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The Bagster Bag Pickup


I don’t know about you, but cleaning out our basement seems to be an ongoing effort. A few weeks ago, though, we made a big push to get everything really cleaned out.



We’re still working on the organization and, of course, it doesn’t help that I continually bring in new stuff and we’re always working on projects, but it’s getting there.  After the initial major cleanup effort, we ended up with a rather large pile of garbage in the back yard, just outside the basement steps.  (Our poor neighbors.)  It was there for a few weeks.  Yes, my husband mowed the grass around it and it looked pretty ghetto.  Our own little refuse pile in the backyard.  I then received a very timely e-mail asking if I’d like to test out the Bagster Bag.  “Well, I happen to have a pile of trash in my backyard right now.”  (Do you think my neighbors called them?)  I wrote all about buying and filling the bag HERE.

Life got busy again and the Bagster Bag sat full on our driveway for a few weeks.  (Poor neighbors.)  Finally, I got my act together and went to the Bagster Bag website to schedule a pickup.  It was very easy to schedule and I was able to pay for the pickup online, so I didn’t have to be home when the bag was retrieved.  Of course, I wanted to be, so I could see exactly how this bag would be whisked away.

I had a house full of little boys when the truck arrived, so we all ran to the porch to watch it in action.  I bet the Bagster Bag pickup guy didn’t know he was going to have an audience when he pulled onto my street.



This large arm that’s tucked into the side of the truck was swiveled (navigated under the power lines) and extended out to where the bag was on our driveway.


The boys were enthralled.


The bag was then hooked onto the extended arm of the truck…

 …and maneuvered into the back of the truck.


I think I yelled something like, “Don’t mind me taking pictures.  I’m a blogger.”  I don’t know if he heard me, but he sort of nodded and smiled and then I think he tried to pretend little boys weren’t watching him and a lady wasn’t taking pictures of him.

 …and all of the trash was taken away.  Bagster Bag and all.

The bag and the pickup ended up costing about $170.  (The bag costs $29.95 and the pickup can range anywhere from $79-$249 depending on your area.)  Do I think it’s worth it?  Honestly, yes and no.  I think it’s worth getting if you’re doing some renovation work and you will have a large amount of debris all at one time.  It’s about 50-70% less than a dumpster rental, so it’s a great option if you’re considering between the two.  If you live close to a dump and can simply drive your junk there and pay a small fee to drop it off, that would obviously be a less expensive option.  In our case, the dump is about an hour drive and we probably had two pickup trucks full, so it was probably about the same for gas and drop-off fees (and this saved us a ton of time.)  I was very impressed with how much the bag would hold and how easy the entire process was, so the Bagster Bag gets a thumbs up for being no fuss and hassle-free.  It’s definitely worth considering as an option next time you’re tackling a large project.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this review of the Bagster Bag, but all opinions are my own.  I had a big pile of trash in my back yard and I felt sorry for my neighbors, so it was a good time to test it out!

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  1. Sounds like a great idea. I wish we could find an affordable way to dump stuff around here! I think we’d need a city permit for such a device (it would cost about $100 just for that). Code enforcement is kind of crazy in our tiny town. We left a car we just bought parked in the driveway for 8 hours without a tag (since we’d bought it the night before) and received a citation from the city within 24 hours.

  2. Great review.I have a friend in Austin who has used it when they did a overhaul of Kitchen and open areas….but in our lil area just 1 hour up the road…..nope. When we redid our kitchen I thought lets try…nope…so even if you live in a area like us Temple/Belton/Killeen and tons of little towns…so 500,000 market area….nope not available…so check out the site first and see if available…because otherwise you may have a bag but no way for it to be picked up. I want to say thank you for your post…a daily inspire and those boys look to be cuties…but I like how you keep that part of your live private….

    PS….I was so excited today.I sold a dresser with in 1 hour of taking to the store, I thought is this how MMS feels when she takes her stuff to Lucketts…thank

    • Jodi Jackson says:

      Where do you have a store at? I used to live in killeen

    • Hayley says:

      Yes I would also like to know where your store is! I live in Georgetown, TX now, but lived in Belton/Temple a few years ago and know there are more great places popping up!

  3. We had hoped to use this a few weeks ago for a cleaning project. Unfortunately, they did not pick up in our zip code. Bummer! We spent $550 on a dumpster instead. Glad to see it was a good option for you!

  4. Paula Doss says:

    Your basement looks wonderfully organized to me! Impressive.

    I am dying to know what’s going on with your tile for the kitchen floor! The suspense is literally killing me. Cannot wait to hear the rest of the story. =)

  5. Wow — that is quite the process, but very cool. I love the all the little boys gathered to watch, that is so cute!

  6. Wow, never knew there was something like that. I know you were glad to finally get rid of it. Your basement looks wonderful, what a nice place you have to do projects in!

  7. Linden Townhouse says:

    I guess that Hubby and I are the ultimate cheapskates, because we have completely gutted our small 8 x 8 foot kitchen (including the subfloor), and we did not rent a dumpster or even taken a trip to the dump! My husband cuts and breaks up all cupboards, counters, trim etc. and we put it out with our regular trash. (We are in a midwest metro area with a population of over a million.) We don’t, however, put it out all at once. We kinda’ pace it!

  8. I just realized how lucky I am. I live on a main street in my town and when I set something out on the curb, it’s gone! If it’s furniture, it usually takes a few minutes, if it’s something weird like a bag of cement that is rock hard from being left outside in the rain…well, that took a couple of hours and it was gone too.
    I once randomly cut up my picket fence and dragged it to the curb, only to help a woman load it into the back of her pick-up truck.
    Yep, I am indeed lucky!

  9. colleen says:

    looks like a good option for you! we had over 4000 lbs of crap/stuff in our small barn and yard so we rented a dump trailer and took to our local dump took 3 trips but 2 were pine needles. we have to rake the dang pine needles due to fire hazzard. never worked so hard in my life some of that suff was really heavy 2 60 yr olds loading it up glad its done now before i get older ;). i think if you have a lot on your plate the convienience is worth double the price.

    • I thought pine needles were good for mulching rhododendrons and holly and other acid loving plants. Good for you for cleaning out.

  10. Wow, I guess we’re pretty lucky in our community. Bulk pick up is $15 for every 15 minutes it takes them to load the debris (refridgerators have an additional surcharge, but it isn’t much). We tore down an entire deck and stacked it neatly at the end of the driveway, and called the city trash department to take it on our next trash day. These guys waste no time, so they are usually finished loading in less than 5 minutes. Did I mention the trash department only needs 24 hours notice for bulk pick-up too? So your little pile would have cost only $15. But I doubt you would have needed the bulk item service since our city provides trash carts in three sizes, and the largest one is HUGE. We use the smallest cart available, and we rarely fill it since the city also provides a HUGE recycling cart, so anything paper, cardboard, tin cans, aluminum, and plastic is recycled. But in case you think we’re spoiled, we have to drive the glass to a separate drop off location, the closest one being in the Wal-Mart parking lot about five minutes away. I’m glad you were compensated for your review!

  11. I have heard of these before. What a great invention!


  12. Stephanie Hobson says:

    Little boys + tractors/trucks/etc. = love

  13. Linda S. in NE says:

    I can see that you and I have the same trash service company, but we live in different states. I have heard of the bag as I get emails from the company. In our area, I was told that customers are allowed one “oversized” pickup per month. “Yippee” I said to the CS Rep. Will they even take my couch which measures seven ft. long? No problem, says the CS Rep. I tell her to schedule two people in the truck rather than just the normal lone driver. Oh, she says, You’d just be amazed at what one of our men can handle by themselves! They are very strong!! But, it measures seven ft. long and is not lightweight. No problem, mam’. So when the lone driver shows up on trash day, not only can he not lift it by himself, he firmly states that something 7 ft. long will not even fit in his trash truck!! So, out at the end of the driveway the bright red couch sits, and sits, and even gets rained on. . By pure coincidence I had to go out of town, so I truly feel your pain about the “poor neighbors”! I was away from home a full week longer than expected. When I returned home, the couch was gone, and I was told the “poor neighbors” took it upon themselves to help me solve my problem!! The neighbors only request was that I not ask any questions!! UUuuummmmmm?? Did I mention that I am NEVER moving out of this neighborhood??

  14. I’m in the process of cleaning out my garage (my workspace) and I know what you mean about it being kind of never-ending. And I’m very jealous of how clean and efficient yours looks. Mostly I just want that off-feed table for the saw…well, and those wood storage bins…..well, and those shelves…..OK I want all of it!
    Congrats on all the milk paint success!

  15. Billy Walters says:

    I used one the other day for a small nbathroom remodel. Worked out great for a small project. Coupon code stapled to the bag got me $5 off the pickup price. Code was 100-wmsal-178374

  16. Thank you for posting this helpful review. Our dump is also about an hour away, so I am going to try this out! LOVE that you can order the bag from Amazon, and it’s Prime eligible. Thanks!

  17. Did some renovating over the weekend and I used this coupon code I found online, it was for $5 off and they told me it’s apparently unlimited use. I figured I would share. I really loved the service and will definitely use it again.

    Code: 100-WMSAL-241303

    Simply provide it to them when they pick up your bag.


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