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Decor Steals MMS Pick of the Month


Welcome to a very special Decor Steals MMS Pick of the Month.  The two questions I get asked the most are – Where did you get the curtains in your living/dining room? And Where did you get that bamboo mat?  This bamboo mat was a happy accident.  I bought two of them from my friend Karen to use in my booth when I did antique fairs.  I had no intention of ever using one in my house.  When they were delivered, though, I had to play around and ended up putting one in my dining room and it has stayed there ever since.


 It’s ended up in a lot of my photo shoots…


…and in my spaces at Lucketts…


…and I have a couple of extras for when I set up at the Lucketts fair.

This rug is often sold out an difficult to find, but the girls at Decor Steals were able to round them up for a pick of the month!  These are going to go fast, so hop over an get one if you’ve been wanting one for a while.

Here’s a peek at tomorrow’s steal (which I also picked out)…

It’s a set including the brass tape measure, Victorian-inspired scissors and a pretty notebook.

Of course, Decor Steals is giving a bamboo mat AND the tape measure/scissors/notebook set away as well!

Here’s how to enter…

 For one entry, just leave a comment.

Check out the Pick Steals section and get involved in deciding a future deal and leave a second comment letting me know which deal strikes you the most.

For a third entry, subscribe to their email list and leave a separate comment letting me know you’ve done so.

For one last entry, you can either LIKE their Facebook page or follow them on Pinterest. Leave one last comment letting me know you’ve done one (or both) of those.

This giveaway is only open to those living in the continental US and readers who are 18 and older. It will end Saturday, September 29, 2012, at midnight PST and the winners will be announced by Monday. If you purchase either pick and are the winner, you will receive a full refund.

 Good luck!

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  1. Gina Toothe says:

    i subscribe to their e-mail list already and am a frequent buyer 😉

  2. Gina Toothe says:

    i follow Decor Steals on FB and also pinterest 😉

  3. Linda says:

    I subscribe to Decor Steals eMails.

  4. Linda says:

    I love Decor Steals!.

  5. Polly says:

    I signed up for email alerts .

    Bummed I missed this, I didn’t get any computer time due to work!

  6. maribeth says:

    what a great set!

  7. Michelle O'T says:

    i love the bamboo mat! Very nice!

  8. Heather says:

    love these!

  9. Kimberly C. says:

    Love both of these so much!

  10. Aureolis says:

    What color is used for the decals on the bamboo rug?

  11. Kimberly C. says:

    I subscribe to decor email updates.

  12. Mindy Hunt says:

    Hello. I love this little set :). The pretty scissors make me smile!

  13. Mindy Hunt says:

    I picked the steal about good moms because that really resonates with me. It isn’t about your oven or floors being clean or dirty. It’s all about the value we place on our children and their precious lives. Our homes are a teaching/learning environment for them. Sometimes things get messy when you are doing something the first time. Patience, time, trial and error will refine their skills. We just get to love on them during the process each day. Obsessing about things done correctly or keeping things perfect serves no one and many times hurts the hearts we love the most.

  14. Mindy Hunt says:

    I signed up for their emails

  15. Mindy Hunt says:

    I liked their Facebook too! What neat things!

  16. Kimberly C. says:

    I liked their FB page, also.

  17. Wow, I don’t know what my chances will be but i am a follwoer of theirs and get the deal sent to me! Di

  18. I like their face book page. Di

  19. Mary P says:


  20. Bri D. says:

    Love Decor Steals!

  21. Bri D. says:

    Already follow them on facebook and pinterest!

  22. Bri D. says:

    I love the “Sorry about the mess…” tea towel!

  23. Bri D. says:

    Already subscribed to their email list!

  24. I’d love to win!

  25. I get their emails

  26. Sue Hoke says:

    i just got my rug from the decor steals and it is really cool. it seems fragile beings it is the bamboo. i plan on putting it in my kitchen but maybe later in my living room. so would a heavy coffee table dent it down to much? In the living room it would be setting on carpet, would that be to soft underneath? This probably sounds ridiculous asking this but just wondered if there is anything a person shouldn’t do with it.
    thanks for your help…. LOVE the Decor Steals part on your website…
    also got the BHG that you were in for Christmas and it was really a neat write up…Good For You!!!!!

  27. Hi – I was wondering if you “darkened” the letters on your rugs? I received my rug and the lettering is not nearly as dark as the rugs pictured above. If so, what did you use? Thank you.

  28. Patti says:

    Nice rug but those living room curtains are for dying! Any info on those?

  29. Connie Melton says:

    I love all these things and would love to have them

  30. Cora Chemidlin says:

    Would love to see this rug in my Dining Room or Master Bath!

  31. Cora Chemidlin says:

    I receive the Decor Steals email every day! Love their stuff and already ordered earlier this week from them!

  32. Cora Chemidlin says:

    I “liked” Decor Steals on Facebook!

  33. Cora Chemidlin says:

    I think the future steals I like the best is the Soap & Water sign :)

  34. I subscribe to Decor Steals for the fun and unique and well, I must subscribe to your blog for my need to know a little about a lot.

  35. Emily Lund says:

    I subscribe to Decor Steals and I “liked” them on Facebook. Follow them on Pinterest. And of all the steals today, I want the rug. Fab.

  36. Peggy Gorman says:

    I love the fabulous and beautiful items on Decor Steals. The rug looks amazing!! It would look gorgeous in my dining room

  37. Peggy Gorman says:

    Love the Gold Victorian Mirror ,so pretty!

  38. Peggy Gorman says:

    subscribe to mailing list

  39. Peggy Gorman says:

    Like Decor Steals Facebook page

  40. Debbie Lee says:

    New to Decor Steals but ready to Like the FB page and have subscribed to the mailing list!

  41. Debbie Lee says:

    The Victorian Heart Mirror would be perfect in my guest bath. Add a little love!!

  42. Claire says:

    I went to the “pick steals” and liked (chose) the vintage wall locker. So cool and would love to have this in my laundry room heading out to the garage!

  43. Cassandra E says:

    Oh, that little tape measure. My heart.

  44. Cassandra E says:

    That key box is pretty sweet.

  45. Cassandra E says:

    I’ve been a fan on Facebook for a while. Does that count?

  46. Vearnail Herzog says:

    Love Decor Steals!! This is fabulous!

  47. JoAnn Lofton says:

    I’ve purchased one item on Decor Steals. Love their offerings.

  48. I adore your blog and Decor Steals!!
    So inspiring! I’ve ordered several things lately and most of them were “Miss Mustardseed Picks”. 😊

  49. I’m a newsletter subscriber. 😊

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