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Squeaky Clean – Fish Foam Review & Giveaway


A lot of great things came out of being a part of planning the Haven Conference in June of this year. Too many to count and keep track of, but one great thing that came out of that event was getting the windows in my house cleaned.  How exactly did one thing lead to another?

I was working with the Haven girls to get everything ready for the conference and adopted the job of getting the vendors to their spaces and settled.  As I was doing this task, I met Nathan of Fish Foam.  I had never heard of Fish Foam, except for seeing their name on our sponsor list, so I asked Nathan about it.  Fish Window Cleaning has been keeping windows squeaky clean for over 30 years all across the US.  They recently canned their ammonia-free, foaming window cleaner, Fish Foam.  This is what they were at Haven to promote, so Nathan gave me a can to take home.  Well, I couldn’t take it with me on the airplane, so he said he would send me some.  What I got was even better – having the windows in my house professionally cleaned.


As you can see…it was welcomed.  My home was built in the 1940’s and I’m not sure the windows had ever been cleaned beyond some windex and a spray with the hose.  There were actually dead bees inside one of the original windows that I couldn’t get to because the storm windows were too tricky to operate.  I almost always kept the blinds down, because it masked how bad the windows were.

So, a couple of guys from Fish Window Cleaning in Harrisburg came to my house and spent a couple of hours cleaning my windows.  I was a little nervous about what I would write in a post.  I mean, how dramatic could clean windows be?  New flooring or a new paint job are much more fun.  The difference, though, was amazing.



The window on the right is clean and the left is not.  It’s like the difference between a VHS and Blue Ray.  My rooms were noticeably brighter.  And they cleaned every single pane of glass from the storm door to the small windows in the front door to the basement windows.

The window cleaning was complimentary to me (in exchange for a review), but it would’ve cost about $430 for a 2 1/2 story cape cod house with a basement.  I was told the windows would stay clean for about 6-12 months.  I had to think realistically about the cost.  Would I pay once or twice a year to have my windows cleaned?  Well, I live in a pokey little town and I don’t have much of a view out of my windows, so I think I would only do it every couple of years or so.  But if I had a great view, beautiful windows or was either just about to list my house or just bought a house, I think it’s a worthwhile expense.

They also left me with a can of Fish Foam and I can tell you that is an awesome product that will fit any budget.



I like the fact that it foams on contact, so it stays put on vertical surfaces.  It’s especially nice when I’m cleaning the glass on a piece like this…



Traditional window cleaners will run behind the wood details making an even bigger mess. (Dang it!  I can’t think of what that wood detail is called…)


It was also great when Faith and I were cleaning the store counter for my space at Lucketts.  We had to clean the underside of the top and Fish Foam did the trick without dripping.


I see window cleaning and clean glass in general as one of those thankless things.  You don’t notice them when they’re clean, but they become a distraction when they’re smudgy and grimy.

Thanks so much to Fish Window Cleaning for the excellent job they did on my windows and for letting me try their amazing product.

If you’d like to give Fish Foam a try, they are giving away a three-pack of Fish Foam to three lucky readers.  Just leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win.  The giveaway closes Monday, September 17 at midnight PST and is only open to readers living in the continental US and those over the age of 18.

Disclosure: I was given free window cleaning and Fish Foam in exchange for a review.  I was not paid to say positive things and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Deb Miller says:

    The name, “Fish Foam”, is so catchy, I couldn’t wait to read more about it! What I would give for clean windows! I would be thrilled to win some of this product and put my handsome hubby to work making my windows sparkle! (I’ll let him do that while I continue to work on building my chicken coop!)

  2. Hi, I made an appointment with fish foam to clean my windows. I’m so thankful for your post. I’ll let ya know how it turns out!!

  3. Oh I would love to try Fish Foam. I definitely need to clean my windows!

  4. Nikki Hammack says:

    Love clean windows….hate to clean windows…my husband would love me to win Fish Foam for him, lol!

  5. Karen says:

    I live on th!e beach and clean windows are necessary for a beautiful view. Looking forward to trying Fish Foam

  6. Linda says:

    Would like some Fish Foam. There is not a Fish Foam wind cleaning service near me. I will have to order some. My windows are dirty!

  7. I just bought a new to me home and the windows are in desperate need of cleaning. I would put Fish Foam to good use! Thanks!

  8. Debbi says:

    Would luv to try Fish Foam!! Cannot find it in Omaha…

  9. I would LOVE to win this giveaway!! This product would come in handy so much at the shop! Thank you!

  10. I’d love to try Fish Foam since I really dislike cleaning windows and anything that would allow my windows to stay clean longer would be wonderful.

  11. MoniCue says:

    Oy–I have so many old windows with old storms that I don’t clean….I could use this canned inspiration.

  12. How timely was this post for me! I desperately need to clean my windows!!! I would love to try Fish Foam out!

  13. karen u says:

    I’ve heard of Fish Foam! I’d love to give it a try!

  14. Sue Pagels says:

    I would love to try Fish Foam – wish they were in our area……!!

  15. Deb Dame says:

    Want it…..gotta have it……nnnnnneeeeedddd it:-) :-) :-)

  16. Melody says:

    Very cool! I gotta try this stuff!

  17. Sweet!

  18. Ana Maria says:

    I’m still in time to enter! I would love to try Fish Foam Glass Cleaner. Please enter my name in this great giveaway. Thanks!

  19. Large picture window in my livingroom over looking my pool. Yep, you guessed it I have water spots galore. Fish foam come rescue me!

  20. The decorative wooden pieces across the glass on your FABULOUS desk are called mullions. I don’t guess I am eligible for some free Fish Foam, but I would love some too!

  21. Rhonda MIller says:

    I could really use clean windows!!

  22. Alice R. says:

    I know just the place to use that Fish Foam! I have a bookshelf and hutch with fretwork, and you’re right, I can’t get it clean. Hard to work around that wood. I’d love to try it, thank you!

  23. Marilyn says:

    I believe they’re called muntins. And I would love to try Fish Foam. My windows are panting for it. Love your success story, love your fabulous furniture and design! Thanks so much. :)

  24. flowergirl says:

    I would love to try this! I clean high end homes and would love to find something new that works.

  25. Would love to have my windows cleaned by the Fish Foam Folks! Thanks for the chance.

  26. Jennifer Harris says:

    I’m so jealous! My windows could really use the cleaning!

  27. Holy Moly, the clean window looks so clear i would’ve thought it was open and there was no glass there. I would love to try this stuff!


  28. Lori R. says:

    I have been using this product now for a year and love it! I grew up with a Mom who is a clean window fanatic. She still insists on using vinegar, water and a squeegie. I told her I don’t have time for her method but Fish Foam produces the same sparkly windows that her method produces. I wash all of my windows twice a year (spring and fall). Fall cleaning is coming shortly. I usually wait until October but my windows could sure use it now. I love clean windows and abhor dirty smudged windows.

  29. welp I missed the giveaway but this is the 2nd blog that I’ve read about Fish Foam coming and doing complimentary window cleanings and the pictures raved raved raved the product. So since I am selling my house, but can’t afford the $400 window cleaning service, I did order a 3 pack of window cleaner which I should have here either Monday or Tuesday! :)

    Thanks MMS for sharing with us and I will be posting my own review on my blog too :)

  30. You give me hope for the windows in my 1922 house!

  31. Penny Newton says:

    I wish I had clean windows like yours!!! If I won this product, then my windows would look as good as your windows do!!! Penny Newton

  32. Monty Wilkerson says:

    I’ve been rocking on go since September to find a secretary
    hunting high and low and I finally found one its almost
    finished now I am going for the chair.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

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