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bonding agent video tutorial


I show in my latest “Boxwood Dresser” how Milk Paint can look when the bonding agent is added and it’s not distressed.  As you can see, a beautiful finish can be achieved (without using a separate primer coat!)


Here’s how…


More videos to come…

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  1. Debbie Hale says:

    That’s beautiful. I’m going to have to give that a try.

  2. This color is amazing! I love it! Thanks for the great video!

  3. Lesley says:

    Really love this color too! And your curls are so cute, really like your hair like that, lol! But this piece turned out so pretty, definitely looks fantastic with the smooth boxwood finish.

  4. Carolina says:

    Hi Marian this is a beautiful color and a great finish I like how this piece turned out.
    Great job on the videos!!!
    And yes your curly hair are so pretty.


  5. Hi Marian…silly question maybe lol but do you paint dressers with the drawers left in? I always take them out and now I am wondering why I do that, haha!

    LOVE the curls!

    xx Karen

  6. Hi Marian, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time but never watched your videos, they’re fantastic and very helpful!!


  7. Nikki says:

    Love it! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Marian, thank you for the video….very cool! ps your hair is gorgeous-lucky girl having all those lucious curls!

  9. Great video, and I think your hair looks great too. Have a great weekend!

  10. I love your hair all curly!!! Great tutorial as well. :)

  11. Hi Marian. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m just watching your paint technique… do you paint with the drawers in place or remove them?

  12. oops… saw that this question has already been posted. Oh well, I’m not the only one wondering. 😉

  13. Love that color. Boxwood? Beautiful.
    I would totally paint the wooden piece above the cow painting the same color as the dresser.

    • That was my thought, too! Though it seems like Marian uses that spot for staging photos alot — and I imagine that boxwood dresser will be for sale. Maybe paint that wooden piece white?

      • Miss Mustard Seed says:

        Yes, that’s in my dining room and the dresser was moved to Lucketts the day after this picture was taken. :)

  14. Great Video Marian! And i just have to say I LOVE your hair! You are so lucky that is natural and you only have to scrunch it in the mornings! Mine is stick straight but to look nice it HAS to be flat ironed.

  15. Jenn A says:

    Ok. That is the first time I’ve seen you with curls even though you said before that you were leaving your hair curly. I LOVE it! You look great with curls. And that video is very well done too.

  16. Stacey Lasley says:

    So glad you showed us a piece with the bonding agent. While I like a little chippiness, I’m glad that with the bonding agent, I can control if I want that look or not. Thanks!

  17. Nancy says:

    Love it!

  18. Jolie C says:

    Love the boxwood color. Beautiful! And I really love your curls!

  19. LuvWheaties says:

    Cute hair!

  20. JaneEllen says:

    Saw article featuring you in Nov/12 issue of Woman’s Day. Great spread. Your hair looked darker. Love how you look with curly hair.
    Your video once again was tip top, very helpful. Hope your product line is selling like gang busters. From how the boxwood dresser looks it’s great. Love the smoothness of the paint. I’d sure have a hard time picking a color that’s my favorite.

  21. Love this video–thank you! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair curly!!!!! :) Gorgeous!

  22. Deann says:

    Marian, I tried the bonding agent today with linen and it seems to have given the paint those little “snotty” stringy things I often get in acrylic craft paint… please tell me what I could have been doing wrong !

  23. Nancy says:

    I got my WomansDay today but just now had a chance to look through it. Imagine my surprise when I came to the article about you. I had the same feeling I would have if my best friend had appeared in a magazine. I jumped up and took it over to my husband so he could see that the things I do to improve the decor and function in our home is not a waste of time. im always talking to him about you and the other bloggers who inspire me. I was so proud to show him this article. Way to go!

  24. Colette says:

    the tutuorial is great and so your hair (i straighten mine every day due to this situation) anyway when can i get this in the u.k !!! love your blog so great and your a really great inspiration to all of us

  25. Your hair looks fantastic and although I’m going with all white interiors I absolutely love your milk paint colors!! The tutorials are always great and the music is the perfect accompaniment.

  26. Thereasa Gargano says:

    Where can one find bonding agent? Absolutely love your site from day one. You are so talented.

  27. WOW! I love that green! I just painted a laundry vanity in Benjamin Moore Dark Teal, and I think I regret it now seeing the boxwood green! You also find some of the neatest pieces of furniture too! Hoping there is a supplier in my area soon! (Lancaster, PA)

  28. loving your curly ‘do :)

  29. Just ordered the Boxwood green and I ordered the bonding agent.. I have been waiting to paint a bombay chest in my entryway and now I know why… I can not wait to use the Milk paint. I am new to pinterest and some how I found YOU. I have spent 2 hours on your blog. Thanks for the product. Dee

  30. Annette says:

    Beautiful color, beautiful dresser and BEAUTIFUL curls!! (Why on earth we curly girls feel the need to straighten our luscious curls is beyond me… sigh) Thanks for sharing. I liked seeing a piece that hasn’t been distressed/chipped. I think I’m going to have to order me some milk paint and bonding agent! :)

  31. Teresa Freeman says:

    Hi Marion, recieved my copy of Inspired You today and I LOVE it! I have spent hours reading and staring at the photos of your beautiful home. You are truly talented and you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for writing this book.

  32. Michelle L. says:

    so using the bonding agent in the milk paint will allow me to paint a particle board bookcase from Target without sanding or priming? I tried to do the piece using Bullseye’s primer and it just peeled off in sheets.:( I don’t want to have to sand it.
    I also want to paint the dressers from my childhood bedroom set that are the faux wood/particle board from the late 70s/early 80s. Ever since the fail of the bookcase, I’ve been too scared to try the dressers.

  33. Miss Mustard Seed says:

    Don’t be discouraged. Faux wood/laminate is some of the toughest to paint. I would use a very high quality bonding primer/adhesion primer, then let it cure for a few days. You can then paint it in latex, milk paint or ASCP. Make sure to give the piece plenty of time to cure before heavy use (about 30 days.)

    • Michelle L. says:

      Thanks for the encouragement & the tips. :) I will try again. I used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer which seems to be the most highly recommended by bloggers to paint laminate. I used the water based one. Maybe I didn’t let it cure long enough prior to painting?
      Do you recommend a different brand? I wonder if the oil based one would work better…

  34. Heather Dodd says:

    I love the paint it sounds great I can’t wait to do my dinning room set

  35. Heather Dodd says:

    I love the paint it sounds great I can’t wait to do my dinning room set. Heather D

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