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it is time


On April 27, 2012 (four months ago to the day), I announced that I was going to have my own line of milk paint.  It was my pie-in-the-sky-dream-come-true.  Four months later, I received my first shipment of milk paint.  Not just any milk paint.  MY milk paint.  Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.  In the boxes and labeling and packaging that I carefully selected and hmmm’d and haw’d over.  In the custom colors I mixed and designed.  I sat cross-legged on the floor, pricing each box.  Just by myself.  In a bandanna and some sweats splattered with paint.  There wasn’t a big ribbon to cut or a ceremony and I wasn’t sipping an IZZE soda while a team of people I don’t know priced it for me.  It was just me in my living room with my paint.  It was a sweet moment as I looked at the stack of boxes.  It’s here.  It’s time.  It really happened.  I then imagined all of the boxes being shipped to my 80+ retailers.  Not just here in the US, but around the world…Canada, the UK and hopefully soon to Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.  One word – overwhelming.  Okay, two words – overwhelming and humbling.






(Can you tell I’m a bit in love with my own packaging?)

This Thursday, I’m going to drive it all down to Lucketts and it will officially be for sale!  I still have so much to do!  More videos to make, more colors to introduce, more information to write for the website…  Ack!  I just need to celebrate this huge accomplishment, though, and take the to-do list one step at a time.  The website will go live in a few days and you’ll be able to find a list of all of the online retailers as well as physical shop locations on an interactive Google map.

It’s still going to take a while for the paint to roll out to all of the retailers, so please be patient if you placed a pre order and you’re waiting.  Everyone’s moving as quickly as they can.

Another exciting thing that happened today is my kitchen floor tile was installed!  It looks awesome and I’ll share the entire process in another post. It looks gorgeous, though!



The winner of the Junk Bonanza Giveaway is… Irene Gibson!  Enjoy a roadtrip with your girlfriend!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Congrats to you!!!! WooHoo!!! Take a moment to celebrate all of your hard work AND accomplishments!! I’m excited for you & will be excited to get my (pre-ordered) Tricycle!! Blessings!

  2. Congratulations Marian! WooHoo!! Yay!! Wishing you much success in this endeavor! I am going to have to pick up a few colors, after my self-imposed hiatus is over!


  3. This is so exciting Marian…I can’t stop staring at the packaging…luv it!! I remember April 27th well…celebrated my husbands birthday and you announcing your new paint. now we are lucky enough to be retailers:) God is so good!! Julie

  4. I am so incredibly happy for you, Miss Mustard Seed!
    This is a wonderful accomplishment – and more. It is also a story of dedication, creativity, and the amazing possibilities this world offers. I think we should all hold a Virtual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in your honor — you pick the day and time, and announce it here on your blog, and we shall all shout “Hurray!”

    You go, Girl!

  5. Hey Miss Mustard Seed :), I don’t know you, haven’t read your blog before now, but ANYtime ANYone is brave enough to say a dream out loud–and then watches it come true–I can’t help but be inspired. Congratulations to you. I know very soon Miss Mustard Seed (along with her paints) will be a household name. <3

  6. What a rush this must be for you, Marian! Talk about “faith as small as a mustard seed”! Could you ever have imagined this when you started out? And that was only what- 3 years ago? Just an amazing wonderful story about the power of faith- you had faith in your abilities, faith in the business itself, faith in God to provide. I could not be more happy for you!!!

  7. Cannot wait to buy the paint…the packing is terrific….I am so happy that your dreams are realized…!!

  8. Jennifer M. says:

    Congratulations Marian! There you go, moving mountains to attain your dreams! This is quite an accomplishment! Looking forward to seeing if some place close to me will be selling the paint.

  9. There is a children’s book called Courage by Bernard Waber. It is such a beautifully written & simply illustrated inspirational book about chasing your dreams, conquering your fears and being brave. Everytime I read it I cry. Your success reminds me of why this book was written! About believing in yourself and living the dream. You should read it to your children sometime and know that you embody the spirit of this book. Congrats on all your current and future success.

  10. Regena Fickes says:

    How wonderful! Isn’t God good? He not only provides our needs, but our dreams. Bless you.

  11. Sue Pagels says:

    I have furniture stacking up waiting for MMSMP – and that’s a GOOD thing! Well, not so good that some of it is in the middle of the kitchen floor!

  12. I don’t blame you I would sit and stare at all those adorable boxes for hours…..sit there and soak it all up! Revel in the moment, ahh…go ahead and wallow in it. I’m so excited for you and my goal is to have my own little stash of MMSMP! Look you have initials for your pain too! this is so flipp’n awesome!

  13. I haven’t followed your blog for very long and I want to say congratulations. You have worked hard and given glory to God and you deserve to feel excited and wonderful. I live on Vancouver Island (Canada) and there’s a store in a city reasonably close to me that sells Annie Sloan Paint. I’m going to ask her to check into MMSMP as well. I was amazed to find someone on the island that sold asp so if mmsmp was available too, well…………………….

  14. Karen T says:

    Congratulations Miss Mustard Seed – For me this has also been a journey. Reading your blog each day to see you journey feels like I have been in the passenger seat next to you. You are a wonderful spirit and I have learned so much from you in these last few months. Thank you so much. Cheers to a God Blessed woman

  15. Katherine Landreneau says:

    Congratulations! Hope you can rest tonight after all the excitement!
    God bless you and yours!

  16. Susan B says:

    Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations! I am so excited for you–you had a dream and it came to fruition–how cool is that?!

    I have an old childhood dresser of mine turned sideboard that is just waiting for me to try out your MMSMP–I think I’m going to use Mustard Seed Yellow, too! Hope you have a retail partner in Birmingham, AL!

    Many, many blessings to you as you begin this new adventure.

  17. So excited! Can not wait to help with your success in Colorado!

  18. How does one become a retailer for your milk paint? I restore furniture myself and have been wanting to try milk paint but decided I’d wait for yours! You are extremely talented and I absolutely LOVE your work! It is stunning, and you have definitely become my role model! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!!!


  19. Cindy Desilet says:

    Congratulations Marian!! Take time and savior every moment of this success. You have earned it!!! Just love watching everything that is happending in your business career. God is blessing you abundently and it is so great to see it all though your eyes!!

  20. Sharon B. says:

    Congratulations Marian! Enjoy this time. You are super talented and deserve this. Thanks for all the awesome posts and painting advice. I’m eagerly awaiting the opening of the milk paint website!

  21. Krista says:

    Congratulations! How wonderful for you and your family! I love your blog! You are an inspiration! I am very excited to place an order soon.

  22. Congratulations!! I’ve been following you for a while now and you are very inspiring!! We will keep plugging along with our blog, in part because of your inspiration! Thx so much!!

  23. TracieMcOB says:

    Congratulations “Miss Mustard Seed” 😉 What a journey. All your hard work is paying off and inspiring the heck out of me!! Can’t wait to try it.

  24. Wow it is so nice to see that dreams do come true. I wish I lived closer to enjoy your products but Australia is a bit far. Good luck with your new product. If you ever need anyone to sample it in Oz please let me know. Cheers. Shelly

  25. Just brilliant! Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  26. You must be just over the moon. I got chills reading this and just imagined how amazing you feel. You deserve every bit of success you attain. you inspire so many people and you are really making your dreams come true!

  27. Michael Niederdorfer says:

    It would be really great if your Milk Paint products could be purchased in Europe/Germany soon!
    Congratulations for creating such a lovely new product line!!!

  28. I’m so very happy for you..I LOVE your packaging..and I want to buy the paint JUST because of it…well I love your colors too! I wanted to say I just got my Flea Market Magazine and loved the article in there about your HOME…love your individual style….Congrats and Good luck to you….I’ll be checking back in to see where the retailers will be in my neck of the woods.

  29. Corinne Avery says:

    Marion…I have finally bought my first paints…in Mustard Seed Yellow, and Luckets Green. These colors just stole my heart when I saw them on your lovely dresser in your living room. I NOW HAVE AN AWESOME ANTIQUE DARK CHESTNUT DRESSER, JUST WAITING FOR ME TO DECIDE WHICH COLOR TO CHOOSE! I think it’s going to be Luckets Green, since the dresser will be a gift to my son…and green works for him best. I need to have the hubby reinforce the dresser a bit here and there, but soon I will start spreading your yummy paint on it! Can’t hardly wait!
    I’ve become such a fan of yours for so many reasons. First of all, I really admire your go-get-um attitude, how you get an idea and pursue it with all your heart! Next, I love your style and warm homey sense for good, livable design. You make me so excited to try new things because you make it all look so fun and do-able with your great tutorials. I had used some Annie Sloan paint on furniture finds from Crags List, and thrift shopping, but I love how your milk paint looks, and can’t wait to give it a go! But most of all…I love you for how you give God the glory for how He has helped you along the way! I share your faith and desire to do all I do with His grace and help…as I need his guidance and help to keep me on track. I love how transparent you’ve been on you blog…I feel like we are sisters without ever meeting in real life! I am so thankful for how you have encouraged me, through your blog, to go after my goals…not to be afraid, and try doing something new and adventurous! What a blessing you are! I hope you continue to create new paint colors and blog about making Cauliflower Soup and more, and sharing your good, wholesome family life here in blogosphere! I look forward to someday meeting up with you in person…I would love it if you could someday do a workshop on upholstering furniture…Marion style! I bought your book and could see myself really getting into it, but I learn best by see it in person…and working alongside someone. If you ever get an inkling you would like to teach a class in this…get me on you list! I live upstate NY in Rochester, so it’s only 3-4 hrs down to PA. Keep being awesome, Marion. I LOVE ALL THAT YOU DO AND ARE!

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