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the furniture shuffle


Today was not what I expected. I was planning to get a lot of work done on my computer…taking care of e-mail, working on the new milk paint website and then getting my house cleaned up a bit.  Well, I came out of my room and turned my computer on, just like any normal day.  I got my boys something to eat while my computer did it’s thing to get ready for me to put it to work.  I went back to check on the progress and it was stuck on the welcome screen.  Okay, no biggie.  Just reboot.  Same thing.  Stuck.  Reboot again.  Same thing.  Spent over an hour on the phone with various tech people.  Bad news.  I had to totally wipe my computer clean and restore it to factory settings and start over.  Nooooooooooooooo!  Well, it could’ve been much worse.  Thanksfully, I had everything backed up with Carbonite (this isn’t a commercial.)  So, most of my day was spent trying to get my laptop up and running with all of the software I need. 

Meanwhile, my home was still the same mess it was yesterday. 


 I spent a lot of time in that mess, waiting for software to upload or waiting my turn for a techie to talk to about my woes.  Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and I started shuffling furniture around while I waited. 



…and here’s the result in the living room…



 I’m still working on it (which is why the painting is just leaning there), but I’m enjoying the change.




This dresser is about ready to get a makeover with my milk paint…

 Don’t worry, wood lovers of the world.  I love old wood and I have a soft spot for Empire-style dressers, so I’ll treat her right. 

I must say, it was so nice to shuffle some furniture around and work on a room in my house.  It wasn’t a big project.  It wasn’t sponsored.  It wasn’t for the book or a freelance job or because a magazine was coming.  It wasn’t about having something to post.  It was just like it was a few years ago when I had no money and needed an outlet, so I would rearrange my furniture.  It was almost therapeutic for me as I was stressing over technical issues. 

Who knew a little furniture shuffle was the perfect remedy for a computer crash?

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  1. Oh Marian, I’m so sorry. My husband’s computer crashed yesterday too. It ended up going to the store geeks and they said it was a virus that was renaming everything. This laptop was provided by the church and the IT person was supposed to have set it up and put virus software on it….which evidently they did not. I hope that he hasn’t lost all his stuff….he doesn’t have Carbonite…wish he did.
    Love your furniture arrangement. And love seeing your china in the LR. Mine (a fancier version of yours that was my grandparents) is there now too as my ‘new’ house is so small. The new arrangement is cozy. I think sometimes it just helps us gain some sort of control in our crazy lives.

  2. Janet Lawson says:

    Oh,what a talent you have..No matter how you move that room around it always looks lovely..I must confess though I do like the new arrangement of the furniuture..Have a great day..

  3. I truly love the change!…Sometimes things happen and it causes you to do something unintended and then it all seems to be just the thing to give you an “emotional boost”…again, I love the new arrangement!
    Sorry you had problems with the computer…that is the absolute worst aggravation!

  4. Ugh…Sorry to hear about the computer. Glad you had it all backed up! When I stayed with you at Haven I noticed that you had the same computer I just had to trash. My hard drive just went out. Toshiba Satellite I think? And I DIDN”T have it backed up and I had to re buy everything. I also lost a lot of family pics that I had not gotten around to uploading online. Learned a lesson! Anyway…just always make sure you back it up just in case! Miss you friend!

  5. Do you do house calls? In Louisiana :). Seriously, love the new arrangement. I think I have moved my living room furniture into every configuration I can think of and I am still not happy. I wish I could end up with something like this!

  6. If this isn’t a “when life gives you lemons” moment, I don’t know what is! Thanks for sharing the “lemonade” with us. :)

  7. My computer wouldn’t let me online anymore last week. Despite many tries, it was going to have to be time for an upgrade. It was several days of trying to fix it, and then having to set up a new machine. Since my husband worked on loading programs on the new computer, I tackled some sewing. It felt good.

  8. Oh that’s too bad about your computer, but thankfully you had everything backed up. That reminds me I need to do that as well.
    But on the up side your living room looks great. It’s so fun to redo a room with no deadlines or budgets.

  9. Your room looks fabulous!!! Sometimes I work better under stress and you did a great job with all the obstacles you had to work with throughout the day!

  10. Absolutely. FABULOUS!
    The furniture arranging…not the computer crashing. 😉

  11. Jenna says:

    Where did you find that cotton boll pillow?

  12. nice perfectly arranged and maintained properly. This took me in a new way of arrangement. thank you

  13. Mary Stone says:

    The new living room arrangement is wonderful. I think you hit the jackpot on where you chose to place all the furniture! The seating rearrangement is much cozier.

    Computer problems really are arrgghh! Glad you had it all backed up. But I’m wondering about something…you said you decided to move the furniture around while waiting your turn for a tech to get back to you (I think that’s how you worded it)…when you made up your mind to move stuff around…was this while you were on the speaker phone? LOL…if so, I’m wondering if the tech heard all the grunting and huffing and scraping noise, and maybe things dropping with a crash, that went on while you did that. You also made me laugh at myself for I remembered how I used to change entire rooms around in our house all in one day and then husband would complain that he had to be sure to turn on the lights (sometimes he had to work a late shift at the juvenile hall) before he stepped into a room!

  14. Melissa says:

    I would like to know where you found the cotton boll pillow as well!

  15. Hi Marion,
    I enjoy your website and love working with furniture too. I have an upholstering business and a shop where I upholster for my customers but also experiment with painting furniture. I would love to see your studio where you actually work on your pieces–how you have it set up and organized. Anytime you look on Pinterest for workshop ideas they show a mans wood shop or a garage space for hobby mechanics. All I can find for a woman’s space is a craft shop or sewing room. Organizing tools and separate spaces and lighting are all important to work on painting as well as upholstering and I’m sure you have some great ideas on how to do it! Thank you.

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