says:

    I would like a phone number and an address to the website for the very fine grit glitter 80 and 100 size..BECAUSE I WOULD LIKE TO PLACE AN ORDER. . HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO FIND THIS INFORMATION……
    Jean Clark

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