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 November 17, 2010, I put it out there – I said I was going to start working on a book and just see where it took me. In November 2011, I had a book contract in hand from Thomas Nelson.  In November 2012, I’ll be at my first book signing.  Totally insane.  I finally have my book, Inspired You, in hand.


I posted it on Facebook, but haven’t mentioned it otherwise.  My friend Barb Blair texted me last night, asking why I didn’t call her screaming when I got it in the mail and she called me a stinker.  Once I got the giggles out about a grown woman calling me, also a grown woman, a stinker, I thought about it.  Why didn’t I?  I’m in love with the book.  I’m proud of it.  (I can, of course, see tons of things I would do a little differently, but I think that’s totally normal.)  So, why didn’t I?

 Well, first of all, it was a quiet moment.  I literally hugged the book and got all teary.  A bunch of myself…dreams and stress and work and ideas and effort were all wrapped in that binding.  I just wanted to soak it in.

Second, it’s still very surreal.  It’s sort of like when I brought my first son home from the hospital.  I knew I just delivered a baby, but it still wasn’t real that I was a mom.  I would wake up to a cry in the wee hours and have to remind myself that it was my job to feed him.  It took a little while for it to sink in and for motherhood to become a role I felt comfortable in.

I’m not very comfortable with the idea of being an author.  Not yet, anyway.  I’ve never, ever thought of myself as a writer and I still don’t, really.  The idea of going to a book signing feels very awkward to me.  I will be a total dork when I see my book at a store.  I’m not sure what total dorkiness will look like, but I’m sure I’ll embody it.  (I get all tingly just looking at my author picture and bio.)  It looks so legit.  It is so legit and I’m just not used to it, yet.



 So, what is this book all about?  It’s not a bunch of posts patched together, so even if you’ve read every single blog post, there is a lot of new information, projects and ideas for you.   At least 80% of the photographs have never been shown on my blog.  I wrote all new tutorials including how to make an ottoman from scratch and pleated drapes.  There is also a lot of encouragement and inspiration.

Here’s a video about it…


 And, like my blog, it’s very real.  Real home, real budget, real family, doable projects.  All real.  I even did a photo shoot using paper plates.  Oh, yes I did.


The official publish date is November 6, 2012, but I will be selling books and doing a signing on November 2-3, 2012 at Lucketts.  It’s the Lucketts Holiday Open House, which is a big deal, so it’s a great time to put the book out there.  I’m slightly terrified at the idea of sitting at a table with a Sharpie expecting people who not only want to buy a book, but want me to sign it.  I’ll have to get over that.  (I’ll also have to practice what I’m going to write.  I told you.  Dork.)  I’m planning to do some milk paint demonstrations, too.  It’s worth coming for the Design House alone, anyway!

If you can’t make it to the Holiday Open House at Lucketts, you can pre-order the book from Thomas Nelson, Amazon (the “Look Inside” feature is available) or Barnes & Noble.

 I’m working on scheduling some other book signings/milk paint workshops with some of my retailers.  I’ll definitely make an appearance at the shops that are local to me, but I’m still figuring out the rest.

Once the book is out, I want to share lots of behind-the-scene stuff and some of the process of writing and photographing a book.  It was a lot like writing a really, really long blog post, but I’ll get into all of that later.

** OH!  And I almost forgot.  I am giving a copy of the book away!  I might even throw in a t-shirt, some glitter, some milk paint…   ***

If you’d like to win, just leave a comment.  (You must be over 18 to enter, International readers are welcome to participate.)   The giveaway closes Friday, October 12, 2012, at midnight PST.

 Disclosure: The links to Thomas Nelson and Amazon in this post are affiliate links.

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  1. Kelley Hively says:

    Congratulations! You inspire me to put mr dreams “out there” as well! Can’t wait to read the book!

  2. Laura says:

    My copy of your book just arrived and I am so excited!

  3. Barbie says:

    Congratulations! How wonderful!

  4. You, your blog, and your story are such an inspiration to those of us that are following our passions and dreaming our dreams! Every time I get a little discouraged, I pull up your blog and scroll through your posts and that reminds me that prayers do get answered and dreams do come true! Congratulations on the realization of this dream! Can’t wait to own your inspiring book!

  5. Ksenia says:

    Such a great news!! Congratulations!

  6. Jewelee says:

    An amazing accomplishment. Soak in every single moment and all the wonderful compliments that are sure to come your way.

  7. oh how I can’t wait to see & read it!!

  8. Sharon B. says:

    Congratulations Marian! I can’t wait to see the book. I’m assuming that if I don’t win it that I will be able to buy it in Canada. If not, I’ll look for it next time I am in the States.

  9. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the book. What an achievement!

  10. Congratulations, I can’t even imagine what that must feel like!!! I would LOVE a signed copy of your book! Pretty please with mustard seeds on top?! It’s my birthday in 35 minutes…does that help?;)

  11. Melina Gillis says:

    What an exciting adventure you have had this past year! I look forward to buying your book as soon as it comes out.

  12. Rita Corbett says:

    Congratulations on the publishing of your first book!! I can’t wait to see it. Would love to meet you at the signing,I’ll see what I can do about that…………

  13. I just read every page of the preview that Amazon would let me! It looks like it’s going to be a great read. So happy for you to have this dream come true. Can’t wait to dive into these pages and see all the new things I’ll learn to do. 😀

  14. YES YES YES have a book signing in Australia ansd also bring your paint over here -love dee x

  15. MeLisa Dill says:

    Win or not, I need a copy of that book! ;o) Congrats!!!

  16. Wendy J says:

    Geez….. Funny story….I was all ready for bed last night when my husband walked in with a package from Amazon that was left on our doorstep! I preordered “Inspired You” from Amazon and am thrilled that it arrived early. I was up until 1 a.m. this morning reading your first book (yes all of it!) I’m relatively new to your blog but am truly dizzy trying to catch up!! Keep the ideas coming girl!

    • Wendy J says:

      I’d still love to be considered for a copy of this “Inspiring Book”. I would generously gift this treasure to a friend that is where you where prior to taking a leap of faith. Can’t wait to try your paint! I live in Philly and may just have to take a detour over to Lucketts!

  17. Congratulations Marion! I would love a copy of your book.

  18. Congratulations Marion! Your hard work is really paying off. I’d love to have a copy of the new book to inspire a few new projects of my own. :)

  19. Congratulations! What an accomplishment :)

  20. I adore your blog, and have found so much inspiration in it while decorating our first house. Can’t wait to read the book!

  21. Your book arrived today and I am so excited. I cannot wait till this evening when I get some quite time to sit and read it. I have had a quick flick through and I love it.

  22. TracieMcOB says:

    That’ll teach me to get behind in reading my blogs!! I missed the giveaway :( Congratulations ‘Miss Mustard Seed’! on your book. I’m thrilled for you. Thank you again for all of your inspiration.

  23. I’m so excited to read your book. I’m in a rut and need some inspiration.

  24. Kim Lee says:

    Great title!! You have already inspired me and I have not even read it, yet. Way to go – congrats!! :)

  25. Of course I want the book. I’m pre-ordering another book from Barnes and Noble today. Maybe I can wait a couple of days, but it will be hard. I’m not good at waiting – especially for new books. I’m so happy for you. I haven’t been reading you long – only a few months, but I already know there can’t be anyone more deserving.

  26. Esther says:

    Congratulations on your book. Can’t wait to see it.

  27. I received your book in the mail yesterday. I am so amazed that you have that much material to write such a thick book. It’s astounding howyou have been able to accomplish so much this year.
    I love the book!

  28. fabiola says:

    I already received my copy from Amazon. And I can stop reading. Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. Kirsten Farmer says:

    Dear Miss Mustardseed, I found your blog during a search about milk paint. I just love the subtitle of your book, “Letting God Breath New Life into your Heart and Home,” which completely sums up what I need to do for my life and family right now. My youngest child just turned three, and I feel like I have been running on auto pilot for about 3 years and 9 months! I set your blog as my home page a couple of weeks ago because it helps motivate me to get up and start creating again, a gift that I’ve had buried for awhile now. Thank you for your example.

  30. Sandra Hale says:

    I am sure your book signing will be just like your videos. Really real! Enjoy!

  31. Karen says:

    Wow I’m so excited. You are amazing. So talented. Exciting inspiring just flat cool. Best wishes for continued branding as you are helping us! So inspired!!!!!

  32. Hey Marian! I’m planning on coming to Luckett’s for the book signing. Just clarifying, ar you going to be there the 2nd and 3rd and all day or only for a certain period of time during each day?

    Absolutely over the moon excited for you, Marian!
    Can’t wait to read it!


  34. I’d love a copy of your book! Cheering you on as you grow. Watching you grow has inspired me to do the same. Picking up my keys next week for my first work/shop space! Thank you!!!!!!

  35. Yep! I’d love to read your book…and receive some glitter and milkpaint, too! ;0)

  36. Bethany says:

    You have been so inspiring and I can’t wait to read your book! I just found out you are a mama just like me, with tasks just like mine and that you did this is amazing! Congrats on all your hard work paying off!

  37. Sharon Lynn says:

    I am looking forward to your book …
    God Bless You :-)

  38. I need some major inspiration!! Would love to have this book!

  39. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some recommendations for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

  40. You need to really moderate the responses here

  41. Marian,

    Here it is a year later and I think I must buy the book! Your writing is so down-to-earth and conversational. I feel like I’m sitting in the room with you. Maybe I’ll get my vintage Singer Featherweight out and begin to sew again! I just might be inspired!


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