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Say Hello to “Lucketts Green”


Happy 4th of July to everyone!  We just finished our hamburgers and corn and I’ll partake of some black cherry ice cream once the boys go to bed.  This morning, though, I had some time in the workshop to complete a couple of dressers to introduce two more of my milk paint colors and to get the pieces ready to take to Lucketts tomorrow.  So, without further delay, say hello to Lucketts Green…


Here’s the dresser before…



So, why is it called Lucketts Green?  Well, if you’ve ever been to Lucketts, you would know immediately why I call it that.  For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, this is why…

It’s very similar to the color of the shingles on the exterior of The Lucketts Store.   And for those of you who don’t know, it’s one of my favorite places on earth and I am privileged to be a vendor there.



Lucketts Green is a very fresh, spring green that has a vintage feel.  It sort of reminds me of jadite and 1950’s counter top appliances.



I really wanted the paint on this piece to chip and flake a lot, but it didn’t this time, so I sanded it gently with a palm sander and then a sanding sponge.  Some of the paint started to flake a bit, but it mostly adhered to this piece.  I stripped and refinished the top of the piece, replaced the knobs and finished it off with the furniture wax that will be carried with my line.



I love the edge of the top of this piece.  It’s so chunky.





I put this dresser on my usual “dresser photo shoot wall” and left it there before I load it up in the van to take to Lucketts tomorrow.  I walked by later in the day and realized I really like it there!



(Just keeping it real with the shoes and sippy cups.)  I’m not going to keep it though, but I may have to find a piece to use this green on in my house, though.  It looks great with the blue.

Next up…Typewriter.

(If you want a preview you can check out my

Facebook page…)

By the way, the giclee print for my cow painting, Eulalie, is available at Cindy Austin’s Etsy Shop.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Love the fact that this Lucketts Green is not “in your face kind of green”. It does remind me of my grandmother’s coffee mug – king fire Jadite color.

    Now, I am ready to see your Typewritter!!!!

    xo YDCF

  2. i started collecting jadeite many, many years ago when it was more available. i rue the day i gave one of my best friends a stack of great diner plates. if i can get my husband to agree, i will paint the dresser facing me as i type this, in your luckett’s green. it will hopefully remove the sting of the loss of any jadeite. thank you again, your image of your dresser(poster child) makes my heart sing. now i have more to look forward to.

  3. Kathy says:

    Love the green so so much!! That will be my first purchase Luckett’s Green for sure!

  4. I love your paint names your are coming up with–Luckett’s Green is perfect!
    swell stuff–can’t wait to try it!

  5. Beautiful! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cow painting- where on earth did you get it?

  6. Rene Sandifer says:

    LOVE the green. Looks so much like a color I had matched from an old vintage box I have and have used for years. I call mine “Antique box Green”.
    Can’t wait to try yours in milk paint.

  7. Hi, Marian! It is lovely! How do you strip off the top? Do you sand or use a particular product?

    Thanks! Stephanie

  8. I LOVE Luckett’s Green! I’ve been waiting to see what kind of green you would do and you didn’t disappoint! This will be the first one I buy from you! I have an old dresser just screaming for a new treatment and this is the color! Hurray! Can’t wait! And thank you!

  9. Oh, how I love this color. Looks like one I will want to use. I would have a hard time letting this chest go.

  10. I am so partial to that color…I have it in 2 of my rooms in the house…Lucketts…a great place and what a nice tribute to them….the dresser is fantastic!!…This has to be one of my favorite paint colors!!!

  11. gorgeous color! now i need something in my house that color :)

  12. Laura says:

    You just keep teasing us! I cannot wait for this line to come out. It’s like waiting for Christmas morning! Another awsome color! Thank you for being an inspiration. =0)

  13. Not sure how you could ever part with that piece…whew it is very special

  14. I really like this green color! I don’t usually do a lot of green in my home right now but I may have to try this color on a piece to use as a for-sale prop at shows next year!

  15. Love it. Sort of reminds me of Martha’s favorite green. Can’t wait to dip my brush into it!

  16. Martha says:

    Ok! So…how do you prep for a piece as well as do you treat the top with something?
    I just want to paint all my wood now!
    Also, Where do we buy your new milk paint?

  17. That is a truly beautiful color – and that dresser look terrific!
    However, I feel bad for the boys missing out on the black cherry ice cream…..

  18. Love the dresser, but the cow painting is simply to die for! I will check out the etsy shop. By the way, where did you find the knobs? I think you need to sell knobs with your paint line, I have never seen such cool knobs as you have on your website!

  19. I love this shade of green, this is my favorite so far!

  20. gorgeous! I love the green with the gold frame…

  21. marsha says:

    So, when can we start buying the paint? I can’t wait! :)

  22. marsha says:

    P.S. Please tell me it will be more affordable than ASCP…..

  23. Carolyn says:

    Where can I buy your paints online? They are gorgeous!

  24. Kathy says:

    This is the most perfect shade of green….cannot wait to purchase these!!! Blessings!

  25. Charlotte says:

    I, too, am anxious for your products to become available! May I just say that your pieces are beautiful, and you showcase them so well on your blog and newsletter! Thank you for sharing with all of “us”!

  26. Oh, I love it, Marian! I can’t wait to try it- it’s the most perfect green. It reminds me of the 1930’s green called Nile Green, but I can see that it’s lighter and fresher. So nice!

  27. Shanda Davidson says:

    I love the dresser. I really do. But that cow had me at hello. And you provided the link. Thanks!

  28. GAYLE says:


  29. Wendy says:

    Mmmmmmmm, what a luscious color…I want to eat it! I will definitely be trying this one and I have the perfect piece waiting to be painted with Luckett’s green.
    I was confused at first when I looked at the Luckett’s photo but then I thought it must be a regional term difference……I had to laugh because what you call shingles out east we call siding in the midwest!!! :-)
    Are we able to order your paint or is that still in the works?

  30. Kathy Staples says:

    Oooohhhhhhh! I CAN”T WAIT! The colors are just awesome! I have pieces lining up just waiting and I know which one Luckets Green is getting! and Tricycle and Mustard Seed and French Blue and….well you get it! Can’t wait! Really want to see about being a vendor through a local, well placed Vintage Furniture and Collectibles store in Louisville, Ky. please send email if that is a possibility? I simply can’t wait to get my hands on your paint!

  31. I LOVE Luckett’s – I live in Columbus, OH and my son lives in Reston VA and I always stop at Luckett’s either coming or going from D.C. It is a gem, as is their honorary green! Congrats on an exquisite creation.

  32. Perfect, just perfect! How do you score so many beautiful dressers to redo?

  33. A beautiful shade of green. I also love the rug. I have noticed it in a few of your posts. Could you tell me where it is from?

  34. OMG….I have this exact same dresser! No joke….identical! Even the knob on the top right hand drawer is missing! Actually, I have been thinking about painting it black? Love how you left the wood color on top! Thinking about yellow now….but this green is beautiful!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  35. Lesley says:

    I absolutely love this dresser and the color. I recently bought a dresser w/mirror at an estate auction that I love, it is in a mustardly yellow color but the paint is flaking too much on the top, love the color but definitely need to redo the piece. I was thinking of doing a similar color but gosh I love this green! And absolutely love the top stained and the rest painted, I keep coming back and looking at this dresser daily, I just love it and I know this is how I want to do mine. I have been wanting to try the Annie Sloan chalk paint and have been waiting for a new vendor that is only an hour from my house in TX to open her doors so I can get some but I also want your milk paint too, lol! I definitely will be trying both and am so excited to get my hands on both soon. I have quite a few pieces that I plan to give new life to so if I get the chalk paint before your milk paint is ready to be sold I still have a lot of pieces to us it on too. Now comes the problem of deciding on color(s), lol….I love just about all of them! I have already painted an old dark pineapple bed with home made chalk paint and it turned out great but I want to try the real deal, lol! Plus I just used some white paint I had and some left over beige I had to make a toned down off white color, turned out great. I just love eveerything you do and am so happy that I found you!


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