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Say hello to “Typewriter”


What else would I call the black in my milk paint line?  I thought about “fan”, but that didn’t work for me, so I went with Typewriter, one of my other favorite vintage decorating elements.

Introducing this color was tricky for me because I don’t usually paint pieces entirely black.  It looks too heavy to me and I think you lose a lot of the detail of the piece.  So, I decided to leave the drawers wood, paint the body black and add a little decorative painting to the front.


Here’s how the dresser started…


Those stripes are contact paper.  I was about to rip them to shreds (figuratively) for being so ugly, but then I realized it was really pretty clever.  They applied a burled-looking contact paper in strips to look like inlay.  Ugly, but the idea is clever.  Very thrifty, too.  I pealed off the contact paper and went right to painting the body of the dresser.  Unfortunately, the stripes where the contact paper was showed through the paint, so I lightly sanded and applied a second coat.  That did the trick.  The front of the drawers were pretty gunky, so I stripped them to expose the pretty wood.



I chalked out a decorative design on the drawer fronts and painted in the details.  I didn’t want to heavily distress this piece, so I just lightly sanded the edges with a sanding sponge.  I didn’t do any prep work or add the bonding agent and the paint didn’t flake on this one.  You just never know!  I finished with my furniture wax, which turned the charcoal-looking paint to a soft black.







This was a fun piece and I love how it turned out.


I’m not hosting FFF tonight.  It’s a holiday week and about 123 degrees in most parts of the country, we’re going to skip a week.  No one should be painting furniture out in this heat!  (Well, I guess I broke that rule, but I was in my basement.)

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  1. I am looking forward to trying the milk paint and someday, I’m even going to attempt the decorative painting you do so well. You said at Haven that you usually use chalk paint for the decorative painting like this. Is that what you used again, here? Your first two MP videos are great.
    Your student,

  2. It really does get to 123º here–and hotter!

  3. I love this piece. It is really quite beautiful. I really love your decoratively painted pieces.

  4. That is absolutely gorgeous! Gorgeous I tell you!!!

  5. Well – I love how all your paintwork pieces turn out and you always leave me SOooooo keen to do something ( I have a unit in my garage to do for my bathroom if it ever stops raining)
    However , dare I say this is my evermost, bestest favourite piece yet. It looks a million $’s. 100 well dones!
    Do you have a template of the drawer designs for us to print and copy? Please say YES!! I also love the vintage Fan. xx Mary

  6. Rachel says:

    This is my favorite piece so far. Love it!

  7. Hi Marian,
    Love your names for the paint colors. Just watched your YouTube videos. Can’t wait to try out the paint. Is it for sale now, or are you still working on getting everything up and running.
    Thank you

  8. This caught my eye instantly! L.O.V.E. the detail and color. Awesome job :)

  9. Hi Marian,
    I see one of my local stores in Calgary Lauren Lane Decor is going to carry your paint. I am so glad it will be so close.

  10. Hi Marian – that piece is gorgeous and I love that color – especially with your decorative painting on the front. Can’t wait to use your paint! Is there a way to sign up for the first batch that comes out???


  11. Marian, this is beautiful! Love the color, Love the design!! One of my favorite transformations to date!! Shelly Andrade

  12. You are so “in the zone” with your paint colors and projects! That dresser is amazing!

  13. gorgeous dresser and love the Typewriter name!!

  14. I sure like to see what you have done with the inside of this dresser.It just is amazing!!!!

  15. I really, really love this piece.

  16. Pauline in Rockville, MD says:

    Love what you did! You highlighted the wood while not completely covering it up. Its mature and whimsical all at the same time. Kudos!

  17. very creative! i <3 it…


  18. Colleen N says:

    Do you ship furniture? I would love this piece! I really like the black and the contract in this piece.

  19. Monique says:

    I love the pictures you have posted using your milk paint! I have a couple questions–is it similar to chalk paint in that it has no real odor, like latex paint? Is it safe to use while pregnant? My dr. said latex was okay while pregnant, but wanted to check as I have a couple pieces I’d like to finish before baby comes.


  20. If I lived anywhere close to you, I would track you down to buy this dresser…love, love, LOVE it!

  21. Christine says:

    I really need to get to Lucketts and see what you have there. I NEED one of these amazing dressers. I’m only sorry the photos you sent me of the others wouldn’t work in the space I have. Sadly, I had to break down and put that IKEA dresser together for the entryway. :-( I’ll be out at Lucketts in a week or two…fingers crossed you have something as amazing as this dresser there!

  22. I absolutely love how it turned out! SO fun and yet still sophisticated. Home run Marian!


  23. This is an absolutely stunning piece of work! Wow!

  24. Jodie says:

    This is THE shade of black I have been looking for!~ Thank you! Got my preorder in……

  25. Barbie Volpe says:

    I NEED this dresser!!! Absolutely in love with it!!!


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