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say hello to “grain sack”

I don’t know why I left this piece sitting in my basement for so long! It was finished a couple of weeks ago and I finally hauled it up today for a photo shoot.  I knew I would have fun with it and I did.  It’s definitely a favorite.  Say hello to the MMS Milk Paint color “Grain Sack”…


 Here’s the piece before…



 …and this piece gets better when you start opening it up…




I have a wee bit of a crush on this piece and the play of colors, chippiness and wood.   (The interior is painted in Shutter Gray, by the way.)  So, why did I call this color grain sack?


It may look white-ish, but it’s more of a neutral gray, like a nubby old European grain sack.







I not only love this color straight up, but it’s my favorite to mix with strong colors to soften them up.

I’m bringing this piece and a van full of milk paint to Lucketts tomorrow!

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I’m loving your milk paint colors, this one may be my favorite…or Tricycle red…or Luckett’s

  2. I love your blog picture for piece sitting in my basement… It makes the things very nice picture and understandable. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  3. Lyn Wooley says:

    Love your Milk Paint colors, your designs, your tutorials!!! Wish you were closer to me!
    Is anyone in Georgia going to carry your milk paint? – and I think I read you have a book coming out? What is the name of it and when will it be available? Also I saw where you have t-shirts?
    Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas! You are sooo talented and I love that you based your business on a Bible verse!

  4. You probably already konw this, but the blue and white china pattern in your secretary is called Phoenix Bird China. It’s a transfer ware pattern from Japan that was often a “give-away” that came as a bonus when you bought something. There is an organization caled Phoenix Bird Collecetors of America, founded by my friend Jo-an Oates in Marsall, MI.

    I used to have a 12 piece setting (plus all the serving dishes) that I collected one by one over a 25-30 year period.) After too many years of dusting (the dishes alone took an hour) I sold it to help pay for my studio building.

  5. Chris says:

    Argh. This is lovely but reminds me of my frustration. I have a piece like the bottom half of yours (drop down slant top desk with all the cubbies). I read on a website how easy it is to remove those cubbies to work on the desk, but I can’t get that guy out so it just sits in my garage…waiting. Seeking help.

  6. Did you use the bonding agent for the inside of the cabinet? It doesn’t look like it has the chippy effect. I’m about to paint the inside of my linen cabinet.


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