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Say hello to “Kitchen Scale”


Time for another reveal of the next Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint color – “Kitchen Scale”…


Here’s how this piece started…


 Yeah, it’s hard to believe it’s the same piece, isn’t it?

Here’s why I named the color Kitchen Scale…



The color isn’t exactly the same.  My aqua has more green in it, but this scale was my inspiration.



I love how this paint finish turned out.  It only chipped in a few small places, but the entire finish had this wonderful texture.  You can see it if you look closely…



I decided to jazz up the dresser with some branches and blossoms.  I’ve enjoyed the decorative painting I’ve done lately and it seemed fitting for this piece.  It’s a very petite dresser, so it’s perfect for a little girl’s room or guest room.


It chipped just a little bit around one of the knobs.



Since it’s a busy pattern, I kept the decorative painting to the drawer fronts only.




If you missed the other color reveals, here they are…


French Enamel

Mustard Seed Yellow


Shutter Gray

Flow Blue

Lucketts Green

Four more to go…

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  1. I love the dresser. This might be my favorite color so far. I also adore the green wallpaper in the background. Is that in your home? Can’t wait to get some of your milk paint.

  2. I was in Zgallerie yesterday and they had two pieces painted this exact color. It’s beautiful.

  3. This is a gorgeous color too! WOW, I love it!

  4. Laura says:

    And I thought it couldn’t get any better than Tricycle. I cannot wait for this paint line! My hubby will be happy too so that I will hush and paint my pieces. 😉

  5. This piece conveys hope and optimism to me. Wouldn’t it be lovely for some young couple to have this as one of their very first pieces as they set up their home? It would bode well for a “happily ever after”!

  6. Janet Lawson says:

    Great color..

  7. I think this might be my favorite color so far! :)

  8. Gorgeous!!!!

  9. I’m waiting to run out and buy your paint as soon as it’s available … so far I have an old wooden garden bench to paint and a dresser that I’m turning into a tv stand and a chair. Can you tell us when and where you’ll be selling the paint?

  10. kelly starr says:

    are you going to talk about the wallpaper in this shot? I’m dying to see it!!! where did you put it? your office? a hallway? I know you are saving some stuff for you book… but I need to know what room that is… I’ve seen glimpses of it in some of your photos, but if you’ve talked much about it I missed it.
    the dresser is super cute too…

  11. Sue Erb says:

    This color is so beautiful. I cannot wait for this to hit the market. How much longer…

  12. Sue Erb says:

    This color is so beautiful. I cannot wait for this to hit the market. How much longer… :)


  13. Brooke Fuller says:

    Gorgeous! Can you let me know when and from where I can order your milk paint? I have a table and some other items I’m just dying to paint with it!

  14. This piece makes me drool!

  15. Deidre says:

    This is beautiful! I love the color!

  16. Emily says:

    Will you be giving a tutorial anytime in the near future about how you achieved this finish? Not the decorative accents (although that’d be cool too!) but more specifically the kitchen scale milk paint finish- i.e., did you use the bonding agent? If so, was it used on the first coat only or 2nd coat as well? What did you use to distress the edges? I love that it seems to have the “hand rubbed paint finish” look like a lot of Pottery Barn pieces have! My husband and I are building some wooden lockers/cabinets for extra storage in our kitchen and this is the type of finish I’m really wanting for them once it comes time to paint. Also, what did you use on top of the paint? Wax? I am SO looking forward to ordering some of your paints soon! :-) You’re amazing!!!

  17. I just noticed you updated your picture on the right. It’s lovely :)

  18. I was using the kitchen scale color on a couple of projects I was working on today. I mixed up a batch and toward the end the color went from the aqua green to more of green without the blue. Have you ever had this happen. I thought I mixed it thoroughly. It was like the last little bit didn’t have any of the blue in it. thankfully the part that was more green is on the back side of my rattan shelf unit and will be against a wall where noone will see. Any tips I should know so this doesn’t happen again. It was very odd. This was the first time I used this color. I think I am going to close up the bag and try shaking it around and see if the pigments just need more blending? I love you paint even if this did happen and as I do more projects with it I am sure it will get easier for me to work with. So far I have used typewriter, ironstone and now kitchen scale. Love love the finishes I am getting.


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