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Say hello to “Flow Blue”


It’s time for another reveal of one of my Milk Paint colors. Here’s Flow Blue…


This is how the piece looked before I painted it..


..and this is how it looked with two coats of paint, some detail painting and before I refinished the top.  This is the part where I was not in love with it and was ready to start all over…



…but then I refinished the top and sanded the finish to soften it…


…and it all worked out.  (Do you know that’s pretty common for me?  There’s almost always a moment of doubt or a time when I think the piece looks terrible, but I press through and it always seems to work out.)


The name of the color come from the technique used in the 1800’s – early 1900’s to transfer blue patterns onto pottery.  Flow Blue dishes have a beautiful blurry look to them and are in a varrying shades of a rich blue…


The rich blue I created for the milk paint line reminds me of flow blue dishes, so I thought the name was fitting.  Flow Blue milk paint is somewhere between royal and navy and has some green undertones.  It’s bright, but classic.  I love the way this color looks when it’s distressed and paired with dark woods.










The funny thing is, I’ve really wanted to create a chippy piece to show in the next milk paint videos, but none of my recent milk paint pieces have chipped!  Go figure!  I’m experimenting with some techniques to force the issue.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Up next – Kitchen Scale.  Many of you have asked for this color.  Can you guess what it is based on the name?

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  1. Wow, that is gorgeous. It’s such a great color blue…and those white accents just highlight the pretty color!

  2. Connie says:

    This is absolutely stunning. I am not a blue person but I am in love with this piece. It looks great in your house – this is a keeper. LOL Everything you paint is awesome. Good luck with all your business endeavors.
    Connie, IN

  3. Wow, this turned out beautifully! What a deep, rich color — I love it! And I love the knobs!

  4. Hey Marian….I hope to sell a lot of Flow Blue at The Empty Nest! Lovely color… I happen to have an old kitchen scale that is a creamy beige….I’m going with a tan for Kitchen Scale.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  5. Erica C says:

    Stunning piece. You work magic!

  6. I love the color and the transformation is beautiful!

  7. Love the color and the piece itself. Just gorgeous!

    P.S. It’s good to know that I’m no the only one who hits an ‘ugly point’.

  8. Love this piece! I like the contrast of the dark top and white details. Flow Blue is a great name for the color. Also love the drapes. We had a chair slip covered in that print when I was a kid. I would love to know your source for the fabric. I am going with a pale aqua for the Kitchen Scale, it seems to me I have seen antique scales that color.

  9. julie says:

    I love how you let us know that there is almost always a moment when you are in the middle of painting a piece and not happy with it. I often have that happen as well. But then, as you said, it usually turns out just fine in the end. It’s nice to know that it happens to the best of us. LOVE your work…and your blog. Thanks!

  10. It makes me feel better knowing that making a painting error on a piece of furniture has happened to you too. It does usually work out in the end though once I calm down and tell myself do it again but use this color.

    The table is a beautiful piece of furniture I love everything about this piece from the color to the knobs and the finial down underneath. The color really is fantastic.


  11. So pretty! It looks fabulous with your curtains!

  12. i’m pretty sure kitchen scale is another blue – i’m pretty sure i have a kitchen scale that is that color blue. . .
    i’m looking forward to that one because i’m not a big BLUE girl. . . but heck – if you can convince me to consider YELLOW with Mustard Seed. . . ANYthing is possible! I wonder if a very shiny layer underneath makes the milk paint chip more. . .?

  13. Robbie Zeller says:

    Marian, You are just fabulous at what you do! Whenever I see your work I think this one is just my favorite! Then there is the next one! Just appreciate your gifts!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I am completely in love with this blue, and I can’t get over how well it goes with your curtains, which I have a serious crush on.

    I would like to talk about refinishing the top too. I did a dresser for my daughter’s room, and once I stripped the old finish it looked great. I stained it with some Minwax and then used a tinted furniture wax and it is so beautiful I want to cry, LOL. I am pretty sure this won’t hold up very well over time , but I haven’t been able to rub any varnish on it yet. I just LOVE it the way it is. Today I am going to strip another dresser top and wondering what to do next.

  15. I love all the colors, but love this one best. It amazes me how all the colors are so different, but fit right in, in your home. So beautifully done! I hope the milk paint will be shipped to Canada!

  16. Well, Marian, I’ve gone and done it! I’m following my dream to be a “vintique” seller and it’s all your fault!. I have my first show in September, but I’m also looking to move into an antiques mall. I’m so excited! I would love to carry your paints- I guess I better check out your information for vendors. Thanks so much for all the inspiration and encouragement – I’m beyond thrilled to be moving towards a creative life- which I think now was always God’s plan for me, but I just couldn’t believe!

  17. Kitchen Scale? I’m guessing that it is the color of the metal deck-plate on that kitchen scale that you held (standing outside in front of your old door) while having your picture taken—an old greyed white?
    Love the Flow Blue color and I can’t wait to buy the milk paint! Since I am running out of storage room for all my paint, I decided I could justify purchasing the milk paint by using it for a nice display too. Since it’s powder, I can store it in old Mason jars and line up the jars on a shelf in my craft room. Just waiting as patiently as I can…

  18. Jerri C says:

    Hello Flow Blue……you are the color that I have been waiting for. I am painting a highboy piece & wanted a peacock blueish color and here she is. So excited to order this. I love it.

  19. Wanda says:

    This is a great color and placing the Blue Willow plate there is a great addition. I love actual Flow Blue China with its faded look. Do you have a piece to show the contrast?

    I am anxious to purchase some of the paint. Along with all the others, I am not sure which is my favorite!

  20. Christianne says:

    This piece is fabulous! I love it.

  21. Love it!!!

    I love your curtains, too. Where are they from?

  22. loooovely!!

  23. Looks Wonderful! I would love to say “Hello” to flow blue! Cant wait to use some of your new line of paint!

  24. This is beautiful color! If “ironstone” is your white and you already have a black (I’m thinking of your scale that you’ve taking pictures of before), I’m going to guess either creamy white or a rust color. Knowing you, it’s probably more likely to be a creamy white….but then you’d probably name that “Drop Cloth.” Oh man. I have no idea!

  25. Martha says:

    OH MYYYY GOODNESS! LOVE THEM ALLLL! However, right away, Id pick the Scroll work knobs
    and the Barnyard Chickens as well as the Oval Framed! so sweet

  26. Martha says:

    OOPS! That comment was for the Skye giveaway…so sorry :)

  27. Sallie says:

    I’m loving the introductions you are doing to your paint colors and their clever names. It’s great to have your examples of a finished product. In an aside question, do you ever sleep?

  28. The chest looks lovely painted Flow Blue! And what a nice complement to your living room drapes and chair.

  29. Love your piece as always! You may have tried already, but just in case you haven’t, turning on a fan or hair dryer helps speed the drying process and makes the paint chip better. when using milk paint. Here is an example of one that I did this way. Not trying to tell you how to do things, but just thought I would share my experience.

  30. Ingrid says:

    Marian I just love that you share with us that you have moments of doubt. As beautiful as your pieces turn out, it is hard to believe that – because everything looks (to me) like a thing of beauty. So thank you for sharing your humanity with us. :o)

  31. As a former Faux Finisher, using all kinds of products, I am so excited to start working with your milk paint line. Hurry, hurry…. make it available soon, there are so many projects I want to work on..Your work is fantastic. Have you had professional training…? I am thoroughly impressed with the level of detail you provide which is extremely valuable, especially for people who don’t normally work with furniture. Thank you for this site and working so hard to bring a special line of paints for everyone to make their homes more beautiful!

  32. I don’t use a lot of blue in my home but I LOVE this color! I’m super excited to give your new paints a try, I’ve even set aside a few refinishing project to use your chalk paint on:).

  33. Love it! Gorgeous piece, too!

  34. Bonnie says:

    Absolutely beautiful …!

  35. What a beautiful shade of blue, I’m in love! I’m guessing Kitchen Scale is a dark gray, maybe?

  36. gorgeous! I’m going to guess “scale” is a minty vintage green…..

  37. Absolutely gorgeous!

  38. Question: so why do you wait until you’ve painted the bottom to strip the top? Is that a common practice for you?
    ALSO, we were in DC on vaca this past week and while we were trying to drive straight through we ended up driving by Lucketts at 2am!! So, one of our days we went back so we could go through the store. The neatest part was being there just because you are a vendor!
    Remember that when life gets hectic all that business stuff isn’t going anywhere, so maybe give yourself a schedule, cuz if you don’t take it easy your kids will be parents and you’ll wonder where the time went!
    Easier said than done I know.

  39. I’m really enjoying all of these color “reveals” from your new line!! So when is the tour and painting tutorial? Keep up the great work! Love the colors!

  40. Such a beautiful color. Some of the blogs I read have samples of your paint {Nooooo, I’m not envious at all – not even just a little….. :( } I know you might be sick of hearing this question, but When can we start buying? The anticipation is killin me. Think Carly Simon “AAAANNTICIPATION is making me wait……”

    Luv them colors!

  41. Is that Eulalie’s reflection I see in the mirror??

    I love this blue. My husband and I are eventually going to do our bedroom in all neutrals with a few pops of navy or light navy (or both!). The wheels are turning in my head as to what I can paint with this. LOVE IT!

    I am thinking that since your kitchen scale is white enamel that is extremely chippy, showing mostly bare metal, I am going with a medium-dark gray (like that of aged galvanized metal) or the cream of the aged enamel. Sorry, cant choose one!


  42. The wood on this cabinet looked really nice before you painted it! Do you have a hard time deciding to paint over wood on an old piece?
    It did turn out nice!! And I love the color.

  43. holy crap you have such fantastic furniture, I am going to need to take a trip to your part of town to find some real antiques. West coast is less flooded with great finds. Love this rich blue too!

  44. Every single painting I do…I have a moment at least…of hating it, where I think I will have to chuck it (which I have only ever really done once) and I just plug away and all of a all comes together and works…but I toTally relate…

  45. Gail D. says:

    To me, the Flow Blue color looks a little teal-y–it looks like there’s quite a bit of green in it versus what real flow blue looks like. Maybe it’s just the light in the photos. Just thought I would point this out to you altho I hate to burst your bubble! The other colors are gorgeous!

    Gail D.

  46. Barbara says:

    All of your colors are amazing, but Flow Blue has got to be my favorite. I just redid my caned kitchen chairs and want to paint my table the flow blue. When will it be available to order? SOON I HOPE!

  47. This is the exact color I am looking for, when will it be available?

  48. Annie says:

    Hey there.. Does the white you use as accent matter if it’s milk, chalk or latex? What did you use and which colour white?


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