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crafternoon with emily


A few of the kids in our youth group have been firsthand witnesses to the entire journey of my blog.  Yes, they used to make fun of me and I’ll admit that the notion of writing a blog sounded a little dorky to me, too, until I got sucked in.  They tolerated me celebrating over 17 followers, they were excited for me when I had my first magazine feature, they watched my house as it’s evolved, they brought me furniture and antiques their families were getting rid of and they have helped me move furniture, strip chairs and glitter letters.  Last week, one of our former youth guys, Sean, who’s now almost done with college, brought his girlfriend to my house for a little crafting with “Miss Mustard Seed.”  Having played hours of X-Box and eaten many meals at our house, he has the hook up.  Emily is an Anthropologie and Pinterest junkie.  She had seen a cork board used to store jewelry and wanted to make one herself to save some money and get the exact look she wanted.  So, Sean and Emily showed up at my house with a frame and some cork board to spend a “crafternoon” together.  (My sister-in- law introduced me to that term.  Thanks, Tai!)  It was actually a craft-evening (craftning?), but that doesn’t sound as nice.

We started out by taking apart the clearance frame and Emily painted it in ASCP Antoinette, a soft ballet pink.  The frame had a laminate-like finish, so ASCP was a perfect option for it.


Emily had purchased cork tiles, which weren’t the right size for the frame, so we had to figure out how to make them fit in the frame and have the seams look good.  We settled on a herringbone pattern.  After mulling over our cork-cutting options, my husband and Sean decided to try to cut the cork with the chop saw and it worked like a charm!  Like buttah.



They cut each tile into four 3″-wide strips.  Emily and I fired up the glue gun.  Once we found the center point on the cardboard insert that came with the frame and figured out how the strips were going to fit together, we hot-glued them into place.





The boys cut off the excess cork, so it would fit perfectly into the frame.  Since the cork was a bit thicker than the frame, we used some Duck Tape to hold it in place and Emily will use velcro strips to hang it in her dorm room.


It turned out so cute, didn’t it?  I love how the herringbone pattern adds a little interest and makes it a bit more special than a regular cork board.



Emily transformed ordinary push pins with bottle caps and old buttons and is using them to hold her necklaces.  Her stud earrings will just stick into the cork for accessible storage.



I mostly work on furniture these days and don’t do a lot of “crafts”, so it was fun to work on a project like this…

…especially with the next generation of crafters.

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  1. It looks really good and the herrinbone adds some flair. Ya’ll did good.

  2. I’ll bet she got that Izze soda cap from your recycling bin! Love that idea! Gonna have to steal it!

  3. turned out so cute! maybe I need to suggest this for a crafternoon with our hs girls youth group! we’ve made T-shirt tote bags and decoupaged journals and will be making tie dye shirts (Color Run style!) at our fall retreat! I think they’d love to make a little something for their bedroom walls!

  4. Christine Aldinger says:

    how cute love the way you did the cork makes it different….i need to make 1 of these,my jewerly is all over the dresser!!

  5. wow, that is one awesome boyfriend Emily has. Taking her on a crafting-afternoon is a really sweet thing for him to do.

  6. It looks great and I am sure will get lot’s of use at College. Great way to hang up necklaces!

  7. I think you had better trade mark Crafternoon! What a really, really clean basement. I love your saw.

  8. I hold crafternoons with the women in my family on Thanksgiving as the guys watch football. This may be the next project! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sue Pagels says:

    They are just sooo cute! So nice of you and your husband to help them – THAT is the stuff people remember – those times, and not always the material things that are purchased for them……

  10. Margaret says:

    Most darling young adults ever!
    What a great idea-“Crafternoons”
    I smell something brewing in MMS’s kitchen….

  11. Carolina says:

    Very cute!
    Nothing best than make your own idea came to life… well done for the young crafters….and what a great opportunity to spend an afternoon at MMS house :-) lovely help Marian!


  12. :) How fun! I have some young friends I work with occasionally on various stuff – it’s so fun to be able to mix the ages up and everyone has fun!

  13. Mrs. Mustard Seed,
    Your faith is so inspiring… you are famous and yet you continue to love and encourage everyone! I love reading your blog and hope I get to meet you one day too!
    Till then so glad you do this “dorky” blog thing!

  14. This herringbone pattern is gorgeous. I’d never have thought of that. Thanks for sharing. Keep blogging!

  15. Janet Lawson says:

    That came out really nice..
    What a pretty young lady and very crafty..

  16. what a great project. I love all the detail!!

  17. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this fun project with us.

  18. Erin Kaven says:

    I’ll need to steal the “crafternoon:” from you for my visits with my neighbors daughter who likes to come over and swears I have Michaels in my garage. Unfortunately my own now teen is not into it, so I’ve had to adopt.

  19. One thing I have learned in my journey is to have fun.. if you’re not having fun, what is the point in doing it?!! I love it! :)

  20. That turned out great! I’m sure Emily had a lot of fun crafting with MMS! I also love that you guys did a herringbone pattern on the cork. I once tried to do a cork board, but the cork seams looked so awful that I just threw the whole project out. Wish I had MMS to help me figure out a fun pattern for the seams. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Fabulous! So much nicer than just a “plain” cork board and those pins…PERFECT! The buttons?! The bottle cap?! I’m making those! Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Yay for relational ministry! It’s so cool when you become close enough with the kids you serve to just live life with them. Good job- both on making time to be with others and love well in such a busy time of life, and on making a super cute project! :)

  23. my favorite part of this post…y’all are crafting and glue right there on your beautiful dinning room table, the same table that is featured in magazines and displays all of those lovely table settings. now that is a multifunctional table!

  24. Jennifer says:

    For some reason, this post really touched me. I love that with your career really taking off, you took time for a “crafternoon”(love that word) and shared your skills, your tools, your paint and your inspiration. And Emily has a darn cute jewelry board now!

  25. Darling project and couple! And yes, a very clean basement!

  26. Cute! I do love the herringbone pattern. (I recognize a little “m” hanging!) All the best with school, Emily!

  27. Very creative … bet you had as much fun as they did.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

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