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Say Hello to “Lucketts Green”


Happy 4th of July to everyone!  We just finished our hamburgers and corn and I’ll partake of some black cherry ice cream once the boys go to bed.  This morning, though, I had some time in the workshop to complete a couple of dressers to introduce two more of my milk paint colors and to get the pieces ready to take to Lucketts tomorrow.  So, without further delay, say hello to Lucketts Green…


Here’s the dresser before…



So, why is it called Lucketts Green?  Well, if you’ve ever been to Lucketts, you would know immediately why I call it that.  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, this is why…

It’s very similar to the color of the shingles on the exterior of The Lucketts Store.   And for those of you who don’t know, it’s one of my favorite places on earth and I am privileged to be a vendor there.



Lucketts Green is a very fresh, spring green that has a vintage feel.  It sort of reminds me of jadite and 1950’s counter top appliances.



I really wanted the paint on this piece to chip and flake a lot, but it didn’t this time, so I sanded it gently with a palm sander and then a sanding sponge.  Some of the paint started to flake a bit, but it mostly adhered to this piece.  I stripped and refinished the top of the piece, replaced the knobs and finished it off with the furniture wax that will be carried with my line.



I love the edge of the top of this piece.  It’s so chunky.





I put this dresser on my usual “dresser photo shoot wall” and left it there before I load it up in the van to take to Lucketts tomorrow.  I walked by later in the day and realized I really like it there!



(Just keeping it real with the shoes and sippy cups.)  I’m not going to keep it though, but I may have to find a piece to use this green on in my house, though.  It looks great with the blue.

Next up…Typewriter.

(If you want a preview you can check out my

Facebook page…)

By the way, the giclee print for my cow painting, Eulalie, is available at Cindy Austin’s Etsy Shop.

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  1. These colors are just fabulous. I love them all! I can’t wait to try them…and put them with the fabrics!

  2. Love this color!!! Can’t wait to try your paint! Happy 4th!

  3. Denise says:

    Happy July 4th. Wow! What a gorgeous color ! Yes , I have a few of Granny’s jadite dishes. There is another color, Typewriter is a nice color, too. I want to see something in turquoise.

  4. Such a cool hue of green! I love it!

  5. I don’t guess I’ve ever seen photos of the Lucketts Store…exterior. Know wonder you call it Lucketts Green~ I love it!
    Green is my favorite color. I just used a green in my bedroom to accent. It was Ooops! Green. I should have lightened it up a bit. Because the Lucketts Green makes me ‘green with envy’ !!!

    Happy 4th!

  6. nancy says:

    Love it!!! I can’t wait to buy your paint, I’m the one {one of the many I’m sure!} that met you while setting up @ the spring fair. Your colors are really awesome for furniture!

  7. I love it! For me that’s a big thing because green is very low on my like list. It’s very soothing and yummy!

  8. The dresser was gorgeous to begin with but that in that particular shade of green, it’s perfection!

  9. The dresser was gorgeous to begin with but that in that particular shade of green, it’s perfection! Fabulous choice.

  10. O I love this shade,I am with you…I did a piece and did green with a oak top that I refinished. I loved this piece and wanted to keep also. I love the mix of blue and green and think in your home lovely…I will have to get this green…and I am green with envy that you get to be in Lucketts..I found them before I found you…and the two became favorites including Karen at Graphic Fairy…how can so many talented be in one spot….does it follow with Enthusiasm is contagious…The green is a delight. and the mix of green with oak tops….they sell really well. Mine sold with in 3 days..I am curious what, you will price yours…I think I am underselling myself..vendors are buying my stuff and taking to their shops and they double the price…I want these in a home not to be resold …and someone makes more money off my efforts.

    My green I sold for 160.00(my cost item.paint ect.) 60.00

  11. Well, this is my new favorite color! I can’t wait to try some of this. Waiting for the tutorials and an outlet near me in WV.

  12. Linda Shoemaker says:

    This is THE ONE I have been waiting for. It looks like the perfect color. I have some pieces I have done with Annie Sloans,now I can’t wait to try yours.It really looks good with the blue and the cow!

  13. Pam in Oklahoma... says:

    Wow! I’m sure the folks at Luckett’s think they have “arrived” now that they have their own paint color. Love the piece. Just beautiful!

  14. Beautiful! What color is the stain in top??

  15. Pauline in Rockville, MD says:

    I love the green! The love that cow pic too! He looks so chill!

  16. Whoa, what a fabulous shade of green. I was so curious when you said you would be painting this dresser green, and thinking, i know she’s gonna make it look good, but i just couldn’t envision it. And… it’s just completely wonderful! It’s not too yellow, not too blue… and has a nostalgic, yummy, delightful feel to it. Awesome!


  17. It’s beautiful, Marian. I love that you named it “Lucketts Green.” So perfect!!! I’d like to see another self-proclaimed “Luckett’s groupie” try to top that. What? What? hehe!

  18. Beanoto4 says:

    I have a stock pile of furniture waiting for your milk paint to become available. Have you considered offering an assortment pack. Maybe half sizes ??? I know I will want them all…Lucketts green is my favorite so far… Your mentioned you added 2 more colors.. Can’t wait to see the other.

  19. Oh Marian,
    It is GORGEOUS!!!!~ I have to have this color!!!
    When will you be selling your new milk paints on line?
    Beautiful job!
    Happy 4th!!*****

  20. Oh, I love this!! Im interested in hearing more about your line of wax, too!!

  21. Oh my goodness Marian…this is absolutely beautiful!!! Lookd great with Miss Cow for sure! (Sorry I forgot her name) Gosh what will I do..I must have all the colors!!! Can hardly stand it til the tutorial comes!!! Surely do wish we lived closer. Am soo excited for you!!

  22. Jen Nolan says:

    Gorgeous! I cant wait to get my hands on your new line!!! This will be on my list for sure!

  23. Sue Pagels says:

    Wow! Love this color with the wood top! Plus with your cow painting on top, it’s breathtaking!

  24. Gen Diamond says:

    I love this color!!! Can’t wait to get some in my hands!!!

  25. Karen says:

    You truly have an eye for color. So many shades of green and you choice the perfect one. I can’t wait to get my paws on your milk paint. I have so many ideas busting to get out.

  26. Love everything about this dresser…AND it looks PERFECT with Eulalie, is that your cow’s name?



  27. you have the most impeccable taste! it’s such a delight to see all that you do.

  28. Kristen says:

    Turned out beautiful! Love that color-so fresh! That dresser is exactly like the dusty blue milk paint dresser that I brought to the Luckett’s sale and I just loved that chunky top on it! I wanted to keep mine too. Did your dresser have mirror with it?

    Happy 4th!


  29. Gloria kimball says:

    I love that you thought of Lucketts to coin a color. So sweet and I love the color!

  30. Love that piece! Love Lucketts Green! I can’t wait to try your paints.

  31. Love this green. It will look great in my house. I’m a green kinda gal.
    Miss Ellie

  32. ohhhh! I love everything about this piece! The color, the knobs….so pretty. I wish this green had been available when I redid my china cabinet into a farmhouse style pantry. I used Chateau Grey and while it looks nice I really wanted something more green and I love jadeite so Lucketts green would have been perfect!! maybe I’ll have to redo it again!

  33. I lLOVE that green, Marian. You described it so better than I ever could…I had been looking for the ‘right’ vintage green for years, and found it recently, and did a hutch dresser in it. It has sold already, and I am missing it, lol! Have to paint another piece with it really really soon :) As for that shopfront of the Lucketts store, man that is so cute! And the traffic lights hanging on wires like that? So quaint…are there lots of cute little towns like that in the US?

    xx Karen

  34. Love your paint names…so perfect! :) And that green…that is EXACTLY the color I was trying to mix up for my bedroom trim. I LOVE it!!! And that Spiderman cup, that is exactly what my son does to my photo shoots. :) Hope you had a happy 4th!!

  35. I really like this green. We are going to lucketts in 2 weeks-I CANNOT wait! We are planning our little summer getaway and incorporating a trip to Lucketts and to Viette’s Gardens-hubby listens to this guys radio program every Saturday morning- they are in Fishersville, Virginia.

    Our poor kids, we’ll be doing fun stuff for them too-lol.

  36. I love it. I’d throw stuff out to fit that piece of furniture into my house! I hope we are going to be able to buy your pain in England.

  37. Paint even!

  38. I just love this color! My next trip through VA to PA will include a stop at Luckett’s.

  39. What a nice thoughtful color. Well done! Milk paint seems to be in my future. Thanks for encouraging me to try it through your beautiful work. Can’t wait to introduce it to my daughters for their pieces.

  40. Eileen says:

    Your paint names are such fun. I can’t wait to hear about and see the other paints.

  41. Early this spring I found a chippy dresser pulled out of a barn the same color as Lucket’s Green. I bought it for 30 bucks. I was super excited to see this shade you created! Now I just need to figure out where to put the dresser- oh the love of orphan furniture.

  42. angela says:

    love Lucketts Green, green is my favorite color. it looks so good there.

  43. This is my favorite of your shades so far. I can’t wait to be able to order your paint and redo my dining room table!

  44. I love love that color!!! I can’t wait to try your paint Marian!!

  45. Laurice says:

    I just curious, do you paint the inside of the drawers? Don’t they smell sometimes?
    Love the color also but that is probably because I still have my childhood painted furniture from probably the 20’s which is also close to this green. It’s in my DNA now.

  46. maggie says:

    What a nice tribute to Luckett’s to have one of your milk paint color’s named for them! I don’t know how you could not keep that dresser….it’s perfect in that spot. I have a cupboard that I was planning to use your Mustard Seed yellow on but now that I’ve seen this green things may change!

  47. Angela says:

    The colors are beautiful! Congrats to your own line and have a rocking chair waiting to be “milked”!

  48. It’s perfect! I can’t wait to get my hands on your milk paint line!!

  49. I love the color and can’t wait to get my hands on it! I also ADORE that cow painting you have – where in the world can I get one?!

  50. Great color! Great dresser! And I LOVE your curtains! You have such great style!

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