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What’s going on…


 I have to laugh because I had no idea when I had the thought of having my own milk paint line, then presented it to Homestead House, then announced it on my blog that it would totally takeover my life!  It’s been nuts and amazing all at the same time.

I have started pinning confirmed locations of my retailers and we’re at 50 so far.  Fifty!  And I still have some more orders and applications in my in box.  I wasn’t prepared for that at all.



After printing about 30 applications and orders on my little $50 printer, I gave my husband the business card and sent him to the store to get a more professional printer/scanner/fax/copier.  The first time I printed wirelessly was magical.


Faith, my new assistant, will be starting in a few weeks and it can’t come soon enough!!  I’m still going to do a LOT myself, but she’s going to help me with some of the administrative and detail stuff.  Awesome.  It’ll be nice to have some of that off my plate, so I can spend more time painting.

I also been working with Reni on labels, branding, my blog, the milk paint website…lots of stuff.


She helped me solve my business card dilemma, which was…what the heck am I?  I wear a lot of hats and I don’t want to have a business card for each thing I do, so she came up with this…




So, in the middle of all of this milk paint stuff and branding stuff (and my space is being moved at Lucketts tomorrow), my parents are moving up to Gettysburg.  Their closing was delayed, so I have nice pile by the front door of things that belong in their new house.  They stored my crap for years, so I don’t mind a little pile for a few days.



This blog post is all over the place and a great reflection of how my life has been over the past couple of weeks.  I have some babysitting lined up this week and I am determined to paint some furniture tomorrow.  I really need it.  Isn’t that funny?  It’s what I go to when I want to get back to the reason why I love my business.  I also need to start filming my Milk Paint video tutorials and introduce my other colors.  So, I’ll be working on that, trying to stay on top of my e-mail and will hopefully help my parents with painting their new house this week.

I need to remind myself of all of this craziness next time I have an idea…


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  1. I love your new labels and business cards! They look awesome! The great thing about running your own business is being able to make choices that work for you. I think the list of all your “hats” is a perfect solution to your card problem. Hope your paint is going to be retailed in southern Wisconsin!

  2. MaryC says:

    Marian, all the business opportunities are great! I am most happy for you, though, that you will have your parents close by–that is the absolute best thing! The Lord is blessing you in many, many ways.

  3. Oh Marian I am so excited for you that your milk paint is so popular and in demand already! I know I want some! And your business cards are just the best. Reni is amazing! I should be getting mine soon from the giveaway I won on your blog! That win really helped boost me into action on my business stuff! Can’t wait to see your video tutorials on the milk paint.
    I also have to tell you again how much I got from your slipcover videos. It gave me the tips and confidence I needed to take on custom slipcovering. I just did a couch last week and need to finish up the cushion covers this week. I’ll be blogging about it soon!

  4. rachel b says:

    your cards are gorgeous!! love them. can’t wait to get some of your paints- the colors are perfect. i just found (really- roadside finds) the coolest pieces that are begging for some miss mustard seed paints!

  5. So proud of you!!!! Congrats on the success of your business!! I can’t wait to try the milk paint!

  6. Live the first picture! I’m thinking about the display in my shop, giving classes, the whole kit and kaboodle! I’m excited! (I trust you received my fax!). And I’m glad you’re getting help!

  7. and all this in the heat and humidity….yikes!!!

    I am the gal that came from Gig Harbor, WA to see my daughter and you of course during Lucketts…read your posts everyday and so excited for you!!! However I think you and mama mustard seed and family need to move closer to me…my daughter is without power and trying to deal with the weather…..ok I know we have a bit of rain…well alot of rain, but you would have a new best friend!!! ps I just loved your mom too!!!

  8. Awesome! You are so deserving and have worked so hard. Well, obviously, you’re always working hard. :) The business cards are perfect! I will never know how you do it all but it’s wonderful.


  9. Marian,
    Who actually drew that adorable red dresser on the paint label for “tricycle?” It’s SO cool!!!

  10. I am sooo proud of you Marian! Who would have thought when I first asked you “to paint or not to paint?” that you would be where you are at(and I thought you were huge then!!!). It has been AMAZING watching your journey thus far and I am tickled pink for you! I am salivating over the paint line, and the book will be my b-day present from someone(depends on which relative I pester the most, LOL). Keep up the great work, and you go girl!!

  11. Miss Mustard…
    Good luck to you! Dont get over frazzled! Just try to enjoy!
    I am soooo glad for you and cant wait to try your paint!

  12. Carla Murpy says:

    So proud for you. I would like to know also like to know about getting an application to be a retailer. Can’t wait to try the paint.

  13. Patrina says:

    I can’t wait to try your milk paint! The colors are beautiful! Congrats on all the great things you have going for you.

  14. [email protected] says:

    Very happy to be your Boston connection for Milk Paint!! Looking forward to my starter kit and your videos too!

  15. I just love your posts. I too am a Jane of many talents and my business cards have always given me trouble. It is wonderful how you walk us all through your process. I am moving into a new studio space and am in crazy town as well. It is so excited, but exhausting too!

    If you have room for one more retailer – I would love to find out more.:)

  16. Cynthia says:

    Marian, you are an American success story! Hard work DOES pay off. Congratulations, and have a wonderful 4th.

  17. Congratulations on all of your endeavors taking off so successfully! I love that you are able to incorporate all of your business segments in to one succinct area and they look great.

    Greetings from the brocantes of France!

  18. Denise says:

    Congratulations !!! Can’t wait to see the tutorials and get my hands busy.

  19. Heidi Lubich says:

    I will be in Gettysburg at the end of July, I know you are moving to the Luckett’s Store so does that mean you won’t be there (Gettysburg) anymore?

  20. TerrieInAtlanta says:

    How wonderful that your parents are moving to Gettysburg! They’ve been a part of the action since Day 1 … always there to help or drive or lend a hand … and now you will be together for the fruition. :o) Happiness for all generations!

  21. Love the biz cards! Glad to hear you are getting an assistant cause I hate to see MMS do the burn out thing like I did a few years ago. Its so NOT a good thing. Happy 4th!

  22. Marian, you wear so many hats! You truly an inspiration. I am getting so excited to try your paint and see your tutorials on how it all will work! Hope you get lots of painting done tomorrow. I know exactly what you mean. I always feel so happy when I’m painting. Love the business cards!

  23. elaine schmidt says:

    Love your site, and I am in love with the milk paint colors, When will they be available to buy I cant wait to start painting . thank You

  24. How do I get an application to carry your paint line in my retail store?

  25. Thanks for finally talking about >What

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