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Say Hello to Ironstone


I’m finally getting around to introducing another Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint color…




What else would I call my white?  For this piece, I’m so glad I finally got a lot of chipping.  All white pieces aren’t really my style, so I was hoping for lots of chippiness, which I got,  and I left the top and drawers wood.   Here’s how the piece started…

I sort of laughed when I showed my husband the finished dresser.  Most people would probaly consider it a “before” with the partially painted chippiness.  Oh well.  Those who get it, get it.



I was so fortunate to buy this piece with the gorgeous original glass knobs…



Oh, Milk Paint chippy goodness on turned legs.  Sigh.


I did make a video on getting the chippy look with Milk Paint and I just need to edit it to get it ready to share.




Up next…Grain Sack.  It’s a good one.

The winner of the KK Children Designs Giveaway is…

Andrea from A photo a day keeps the blues away 


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  1. Gorgeous! I love how rustic and shabby chic it looks. And those knobs are beautiful!

  2. Pamela Fife says:

    would love to know how to get my hands on that paint..can you send me some websites in the USA that sells it? thanks..and can we buy sample packs?

  3. Love the chippyness! And can hardly wait for you to show us grainsack:)
    Well I am really dying to have them all in my hands stocking up on great pieces to paint!!

  4. Luv it’s chippy attitude! Speaking of those who “get” it – I found this great old vintage {ironstone} cabinet with a tin sink in it and I had it in the garage so I could paint the top red. I loved it, but a relative was helping my husband clean out the garage and put it in the back of his pick-up to take it to the dump. I was so. . . .so . . . . so put-out until I realized that I didn’t care what anyone thought because I loved it and they either got it or didn’t. More and More of “Us” are getting it every day!

  5. I love this –the white and wood are divine and scrumptious!

  6. Fabulous as always! But did we really expect anything else? Of course not, it’s Miss Mustard Seed! You don’t produce anything that’s less than breathtaking :)

  7. Gorgeous dresser!!

  8. This is absolutely stunning! I love the after piece, just gorgeous.

  9. I just love each and every color you’ve created, and the names you’ve selected. Perfect!

  10. Just GORGEOUS!!!!
    Thanks for Sharing!!!!

  11. Love it. And I adore your line of paints and the beautiful projects you’ve breathed life into as a result of your talents and creativity.

    I MUST have me some Mustard Seed.

    Or should I wait on Grain Sack…


    I must get the video tutorial asap and get to work on my FIRST.

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. That is a beautiful makeover! I get it, I get it!

  13. Marian,
    I cannot wait for your video on this!! Thank you so much for your perseverance, courage & faith! You are awesome. Can’t wait for Grain Sack!

  14. Angela says:

    I think that’s my favorite piece so far-the chippiness is just perfect.

  15. WOW! This just sold me on milk paint. I’m a huge fan of the chippy look! Awesome, awesome transformation.

  16. I get it. Great addition!

  17. I am looking to add a little color to all my white. Almost everything I have is painted white. This is a great piece. LOOOOVE what you did! Have got to try this! Love your style!

  18. Oh, I’m in love with this for sure! Can’t wait for the toot ! am following you .now so I won’t missit!

  19. Exactly how did you be capable of construct this kind of wonderful group regarding commenters to your web page?

  20. Can you please send me a link to the video on how you get this chippy look. I keep trying but can’t get it. Its gorgeous


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