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French Cane Chairs


I will admit it.  I am a total sucker for French cane chairs.  I get all fluttery over them, they’re very hard for me to sell.  That’s why I have a plethora of them in my house and I will shuffle furniture around to make room for another cane chair.  It’s getting a little out of hand.

I, Marian Parsons, promise I will start selling the French cane chairs I buy like a good antique’s dealer…


…after these two.



The round backs, the carved details…


…the cane back and seat…


…and this is the “good kind” of caning that was done by hand.



I’m all a-flutter.


If I die and some secret storage unit is discovered piled full of French cane chairs…would someone cover for me?

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  1. Mary Borgsmiller says:

    I love them. Wher do you find them?

  2. I would love to cover for you…the cost would be two french cane chairs! :) They look amazing.

  3. Ha! We gotcha back, Marian! :) They are beautiful and these last two are awesome. Don’t blame you for keeping them one bit!

  4. I’ll cover for you – as long as you give me the address!! Love these French cane chairs..

  5. I can relate! Except my chair addiction is for any cute rare/unique vintage chair. My most recent purchase is a set cute curvy caned Henredon game chairs. The curve of the arms and legs have somewhat of an empire look to them – something you may like (lol). I visited my storage unit today and looked both ways behind me before opening the door so thanks for normalizing this situation. So the next time a family member or close friend jokes to me about this I will just say “MMS does it too, *totally in* to hoard chairs.” 😉 I just purged so time for new chairs! I may or may not have a furniture problem or Craigslist addiction 😉

  6. LOL…I actually don’t have a storage unit, but I wouldn’t put myself past it!

  7. I support your habit. I couldn’t sell them either! Where do you find them? They are few and far between on Craigslist here in the Kansas City area. :(

  8. I will cover for you too! I adore French cane chairs, but they are just soooo hard to find in California! At least, unrestored and less than spendy 😉

  9. No way, if you die, i’m coming after those cane backed chairs! I love them too! I’ve been watching for some pretty ones for my dining room table, and they’re hard to find in a group of 4. My absolute favorites were those that you had and sold at Lucketts. When i saw that you were selling them, i almost died with jealousy that someone besides me was going to be able to get them!


  10. If the storage unit can be our secret and I have the second key…no one will ever know….It’ll be empty by the time anyone checks it out!

  11. Pat C. says:

    Who can blame you for wanting–no, *needing*–to keep those two beauties?!? They are gorgeous and look right at home in your living room! xoxo

  12. TracieMcOB says:

    Can’t blame ya for those 2 chairs!! The shape and the details are gorgeous.

  13. Marian,

    Love your blog and have been following you for years! Just had to jump in on this post about your French Cane Chairs, as this is my specialty avocation and has been for over 35+ years.

    Not only are your cane chairs here the best and woven by hand, they are really, really great and more valuable than the others, because they are woven using the “blind cane” technique, French caning method or Continental method of chair caning.

    In this technique, the holes are not drilled completely through the frame, but rather only in partially and all the weaving is done from the front only.

    The individual cane strands are each measured for exact length across the chair frame and woven one strand at a time. Each hole is pegged with a metal or plastic peg and the cane is held in place with a spot of glue until the next step is woven.

    This is a very, very laborious method of chair caning and costs a great deal of money, so be sure to give these pieces extra special care, they are rare and very expensive to have rewoven!

    If you ever find yourself in need of chair caning experts to reweave your cane, rush, splint, Danish cord, seagrass, or Shaker tapes and are not sure where you can get them restored, take a look at the over 100 businesses listed on my National Furniture Repair Directory™ in the Seatweaving, Wicker, Upholstery or Refinishing sections!

    The Wicker Woman® — Cathryn Peters

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      I knew they were special, but had no idea how much. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  14. Peg Gilham says:

    Love your book so much, Could I just come and follow you around for about a week!
    Love your adventures, your chairs, your fabric is so pretty and it looks like the blues are really coming back this year. Are you going to be on HGTV or what are you doing.. I don’t want to miss anything you do!

  15. Thank you, Peg. No, I’m not going to be on the channel HGTV. I write DIY tutorials for their website. You can check out some of the articles I’ve written on the HGTV tab at the top of my blog.

  16. Ronda Petrasek says:

    Marion, I just had to FINALLY take a moment to tell you how much JOY you bring to my life! I have followed your blog for a couple of years, and turn others onto it ALL the time! As a matter of fact, my best friend went back to school for interior design shortly after I told her to check out your blog! I just wanted you to know how much you are loved from afar! :)

  17. Love the cream colored chairs on top of page. Is there a price list or do you not sell? Sorry I haven’t read all the posts. Just wondering.


    • I do sell, but I don’t have a set price list, since I deal mostly in one-of-a-kind pieces. The chairs featured in the post are still in my home and I haven’t yet put them on the block! :)

      • I love these chairs! I am interested in buying some simal to these. Could you email me measurements? If so, what is the height, inside width, seat depth, and seat height from the floor.


  18. I wish my addiction was confined to just French Cane Chairs….just chairs in general drive me wild!


  19. Glenn Wehrle says:

    Hi I have an English 3 piece set. It is French woven. I need repair in two places. The bid I was given was $4.00 per hole. I have about 300 holes. Thought it was high. Love the set, thought it should stay in the world for another 100 years. Do u know of any resources for repair? Thank u for your help. Glenn

  20. Laura says:

    Love the cane wrap around french armchairs! I’ve been looking for something like this. Where did you find them?


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