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Hemp Oil Video Tutorial


 I’m still working on all of my video tutorials for the Milk Paint website.  Actually, this will be an ongoing project as I share new techniques and creative ways to use Milk Paint and the companion products, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Today I’m sharing about Hemp Oil, the top coat sold with my line as an alternative to wax.


So, what is Hemp Oil?  It’s an all natural oil that contains no VOCs and no petrochemicals.  It can be used on raw wood to seal and protect it, on old wood to revive it or on porous painted surfaces as a topcoat.  I used it on the interiors of the drawers on my Linen dresser…


It’s so easy to apply.  You just dampen a clean cloth with the hemp oil and rub it on.  That’s it.  You don’t have to worry about streaks or brushstrokes or buffing or anything like that.  Just wipe away any excess oil sitting on the surface.  It does need about 30 days to fully cure, so it may feel slightly oily to the touch during that time.  It’s a great topcoat to use for porous surfaces because it absorbs into the paint/wood, creating a very durable finish.  It’s also okay to use on cutting boards and wood counters.


Here’s the video tutorial showing how to use it…

So, when would you want to use Hemp Oil instead of wax?  It’s great for raw wood applications and when you’re using milk paint over raw wood.  You can use wax in those instances as well, but Hemp Oil’s a nice alternative.  I love the warmth it brings out in raw wood and it does a fantastic job reviving dry and tired-looking wood.  It’s also a great option if you’re sensitive to the chemicals in waxes and poly or you’ve struggled with applying wax properly.

More tutorials to come (and I just found the perfect dresser at a yard sale to use to introduce my final color – Boxwood.)

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  1. I love your video tutorials. I had never heard of hemp oil. It sounds easy to work with. Looking forward to seeing Boxwood.

  2. I enjoy your tutorials! I haven’t used Hemp oil and can’t wait to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Larissa says:

    Does milk paint not work as well with raw wood?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      No, Milk Paint is one of the best paints for raw wood. It soaks into the grain, so it won’t chippy or flake with time. For this reason you also don’t need a primer.

  4. mary eguia says:

    I’m waiting for the NEXT shipment of your paint to Robyn Story Designs in Tampa!

  5. Hi Marian, thanks so much for the tutorial. I love all the ones you’re doing. Does the hemp oil take 30 days to cure on wood? Also, do you bring stuff to Luckett’s while it is still curing or do you wait until it is completely cured.

  6. Julia says:

    You are awesome!! I really really need this wax! I’m super sensitive to chemicals and want to milk paint my dining room table and need to coat it in something to protect it! Is there any way of purchasing it and having it shipped?

  7. Enjoyed the video, Marian. Great tutorial! Really does look easy to use!

  8. polly says:

    Could you use the hemp oil over chalk paint with the dark wax versus using the 2 coats clear wax?

  9. Does this oil work over chalk paint on raw wood? I can’t wait to try your paint but I have yet to find a local shop that sells it.

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Yes, it would work well on chalk paint or flat latex/acrylic paint since they’re porous.

  10. I bought some hemp oil last week at Lucketts, this tutorial was at the right time! Thanks Marian!

  11. Thanks so much for the tutoral for the Hemp Oil. I am going to get some today, so I can finish a project I am working on. Your are awesome. :)

  12. Teressa Pierce says:

    I enjoy your website so much! Where is your closest distributor to me? I am in Greensboro NC. Can it be purchased online by anyone? I would love to try your paint and your Hemp Oil.

  13. Great video. Really cleared up my questions about when to use the oil.

  14. Actually used your hemp oil today. Great product!

  15. Haha! I make natural bath and body products and also use Hemp Oil :) It’s amazing stuff!

  16. hpotter says:

    I just finished making a distressed black indoor entry way bench with white peaking through. I used BM DTM for the black. I plan to put a white vinyl word across the backrest . What would you use as a top coat? I was going to use a poly but am interested in your wax, can I use it over a DTM or is it to plasticy.
    I also have a found dresser to give some TLC too, it has a pecan color currently and the top is warn. If the finish is partly warn can you just wax on? Or do I need to restore the color/ strip first? Was thinking of using Generals Gel Stain over the existing finish on the body to darken it and then MMS tricycle for a chippy finish with wax over that. Any warnings you would give?

  17. will the hemp oil seal the raw wood? I have a great dresser that I can’t seem to de-smellify (yep, totally made that word up). I’m wondering if sealing the wood with something will do the trick.

    • I forget who shared this great tip, but it really works. Vinegar and water in spray bottle and spray the stinky wood. Works wonderfully…. and I am so pleased I can use some pieces that I thought would never be useable.

  18. Would this work over top of wax?

  19. So if you do use it over an already stained/painted surface that you then paint with milk paint, does that mean that it won’t be quite as durable of a finish, or will it not look as nice as using a wax? Can you use this hemp oil as a top coat for chalk paint as well? Thanks :)

  20. Is this like Tung oil?

  21. Questions answered! Thanks for this. Wish we had a before and after close up.

  22. Hi Marian, have all your initial vendors received the milk paint yet? I pre-ordered from a vendor on-line and she says she hasn’t received yet…is this still possible? Looking forward to getting my hands on it and trying to be patient!!

    • Yes, that’s right. Not all of the retailers have received the paint yet. In fact, MOST of them have not. We did not do a coordinated launch, but instead decided to get the paint out as soon as possible to as many as possible. Your retailer will send the paint out as soon as possible. :)

  23. Denise T says:

    I am back to my home. My father passed away, but he is in a better place. Miss him though. Want to thank you for the tips on raw wood. Will go to Lucketts to buy milk paint and hemp oil for wall plate holder. This will be my first project. Then will move on to some pieces of furniture. I am looking forward to enjoying the projects.

  24. Hello,
    I’m wondering how this would compare with linseed oil? The products should be quite similar. I’m going to Great Walls Supply’s workshop in a couple of days–excited!

  25. Hello. I am wondering if the Hemp oil could be used as a top coat over glaze to protect the glazed finish from rubbing off?

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  27. Hi Marian, love everything you do and really appreciate that you share your talent with all of us. I have a question that I’ve not been able to find the answer to. The dresser I have was stripped of its finish probably 40 years ago. I’d like to paint it (milk paint of course), but I’m wondering if I should condition the wood first. If I were to use hemp oil would there be problems getting milk paint to adhere to it? Thanks for your time.

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    Super excited since I am a beginner with pieces stacking up! Yes, I have 7-8 old windows, a piano bench, a telephone table, an armoire, a cradle, a twin bed, and a sideboard all waiting for MMSMP!! Not to mention things for my house, like our dining room chairs that need a makeover badly.
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    HI, I have some out of date hemp seed oil. Can I use this for my wood at home? Or does the oil have to be treated first? Thank you and I love your website…Beautiful :)

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  38. Linda Warner says:

    Hi Marian,
    I used your hemp oil over chalk paint two weeks ago and the surface of the piece of furniture still feels very sticky. Also I put the oil on with an old tee shirt which left little linty bits here and there. I’m thinking I need to remove the hemp oil and start again. Any suggestions on how to do that?

    I’ve so enjoyed following your blog and your prep for and adventures at Luckett’s. I’d love to see that one of these years, but alas, Oregon where I live is a ways from Virginia!

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