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doing something, a counter swap & a sale


The blog world is wonderful, but there are downsides.  One of those that I’ve been ignoring for a long time is sites that steal content from bloggers.  I’m not talking about the people who use a picture or highlight a favorite project, but people who rip off entire posts and either claim them as their own or “collect all of your favorite blogs in one place.”  Those sites might seem convenient for readers, but it is theft.  Can you imagine if I gathered all of my favorite magazine articles, cut the pages out, scanned them, put together my own magazine and then made money from ads and subscriptions claiming I’m offering this great service of “collecting all of your favorite magazine articles in one magazine”?   Well, that is what is happening to bloggers.  We work hard to create our content and then it’s swiped automatically from our feeds and published without our knowledge or permission.  Those people then sit back and collect ad revenue on content they didn’t create.  Some of my blogger buddies have decided to do something about it and so am I.

So, after three years of blogging and offering my full posts through feeds, I’ve made the difficult decision to truncate my feeds.  This means that if you subscribe by e-mail or through a reader, you will only be able to see the first part of my posts and will then have to click over to my blog to read the post in its entirety.  I’m so sorry about this.  I read a lot of blogs through e-mail and it’s a bummer to have to click over and wait for the page to load, but I’m asking you to understand that as the blog world changes, bloggers have to adapt.  If you choose to unsubscribe from my blog, you will be missed, but you can simply click the “unsubscribe” linked text at the bottom of the e-mail or in your reader.  That’s okay.  I won’t take it personally.  I know you have busy lives and you have to protect your time.

I do hope, though, that my posts are worth that one click and that you’ll continue to follow me on this amazing journey.

Right now, my work time is about getting ready to fill my space at Lucketts with milk paint!  Yay!!  I have seventeen boxes of merchandise that my family is going to help me price tonight.  On Thursday, Faith, my husband and I are going to haul it all down and fill the shelves.  I’m also going to work on my space while I’m there.  I’m pretty excited about it.  For those who didn’t know, I moved from the small alcove in Karen’s room to the lobby.  It’s a perfect spot for the paint, but it’s a tough place to arrange furniture in.  It’s basically a triangle.  While I was at Lucketts last week, I expressed my frustration with my furniture arranging skills in the space to Suzanne and Amy, designers extraordinaires.  As I was rattling through my hang-ups, Amy stopped and asked, “Do you want us to help you with it?”  Oh my gosh, YES!  That would be amazing.  I switched gears from pointing out what wasn’t working to sharing my vision for the space.

I love the hardware counter I purchased for the space, but we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s too wide and a slim counter in the  front of a slim over-sized hutch would work better.  Amy and Suzanne not only gave me some great direction, but they’re going to help me execute it by loaning pieces to me until we find the perfect ones and moving pieces into place.  I really can’t be in a better shop.  This is the piece that will be the “slim counter”….



It’s an antique counter that was used to store shirts.  the top and three sides are glass and then the back side (or front side, depending on how you look at it) is all wooden drawers with labels.  How perfect is that??  I can put some of the paint in each drawer and label the colors.  Love it!  Suzanne swapped it with me for the hardware counter and we’re both happy.


And the drawers are very sturdy and function well, which is important.



Suzanne and Amy are also going to loan my space a very cool library-esque cabinet until we find a cool, old general-store-ish hutch/cabinet thing.  Exciting stuff!!

By the way, Lucketts is having a huge Labor Day sale this weekend (August 31 – Sept 3, 2012) and their sales are epic.  It’s worth the drive if you can make it (well, maybe not from Anchorage, but it’s worth a day trip!)  The Design House will also be open and that’s always a treat.

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  1. Monique says:

    It seems that a lot of bloggers are jumping on the truncating bandwagon lately and that’s a shame when a few people make it difficult for others. I understand the need to protect your work but will it really? People who want to steal anything always find a way and truncating, unfortunately, will not prevent theft. Might make it a little more difficult but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    I tend to read e-mail via the feeds. It’s quick, easy and I can visit many sites that way without going the extra step to click on links. Because some bloggers are truncating messages, I find myself spending less time reading their posts and unsubscribing. I will still read your posts from time to time, just not as much as I used to and that saddens me.

  2. Connie says:

    Protect your content, MMS. I will continue to check in with you weekly. Thank you for the well written, and honest, business starting blog entries. I have referenced them many times in my start up process. You are a talented lady and a treat to follow.

  3. I just wanted to let you know, although this case is similar to hardware store counter or cabinet, it is actually a shirt display cabinet from a department or general store. I have come across one like this once and they are very rare! Some of my ancestors had a general store and we have a picture of a case like this one in the shop! So amazing find… good job!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Yep, the hardware counter was the other one I traded the shirt counter for. So cool that you have a picture of one with your family!

  4. Jackie Bywater says:

    ::smh:: What’s wrong with people?! You poor ladies… I will keep reading even if it costs a few extra clicks.

  5. I noticed a difference right away when I loaded my fav blog reader “pulse” app on my iPad. I no longer see pics to choose from, just words. Not as visually enticing but I understand. If yu added a pic before the read more, it would show up pic not words only… If that makes sense! Still a reader anyway!

  6. Kathleen says:

    Wait a minute, consider the economic model of tipping. A city –a big city there is something called tipping. You tip the taxi driver, you tip the valet, you tip the bell hop, you tip the deli delivery tech, etc etc. Now I often find tip jars in ice cream parlors and bakeries and sandwhich shops– now that I have a slight problem with– if I tip the service people in the resturaunt as they see to my needs why do I have to tip the paid staff that builds my sub or po’boy, or pannini? Now bloggers their economic model is create content earn money by attacting readers and some how the advertisers pay them for the audience. Some what like tv advertisers pay based on viewership numbers– this alternative method of taking someones elses content and repourpsing it to their gain you know there is o doubt a program out there and if you are using this short cut How do YOU know your computer is not a BOT if they have access to your computer to send things and YOU OPEN the door to ……

  7. Terrie from Atlanta says:

    Hey, Girl! We will follow and support you no matter what ~ no worries! This has become more and more the norm for bloggers to do … it protects you and doesn’t take us but a few seconds, so go for it. Save your brain cells for paint and pretty things! xoxo

  8. Wish we could find your milk paint here in Buffalo NY. Let us know when it get this far north.

  9. Marian,
    That is awful, I hadn’t heard of people doing that. I don’t blame you…I’m happy to click the extra click to ready your always informative and entertaining site.

  10. Charlene says:

    I totally understand why bloggers are choosing to do this but I find I have less and less time to sit and enjoy blogs thru my reader so I must choose to unsubscribe ones that are not a full feed. It’s probably a good thing that I can gain more free time in my day to get things done rather than sitting at the computer for so long seeing what others are doing. Thank you for that!!

  11. Hello, I love your website and blog….miss the pictures though. I dabble in picking up furniture and goodies and understand your passion. Thank you for all you share with your fans. Picking up your book is next on my to do list. Bless you and your family.

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