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Shop Lucketts {in your jammies]


If you’ve even popped in on my blog once or twice before, you’ve probably read something about Lucketts…about me going there or selling out of there or getting ready for Lucketts or loving Lucketts or all of the above.  If you aren’t aware, Lucketts is only the most amazing antique store in the world.  Well, in my opinion (and I think a few other people feel that well also.) For those who are far away and feel taunted by my frequent posts about the place that is near and dear to my heart, well, the talented and lovely ladies behind The Lucketts Store have come up with a way for you to Shop Lucketts from the comfort of your home…in your jammies.  (You know, you could show up at Lucketts in your jammies and that would be okay, too, if that’s your thing.)


Anyway, here’s the whole idea behind Shop Lucketts.  It’s not just an online store.  Once a month, Amy, Suzanne and their team design an entire house that customers can visit for inspiration and buy what they love.  Everything in the home is for sale and it’s entirely different every month.  They love to mix the new with the old and really old.  They love fresh color and a great patina.  They love searching for home decor items and great finds across the country, and being able to offer them to customers – without the decorator showroom prices.  And they REALLY love design to redo an entire house each month!  Here are some peeks at the Design House that will be open this weekend (August 3-5, 2012)…





I know.  I know.

Suzanne and Amy wanted to bring a little dose of their Vintage Hip style offered in the Design House and at the Lucketts Store to those who can’t make it to the store in Leesburg, VA (and feel taunted because of it.)   The past few months, they have been learning all about running an online store — the fun things (product selection, photographing items) and the not-so-fun things (website metrics, profit margins, and distribution centers).  They’re getting it all figured out and now  Shop Lucketts is packed full of hand selected goodies, including fresh ideas from the Design House, customer favorites, and a bunch of other great stuff they love (and they have amazing taste.)

They just got back last week from a home show in Atlanta where they picked up new products for The Design House and for Shop Lucketts.  A few of the items they ordered includes lighting, pillows, small furniture pieces, and gorgeous entertaining accessories.  Those items should be on their way and in the online store soon.  Here are some of the items they’ve selected…






Oh my.  That laundry basket and those wire cloches…  Wow.  I told you.  Amazing taste.

 In celebration of the August Design House event this weekend, they are offering all Miss Mustard Seed readers a 10% discount on ANY online order from Shop Lucketts.  Please use the code MMS10AUG during check out, now through August 5th, 2012, at midnight EST.

I know my readers will really enjoy Shop Lucketts, so I will be showing some featured items and offering coupon codes a couple of times a month.  Keep an eye out for those specials!

Disclosure: I am a vendor at the Lucketts Store and have partnered with them to promote Shop Lucketts.  It’s a pleasure to support them as they have supported me.

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  1. The Lucketts Store is amazing and the design house is beautiful!! It is definitely a treat to shop there! My favs from the online shop are the hamper and the clock!!!

  2. Heidi Lubich says:

    Have read all about Luckett’s through Miss Mustard Seed’s blog and finally had the opportunity to visit 2 weeks ago. (I’m from PA) and I loved it and my friend and I are planning another trip in the fall!

  3. Rebecca says:

    I stopped by last month while visiting from St Louis, and I can honestly say that I’d make the drive again just for Lucketts. I’m so excited to shop online – and I, too, am waiting for MMS paint and tees!

  4. I burn! I pine! I perish!

  5. love and what you are doing is so great…and a thank you
    title…shopping in your pajama’s….we use to have a pajama party once a year…in our lingerie dept..all pink for breast cancer OCT….was great fun…we then next year tied in Cosmetics … was so fun

  6. Monica says:

    For those of us who have never been to Luckett’s or can’t get there, how can someone buy your pieces? Are they available through Luckett’s online store?

    • I am actually going to open a shop right here on the website to sell my t-shirts and some of my finds and pieces. My dad lives here now and can help me with the shipping. We just need to get it set up!

  7. I’m so excited to have the chance to buy from Luckett’s!

  8. I have a favorite antique store in Destin, FL… where we vacation each Fall… and it seems to be very similar to your Lucketts. I dream of opening my own antique store someday with much the same ‘feel’. Dreams are wonderful, right?! I immediately went and got TWO of the hampers, I am in the middle of a laundry room overhaul and these will function so well in my space. Thank you for sharing. I’m sure the ‘Lucketts Ladies’ consider you such a blessing!!

    • Oooo…good for you! I wish I had a cute laundry room and I would totally buy one (maybe two) as well!

    • Dawn, if you don’t mind me asking, what is the antique store in Destin? I live only a couple hours from there and vacation there but might go down for a trip to check out the store. :)

  9. I’ve read so much about Lucketts and would love to visit. Such creative inspiration to be found!

  10. Oh my word!! I want the Paris sign! And so much more!!

  11. Cool!!! I love the concept “Vintage Hip Style” I went to the shop and it’s awesome. Great presentation, and great finds! It really is vintage hip! The design house idea is wonderful. I almost died over that round table in the second photo. This is all too cool, thanks for letting us folks too far away to come to Lucketts in on the fun!


  12. Donna says:

    Ohh, so glad I saw this today! I just got the Paris Sign and the Big Red Barn Compass. I don’t know yet what I’m going to do with the compass, but my heart just went into overtime when I saw it. I love Lucketts ~ I live outside C-ville and went up there for the first time May 2011 when they had their amazing Spring Market. Such an awesome time…and so sorry I missed it this year. Really happy you are going to be selling some of your finds online!

  13. I have feel taunted, so YES, this is awesome!

  14. The one day I didn’t get to read the blog and I missed out on the Paris sign! Oh how I adore it and my laundry room is done in a Paris theme and it would have looked so lovely. Maybe next time. Congratulations on your photo shoot, I know you must be excited, I would be terrified, everything shows up in pics, all my little dust bunnies LOL.

  15. Oh, how I love this…

  16. Karen says:

    Great products! However, I was a little disappointed that they were sold out of so much. I will keep trying!! :-)

  17. I cannot wait to head over to Lucketts tomorrow. It’s my monthly ‘getaway’ and with a new house, I’m dying to get it filled with fabulous finds from there. :)

  18. Isabella Giuliano says:

    When will the Milk Paint be available for sale? Love all the creation! Your life is also my Dream!

  19. Vânia Mallmann says:

    My name is Vânia, I live in Brazil.
    I want the Paris sign! I love this!
    Do you can help me? How can I buy the Paris sign?
    Do you know if the store dispatches to Brazil?
    Thank you, very, very much.
    PS.: Excuse-me my bad inglish.

  20. Susan Matney says:

    My daughter and I went there when I was visiting her in Maryland from Utah. It’s surprising that they have so much stuff in one little space. You need a lot of time to look and relook. The items in the outbuildings were fun to look at as well.

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