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Glitter Crown Tutorial


German Glass Glitter makes almost anything better.  Well, except maybe not cheesecake.  Yes.  I can say with certainty that German Glass Glitter would not improve cheesecake one bit, but it makes a lot of cheap, plastic things look better.  Take this crown…


It started out as a $2.00 tiara from the birthday party section at Target.



I want to use the crown as a decorative piece, something a little whimsical and sweet for the holidays, so I plucked off the combs, so it would sit flat.



They pop off pretty easily.


I then removed the purple jewels, again, just popping them off with my fingers.


Your fingers can get pretty raw after repeating the jewel-popping and comb-plucking on four crowns, so I suppose gloves or pliers might be of use when doing a ton of these.



Ah.  It already looks better…



Now, I use the old glue-n-glitter method taught in elementary schools everywhere.    I just use Elmer’s Glue-All and a little makeshift bowl out of tin foil.  The glue is brushed on using a 1″ wash brush.



I sprinkle the crown with German glass glitter and leave it to dry for about an hour on a piece of wax paper.  (I have found it’s best to leave a small place glue-free to hold with your fingers, then go back and glitter it when the rest of the crown is dry.)

 The result is a very sparkly crown that every girly-girl *needs*.

(If you have a little princess who wants to wear the crown, you can tie on bobby pins with fishing line or jewelry wire.  That’ll hold the crown on better than those combs, anyway.)


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  1. Very cute!

  2. I love it! ..and I want one for myself!!! I might be a little old for it, but who cares 😉

  3. Lisa Childers says:

    This is adorable! Going to Target to purchase a crown today!

  4. That is a really cute idea!

  5. Where do I find German Glass Glitter.

  6. lynnette grant says:

    Meyer-imports, an online store is where i got glass glitter last year. But, Marian, what size glitter do you normally use? I used the 110…but I am thinking you must use the most coarse size.

  7. Ahhhh…. I want a princess crown! Great look!

  8. That German glitter really perked up the $2.00 tiara. As my granddaughter would say, “if the tiara fits”.


  9. Do you spray the german glass glitter with anything to keep it from tarnishing? I have a few things I’ve just let go and they turn quite dark after awhile. If that happens, do you know of a way to shine ’em up again?
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. Awesome! I love it! I have some white glass glitter that I’ve never used for anything – I should make a couple of these for Christmas decor!

  11. great idea! love it!

  12. great idea and thanks for a easy to follow tut…

  13. Stop it, that is so cute!! Oh how I wish I had your style sense :)

  14. laura says:

    I know this might sound dumb but, if it is glass glitter is it safe for kids to handle? Will the shards get everywhere?

  15. Can you buy German glass glitter locally? I live in Central PA, too!

  16. Love this! Fit for a queen.

  17. What an adorable idea. I love it.


  18. Love it! Thanks for sharing…and making it look easy.


  19. So cool and even I can do that!

  20. Love this! The German glitter is spectral!

  21. Super cute – looks much better your way

  22. What a charming project! And fewer calories than cheesecake!

  23. so pretty!

  24. kristin M says:

    I have the same questions: what is your source for the German glitter glass? what can you do if it tarnishes?
    Thanks so much for inspiring!

  25. It looks ten times better glittered with special German glitter! My girls would love how it looks.

  26. I’m going to do this for sure!!!
    I do think you need to warn that it is real glass and that it can get in eyes.
    They say to be super careful not to breathe it, too.

  27. Gorgeous. Makes me wish I was still little or had a little girl…

  28. Pretty! Mr friend is having a birthday soon . . .

  29. Love this! Gotta get some of that German glass glitter! Thanks for the tip about the cheesecake. :)

  30. Love it, I have a few crowns laying around for emergency purposes. This project looks like the right emergency. Thanks!

  31. I blogged this week about the glittered pumpkins I made and glittered CHEVRON pumpkins! We were both in a glitter mood!!!! LOL! And…I just pinned a Pinterest sign that says “some girls were just born with glitter running thru their veins”. Yes, yes we were!

  32. Is the German Glitter like the Diamond Dust found at Michaels? I bought some of the diamond dust it said it was made of cut glass, but it does not look like these pictures??? Hmmm It was around $12 I think for a good size jar of it-do you or anyone know if they are the same? Thanks

  33. Pat C. says:

    Oh, my! The dolled-up version of the crown doesn’t even look like a distant cousin of the original! Thank you so much for sharing your brilliant (pun intended!) idea with us.♥


  34. Real German glass glitter will not tarnish like the cheaper glitter. Put your items in a plastic ziplock or airtight container to stop tarnishing. There is no product to shine it up so storing properly is important!

    Also, coat your hands with baby powder before using to avoid sticking. Work over a cookie sheet so you can save all the loose glitter!

    Just bought some small wood birdhouses at JoAnn’s going to spray antique white and glitter the roofs, hang with satin ribbon on my antique tree!

    Love the crowns, going to add some of them also!!

  35. Your German Glass Glitter makes EVERYTHING pretty. It has the most exquisite sparkle to it, like nothing else… love it!


  36. Oh my goodness! You had me at “glitter” and then “tiara” sealed the deal! :)

  37. Every Princess needs a Tiara!!
    “If The Tiara Fits………”
    Love it!! And anything that GLITTERS!!

  38. I love, LOVE this!! Plus, I happen to have several of those very crowns leftover from a Princess Photo shoot! They will definitely benefit from this glitter makeover!! Thanks for the inspiration!! :-)

  39. If only I’d seen this tutorial when I *was* a kid, it could have been the tree topper on the ballet themed tree my mom and I used to do every year – wonder if I could talk Mr. Q into a ballerina tree? Probably not.

  40. Where do I get German Glass Glitter???


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