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True Value Tool Review


Am I the only one who has trouble finding the right screwdriver that’s the right size and shape for the hardware I have to remove from a dresser?  Usually I need a flat-head screwdriver for the vintage pieces and I’m always misplacing them.  I use them so often for prying things, opening paint cans, etc. and I’m not the greatest at putting things away.


 So, when True Value sent me the Swift Driver by Master Mechanic, I thought, “This is a gadget that’s perfect for me!”



It basically is a hybrid between a regular screw driver and a drill.  You turn the handle and there are some gears inside that turn the tip a little faster. (I’m sure that’s not the technical description…)


…and it successfully removes the hardware (as it should.)



There’s a small switch on the side to turn, so it can drive or remove screws, much like a drill.   If you’re interested in seeing this tool in action, here’s a great video review.


It also comes with a bendable extender thingy (again, not the technical term)…



…and a set of driver bits.


 I especially like that the set includes square and star-tipped driver bits, since that’s mostly the kind of screws we buy (my husband is passionately anti-flat-tip screws.)


 I like gadgets that make things easier and all-in-all, the Swift Driver is a pretty good gadget.

Now if I can just make sure I don’t misplace it…

I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

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  1. Nifty!!! :)

  2. We have a similar tool and it is great. I think yours is much more versatil. I have 4 boys, it looks like this could be on the Christmas gift list for this year! Thanks for sharing! Now if they would only make one in pink so it will match MY tool set…………

  3. Righty tighty and lefty loosy…..I am with you….I got an old tool chest that was my Dads..I toss my tools in their and I think it is because it was my Dad, I don’t want to loose the tools…I have one of those drivers that keeps the bits in the handles…but the one you are showing is too cool with the extension..thanks

  4. Sharon in Chicago says:

    I’ve got a vintage one Dad gave me years ago. Love the little extra bit of torque it gives me over a standard screwdriver. Thanks for reminding me of it! (oh, and seriously jealous of the bits kit)

  5. I could have used that tonight, needing a Phillips head to unscrew a clock from the packaging. Found my small Letherman instead, a gift fom hubby. Worked well in a pinch. Looks lie a handy gadget.

  6. Sorry about typos: *Leatherman and *looks like.

  7. I’m adding this to my rapidly increasing birthday list. I love tools and this looks handy.

  8. I usually use my husband’s drill, but it is heavy and bulky. This would be the ticket for me!
    Thanks for posting
    Debbie :)

  9. The bendable extender thingy looks especially useful!

  10. Yep, going out and buying this girl’s drill. Glad I am not the only one using thingy lingo when referring to tools!

  11. :-( I saw this over at The Lettered Cottage and I want one! Unfortunately they dont ship to the UK.

  12. michelle says:

    I have one of those, love it! My husbands uncle got it for me for Christmas, I have bad tennis elbow(don’t play tennis) and this helps so much. It has its own drawer to stay in :) It can spoil you, just try using a regular scew driver after using this one.

  13. Denise T says:

    How funny ! My birthday is coming soon. I have already asked my family to give me tools for my birthday. I think this one is exactly perfect .

  14. Sandy says:

    WOW & double WOW! Got to have 1 of those. Just fought with a knob on an old, old chest this week. Always trying to keep track of the little gizmos. Thanks.

  15. Thank you, Marian!!!
    This looks like the perfect tool for me, too!!!
    I will look for it!

  16. how clever is that little gadget and since I’ll be remodeling my kitchen soon that would come in handy

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