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Friday Finds



I know it sounds funny to say, but I really needed to go shopping.  I wasn’t seeking retail therapy, but I needed cool stuff to sell in my space.  I’ve lately been so busy with milk paint stuff and everything else that I haven’t had the time to shop as much as I need to in order to keep my space stocked.  So, I set out on a shopping trip with my mother-in-law yesterday and found some great stuff…


…a great fan…


…some wooden gingerbread work from a house…


…and this amazing wire skirt form with the original measuring tapes.


I found several other smalls, which is mainly what I needed to buy, but I also unexpectedly scored some great pieces of furniture.  I bought an empire dresser with original glass knobs, an antique wardrobe and I was having heart palpitations over an 1840 step-back hutch with gorgeous original leaded glass that had to come home with me.  Oh my.  I’m thinking I *might* have to sell a couple of other pieces out of my home and keep that one.  It’s really special.  We’ll see.  Suzanne’s voice keeps ringing in my head telling me, “Always sell your inventory….do not keep it for your self…that is not a business, that’s shopping!”  I also bought a 1900’s general store display case for my space at Lucketts.  I’m excited about getting my little corner in the foyer looking awesome for the holiday open house.  (Which is less than a month away!!)

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  1. [email protected] Charm says:

    I need to come shopping with you…all I found today was a few smalls…I guess you could say…I’m a tad bit jealous:) Did get some of your paint yesterday…hope to try it out tomorrow afternoon.


  2. All of it sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see pictures of the amazing pieces! And hoping to make it to Luckett’s for the holiday open house!

  3. I love that fan!

  4. Anne Boykin says:

    Dear MMS, You scored some great finds! I’m looking forward to seeing your new furniture. I know what Suzanne said about shopping – she’s tough. I think you should keep what you want to keep and sell what you want to sell. So what if it looks like shopping? lol. I hope to make it to Lucketts one of these days. Hugs, Anne Boykin

  5. i’m not sure i totally agree with the ‘not keep inventory for yourself ‘ advice. isn’t that one of the perks of being in business? 😉

    • Mary Borgsmiller says:

      Wish I could go shopping with you! Finished the bed today with typewriter milk paint but not convinced I’m doing the wax thing right. It did not chip too much, but I can tell my hubby likes the Lucketts green dresser better (tehe, momma does know best!). Now for new bedding and an area rug and my “new” room is set!

  6. MMS! Your shopping trip was most def a success. That wire skirt is like a dream! As for the hutch, YOLO! Keep it! :)
    xoxo Kenz

  7. Sue Pagels says:

    You scored some amazing items and I am jealous! Furniture is so expensive here – very difficult to buy at a reasonable price to either paint or just resell.

  8. Ok..I want to know How I can get a hold of your paint? I would love to buy a few sample colors to see what I would like….can you steer me in the right direction? You scored big time this weekend..I would love to come shopping with you…sounds like some GREAT stuff…

  9. Hmmm…Suzanne’s advice is great to keep you (well, all of us) from hoarding…but I think it’s OK to ‘trade up’…after all, we are in this business because we love this ‘stuff’…we should be able to have our own castle filled with ‘lovelies’. I frequently find things and say “This one I’ll keep forever.”..but I find that I love it and enjoy it…Thinks often don’t even make it to the ‘perfect’ spot as I’d imagined, but I enjoy it none the less…and then after I’ve had my ‘fill’…it’s ready to give someone else the chance to enjoy it too. So keep your leaded glass hutch…who knows, someday there may be a new ‘perfect’ piece and the leaded glass hutch can be put on the ‘sharing block’…You notice I didn’t call it the ‘sales floor’!

  10. Marti says:

    I would love to see pictures of your hutch. A couple of weeks ago I scored a step back hutch, also with leaded glass windows. I would love to compare them. I don’t have a clear idea of date on mine, despite looking through thousands of pictures on the internet. Mine has tulip and daffodil carvings too.

  11. Love the skirt….i would be just like u 1 for me 1 for my shop, not sure its a good business practice but lots of fun….cant wait to see the other finds.

  12. Denise T. says:

    Love all of them. Can’t wait to see all of them . By the way, if you love this hutch, keep it and sell other stuff.

  13. Looks like fun! I NEED that skirt form! I suppose shipping it would be a little tricky though huh??

  14. I am with Linda, in the first response – would love to go hunting with you sometime! And, I LOVE old fans. Some of my best selling photo greeting cards are those with old fans as the subject!

  15. Oh, be still my heart…I’m so jealous, I’m always looking for fans to add to my little collection of 2, hehe, and any kind of pretty wood pieces to add to another collection. I only have 1 wire dress form though :( …guess I’ll have to deal, those are hard to come by for me. I did score some silver pieces the other day. It’s been a long time since I’ve been shopping so that was a lot of fun, I remember a time when I went hunting weekly :O

    Enjoy your finds, hope you can snag that hutch, I’d love to see it….<3 Co

  16. Incredible finds, I love all of them! By all means keep the hutch, after all, I think we all do this for the love of the pieces we find. Some, we are happy to “love up” and send on their way, others we just love and should keep. It would not be nearly so rewarding, or so much fun, if we could never keep any of the treasures we find.

  17. you find the best stuff! love the fan and skirt form! please take me hunting with you 😉

  18. Hmmmm. . . I am considering making a trip to see the Holiday Open House. I got such a boost of inspiration and creative whatnot last time I cam down there. . .
    and I do SO love me some Christmas-ness!!!
    would LOVE to “accidentally” run into you!

  19. How do you find such great stuff on a whim of deciding to go out shopping? Where are you going? Is it just because you live back east so yard sales are treasure troves?

    ….I was born on the wrong side of the country. :) I actually really do think that….I’ve always wanted to live back east AND always thought I would…until I married my husband who said he wouldn’t move any further east than CO, so that’s where we live. Despite me living here since I was 6 and saying I never wanted to live here as an adult. I think because I’d moved 12 times from birth to age 6. I’d lived in 3 other states and didn’t want to be in CO.

    oh to live back east :)

  20. That fan is so great! Why can I never find the good stuff on shopping trips??

  21. Lucky girl…and think your finds are delicious…so pretty Me …I travel ‘d so much over the last 4 weeks for family that I have not been able to look at get anything new at our shop….I am glad some of my stuff sold…So if I say I wish I could find what MMS found….and shouted it out…will your luck carry all the way to Central Texas…can’t wait to see your treasures…and the wire skirt form…what a score

    • Capri Dillon says:

      Just curious. You mention a shop in Central Texas. May I ask where that shop is and your hours? I am from Central Texas and will be passing through soon and would like to check it out! Capri

  22. Great finds on your day shopping.. I wonder what you are going to do with these great finds and look forward to seeing your amazing creations! Happy Hunting!

  23. Great finds! Okay I know I know sell your inventory.But as a business owner I too have a hard time parting with things.But if I buy something I just can’t let go then I sell something else I am ready to sell.In with one out with another .That works right?!

  24. Mildred Hoppe says:

    Wondering if you have tried/perfected a method for doing your own mercury silver treatment on glass?
    I’ve seen a couple of methods on Pinterest that have mixed reviews.


  25. Hi Marian,
    Suzanne’s reminder that we need to sell the good we buy (not keep them for ourselves) also hit me hard. I think she even made the point that we should sell the best stuff. Great advice that I’ve remembered several times this past week as I’ve shopped thrift stores and craigslist.

  26. LOVE that fan! Suzanne’s voice was in my head too as I was reading your post, ha! Look fwd. to seeing this special piece :)

  27. Pat C. says:

    What amazing finds!♥

    As for the Don’t Keep Anything for Yourself advice, my feeling is that if you weren’t in the business, wouldn’t you be “allowed” to buy things you like (budget permitting)? Is a vacuum cleaner salesperson not allowed to own a vacuum cleaner?!?; )


  28. Marian, I recently bought a scale, inspired by the one(s) I’ve seen on your site. :) I totally agree with the person who said it’s okay to trade up. Def keep that piece if it’s got your heart! I wish I could find lovely pieces when I go out. Everything is always priced realllllly high around here.

  29. Michelle says:

    What great finds. I would love to know where you shop. The stores in my area are not so great.
    My youngest is gong to Boston on a school trip this weekend and I talked my husband into taking a road trip to Lucketts. I am so excited!

  30. Julie R says:

    So happy for you that you have your MIL to shop with, what a sweet blessing! Found a nearby shop that carries your paint and I can’t wait to try it out! But which color?? Hmmm, decisions, decisions…..

  31. These are great finds. I particularly like the skirt form. I had some great finds this weekend myself, and will be spending this upcoming (Thanksgiving) weekend painting them with your milk paint!

  32. These are actually interesting pieces that you found. I actually got almost the same Fan that you found, it was from my grandfather and the funny thing is its still working up until now.

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