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my painting chair


Some people have their recliner or their rocker or their rolling desk chair.  It’s a spot where they spend a lot of time and they enjoy the time they spend sitting in it.  I have my painting chair. 

I “saved” it out of my Opa’s attic (that’s German for grandfather, in case you didn’t know.)  I brought it home with plans to paint it and sell it.  While it was waiting its turn to be painted who-knows-what-color, I sat in it when I worked on other pieces of furniture.  I soon realized that this vintage, kid-sized desk chair was the perfect height.  This chair would never get a makeover.  Instead, it would become my hardworking painting chair.  It’s sturdy enough to stand on, it’s small enough to tuck under my workbench when not in use, it’s pretty comfortable and it really saves my back.   

I pulled it out the other day to paint a piece while my mom was over.  I showed her my “painting chair” thinking I was so clever to discover it was the perfect chair for painting and working on furniture.  She told me my Opa (her dad) used it for that very thing.  He would sit in it to paint and work on odd jobs (he was a home builder and a bit of a tinkerer.) 

Suddenly this chair, that was a handy tool, became something special and priceless.  My Opa loved DIY and most of my memories of him are tied to tinkering with a go-cart or fixing a broken fishing rod or rigging up a solution to keep the squirrels out of his bird feeders.  As I was painting today, I knew my Opa would be so proud that I hauled that chair out of the attic and was now using it the same way he did. 

Who knew something like a school-desk-chair-turned-work-chair could tie together generations?

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  1. DebbLou says:

    Oh, My Goodness… I have a chair very similar to your “painting chair” … it is always nearby and handy. Sitting – standing… sorting through dresser, dusting book shelves, sorting material … reaching something high or just an extra seat for the grandsons… love my little chair and it’s the perfect seat height for me (somewhat short) and just high enough so that I can reach into cabinets. Thanks for sharing ….

  2. Very touching post…I bet your Mom is so enjoying being close to you now and being able to see those boys of yours whenever she wants..Oma’s love that!

  3. That is a darling story~and I wish I had a chair like your Opas…cause it is handy to have a short perch!~ Everyone is getting excited for the paint, I get many emails asking when~!~


  5. Oh, Miss Mustard Seed, You have begun my day with a heartwarming story… How I love this! Family treasures truly are not expensive china or sterling silver or glistening gems; they are they every-day-use-it-treasure-it-connect-it-to-those-we-love things. Like a sweet little chair, just like yours… Thank you. Wonderful post.
    (And I, too, cannot wait to be able to order your paint line!)

  6. Love this story – I don’t think it was coincidence that you were the person who ended up with that chair. Love this post!

  7. Great Chair – thanks for sharing. My Father-in-law (who will soon be 91) was a teacher and he gave us a little first grade wooden desk and chair set years and years ago. I have a feeling that little chair is now going to be my painting chair. Thanks for the share!

  8. That is so special! My gradaddy smoked a pipe (don’t think I’ll take that one up), but I have his dresser and every time I open it up, the smell of tobacco wafts through my senses and reminds me of all the nights we spent snuggled up watching The Muppet Show.

    I miss him still.

  9. What a treat to find out your Opa had used the chair for the same purpose! Sweet story…..thanks for sharing.

    Last year, I picked up three little chairs similar to this one to use as props for my husband’s photography studio or to resale. I also found them to be the perfect height for jobs-down-low….instead of sitting on the floor! These little chairs have come in quite handy for many projects, plus my grandkids love them. The chairs are definitely keepers.

  10. I’m all teary eyed now . . .

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