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antique child’s wheelbarrow


I had such a fun time rearranging my furniture yesterday that I worked on it a little bit more today when I could manage between playing Lego Batman with the boys, laundry, trying to get my e-mail under control and acting as a wrestling referee (again with the boys.)  I was shopping my house for the perfect thing  for the top of the Empire dresser and I remembered an antique child’s wheelbarrow I bought and fell in love with a few weeks ago.  It’s one of those nutty ideas that I was sure would look good in someone else’s house, but not mine.  Well, if it didn’t work, I could always change it. 


I like it there.   Something about it works.  It almost looks sculptural. 




At this point I’m planning to make a hand painted antique-looking sign to hang over it.  I’m sort of excited about it.  I love it when I feel inspired to work on my own house.  I also decided to move the French cane chair from my office to round out the seating arrangement. 




I even started to tackle cleaning up the dining room, but I didn’t get very far with it.  Oh well, I’ll take what I can get!  Tomorrow is my “long work day”, so I hope to get a lot of painting done.

Before I sign off, I want to apologize if you’ve received a popup or warning of a virus on my blog recently.  It seems like it was coming in through one of my ads and that code has been removed.  If you do receive a warning message, please don’t click on it, just close the windows and let me know you’re still seeing it.  Obviously, I don’t want to give my readers viruses!  Good grief.  I can’t believe this kind of thing is even an issue!  Grrr. 

My computer issues are getting sorted out as well, thankfully.  Me and technology have been like oil and vinegar the past couple of days.  My husband decided it was time to buy me a new laptop, so he picked out all of the features I *need* and is having one built for me.  I bought my current laptop almost two years ago and it’s a good time for an upgrade.  Hopefully my compatibility with electronics will have improved by that point! 

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  1. Sharon in Chicago says:

    Great spot for the wheelbarrow — and you’re right about it being sculptural. Have you told us about the brown pillow w the green pompoms yet? I think I’m in love!!!

  2. Love the wheelbarrow… what a wonderful toy it must have been. Just to be a stickler, it is the wheelbarrow that is antique, not the child. Well, technically I guess the child would be antique by now too. 😉

  3. There must be something in the air. Today, I did some major furniture reshuffling of my own. My mom was here yesterday and happened to mention that she thought a secretary I had in my living room would work better in my bedroom.

    So, while my son was playing with Legos and awaiting the arrival of two friends for a play date, I moved our gigantic and HEAVY king sized bed so I could snug up our nightstands closer. Then I moved the secretary into the bedroom.

    And I think mom was right.

    Which meant I also had to move a writing desk in the living room, move around some mirrors and reaccessorize!

    What a workout, but I love how it looks. I have also told my mom not to offer any more advice unless I ask for it! :)

  4. Love that you’re playing Lego Batman with the boys. I must confess, it’s the only game I will play on the XBox with my kids since you really can’t “die” (and I’m so terrible that I always do), but mostly cuz it’s so darn cute to watch the Lego people break apart when they do “die”!! Love those games!

  5. Wow! Do I ever love that treasure?!?! I would have called it a dolly. Its shape very much resembles the harp dolly my daughter has to make the logistics of hauling a harp around town more manageable. Yours is amazing–the colors, the wear on the wheel even the rust on the hinge is absolutely perfect. I am anxious to see the sign you paint to hang over it.

  6. Refereeing between your boys… I know exactly what that is like! I have always said that my friends who have only one boy…. have NO idea! Love the pillow!

  7. Chrissy says:

    Thanks for fixing the pop-up virus thinggy. It happened several times, but my security kept me unscathed and I’m glad. I love your blog and would’ve had a difficult time without you, now that I’ve found you.

  8. It’s so wonderful that your boys are able to be boys! Good luck on your new computer and I dearly love the rust and that little bit of paint that’s left on the wheel borrow.

  9. Tracey says:

    Goodness, I had been receiving warnings of pop-ups every time i visited your blog for some time now. I thought about emailing you to tell you but never did. And then they stopped. So this may have been going on longer than you think.

  10. all looking gorgeous and I love your french chair also. I’ve just done a major spring clean here also (and handed down all the clothes that are way too small for my kids but they have still been wearing!). hope you get your computer problems sorted. so frustrating for anyone but probably very much for you with your blog and new business venture.
    cheers Fiona

  11. Anne Boykin says:

    Dear MMS, Sorry to hear of your computer problems. That wheelbarrow is sweet! Hugs, Anne Boykin

  12. Sarah Clark says:

    Fresh arrangements always give a lift. Glad it was a ” beautiful day in the neighborhood”. We need those periodically. Thank you for all the eye candy and inspiration. I plan to paint a wooden box today in the style of the mustard seed yellow dresser that you did. I am starting small to learn the technique. I have a sign idea too. Can you please tell me what kind of paint you used on glass to paint that Fresh Cupcakes sign a while back? Best wishes for an accomplished day. S.

  13. Mom22 says:

    I enjoy your website but I’ve noticed you seem to focus more on dressers, large cabinets and chairs. Do you not enjoy refinishing other smaller pieces of furniture like coffee tables, side tables, end tables, night stands, head/foot boards, sofa tables, etc.?

    It would be wonderful to see your work on other pieces.

  14. Nancy says:

    Love the wheelbarrow – what a find! – and your whole site.

    I think the wheelbarrow is screaming out for a cute little plant to sit on it. :)


  15. Angie says:

    I’m a regular (daily) reader of your blog. Thank you for the inspiration MMS!

    As a computer fyi, when I logged onto your blog on Tuesday it was immediately shut down by my Norton anti-virus. Said it had been activated by a “Known Attack”. I just wanted you to know in case it is helpful as you sort out the issues.

    Of course, it didn’t stop me, here I am back today!

  16. Tammy says:

    Love it! Looks great on the dresser. I love it too when I get inspired to do something for my home.

  17. mary gladhill says:

    I LOVE YOUR LIVING ROOM. I enjoy your blog especially the redecorating. Thank you for sharing.

  18. diane best says:

    Love your blog! I am a teacher on summer vacation so I have enjoyed lots of morning coffee looking over over your great posts. Found your site while researching how to make a slipcover. Have been working on a bucket list of projects I would like to try and the more I look at your stuff the longer my list gets! I have been wondering how you paint the cane portion of chairs when refinishing and I see that you are featuring one in your latest post so I thought it was a good time to ask :)

  19. Rondell says:

    Love the wheelbarrow and the blue on it…it goes so nice there! Nice to see you doing for your own home too:)

  20. That is just too cute! Love the stuff you find!

  21. Love your wheelbarrow! Love your house! Love your site and all the cool things you come up with! And I’m sure I’m gonna love your new paint line – can’t wait to get me some! And I find you so very inspirational! You have a fan up here in Canada! (OK enough with the exclamation marks.) Seriously though, thanks for being such a great and shining example for this wannabe! Your examples of how some very different pieces can go together and make a such a unique and beautiful vignette – wow! In awe.

  22. Kim Gaynor says:

    I love it. Wish I could find one just like it.

  23. That wheelbarrow is great! I like that look with the rest of your house :) I hope the new computer comes through quickly! And sorry about the silly pop-up thing. If it’s not one thing it’s another :(
    Can’t wait to hear the milk paint is available!

  24. Cindy says:

    I love your little wheelbarrow, I have the adult version of the same on. I am thinking of painting it a copper patina green. (my favorite color)
    I miss my lego maniacs, my sons are 26 and 28 now. I loved playing legos with them we had a sandbox in the house to keep them all in, there were so many.

    I just love your empire dresser, great lines, it will look super milk painted.

    I am having love for your sofa slip cover and ottoman cover, did a local upholster make that for the sofa. I just love the dressmaker details.
    Would love to know more about how that came about, I would like to have something similar done.

    Can’t wait for your milk paint, I have lots I want to do with it.

  25. Really like that unexpected touch — industrial antique meets cottage chic? So cool that you take the time to simply enjoy being mom and wife, esp. as the business grows in leaps and bounds. Helps keep it real, balanced, blessed and well-grounded. (Little ones become big ones faster than I could ever express. Savor every moment… most precious will be those seemingly ordinary times.)


  26. I so love the antique child’s wheelbarrow….you are right, the unexpected is always the best…it looks wonderful on the chest….AND, I am so in love with the “cotton” pillow!!…It looks fantastic in the chair…Is it a recent purchase?…Love, love it!!

  27. Denise T says:

    Perfectly understandable! Technology and me are not in good terms. I have been speaking to support tech and hopefully have it solved soon. Love the re-arrangement , it sure refreshes the spirit . The chair is gorgeous. The pillow , too. The wheelbarrow, Always enjoy your blog. Hope you and technology will be in good terms!

  28. The wheelbarrow is truly a piece of ‘folk art”. LOVEIT!
    i read your blog every day. Trying to get some friends together for a road trip to Luckett’s. i hope we get to meet you there.
    You are so talented and an inspiration.

  29. Janet Lawson says:

    The childs wheelbarrel looks nice where you have it..The chair looks great too..Have a wonderful day painting tomorrow..

  30. I love the wheel barrow,agree it is your style…moving furniture around is in the air…to hot to be outside in the afternoon…So I did my painting this am and now back to it…this after noon …..move a wardrobe into my bedroon, after we painted the feature wall a shade of greeen and changed the bedding….this wardrobe was darker wood, So I pulled a washstand with glass knobs. from the dining room to become my nitestand…Then moved the Barrister down the stairs….O boy had to you know……One piece causes another….I love how the living room is looking…and miss my days with leggo’s with my 2 boys….yippee grandsons…in our family their are all ways boys….

  31. sorry to hear about all the computer troubles. :( The virus warning didn’t pop up for me….but our laptop has had so many issues it’s probably already infected with the same virus! lol. Sounds like a good thing that you are able to just start fresh with a new computer!

  32. I love the antique wheelbarrow. It is so cute and I love it on top of the dresser. It has such character! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Billie says:

    Thank you for letting us know about the virus. I got it the first time, but my security essentials
    removed it. It popped up again two more times, but I didn’t click on it. It was very convincing. I took your site off my favorites thinking that had something to do with it, but now that I know you took care of it, you will be back on it. I have to get my daily Miss Mustard Seed “FIX”. Thanks.

  34. Such an unusual piece, Marian!
    I love being a treasure hunter!
    Since I read about Ironstone in your blog, I have been hunting for it.
    I bought one at a vintage fair for $15. Then the other day I found THREE
    at a thrift store for $2.99!!!
    Thank you so much for opening my eyes to new stuff!!!

  35. I am technologically challenged, as well, and I’ve been dealing with horrible virus stuff, shopping and learning a new computer since mid-June. Am so angry that I have to spend so much time on getting it all straight because I’d rather be doing what you all have been doing!!! However, this week , I just made up my mind to take a “techno-break”, and work on decluttering my office and paper files. i’m trying to ‘reclaim my space’ so I can have some fun rearranging and decorating. True, that being stuck inside because of hot muggy weather inspires us to get the inside stuff done, so when the cool crisp fall air arrives, we can move our painting projects outside and also go flea marketing and yard saling!!!

  36. mymoon says:

    I just have to ask if you get side tracked when cleaning your house? I start out fine but then start rearranging furniture then get out the measuring tape,then looking at paint and fabric swatches etc. This week I have been doing a lot of talking to myself to stay focused on the task of cleaning. I’d much rather paint a wall then wipe it down. Anyway, thanks for your great blog. love, mymoon

  37. Barbara says:

    I love all of your beautiful things.. But you know my very favorite thing is the cow picture in your dining room, I Love It!!! I’m trying to find something similar for luck yet, but a girl can dream!!

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