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Say hello to “Flow Blue”


It’s time for another reveal of one of my Milk Paint colors. Here’s Flow Blue…


This is how the piece looked before I painted it..


..and this is how it looked with two coats of paint, some detail painting and before I refinished the top.  This is the part where I was not in love with it and was ready to start all over…



…but then I refinished the top and sanded the finish to soften it…


…and it all worked out.  (Do you know that’s pretty common for me?  There’s almost always a moment of doubt or a time when I think the piece looks terrible, but I press through and it always seems to work out.)


The name of the color come from the technique used in the 1800’s – early 1900’s to transfer blue patterns onto pottery.  Flow Blue dishes have a beautiful blurry look to them and are in a varrying shades of a rich blue…


The rich blue I created for the milk paint line reminds me of flow blue dishes, so I thought the name was fitting.  Flow Blue milk paint is somewhere between royal and navy and has some green undertones.  It’s bright, but classic.  I love the way this color looks when it’s distressed and paired with dark woods.










The funny thing is, I’ve really wanted to create a chippy piece to show in the next milk paint videos, but none of my recent milk paint pieces have chipped!  Go figure!  I’m experimenting with some techniques to force the issue.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Up next – Kitchen Scale.  Many of you have asked for this color.  Can you guess what it is based on the name?

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  1. This is one of my favorites! So beautiful.

  2. Maureen says:

    Love, love, love this color….I guess it’s because I love flow blue china. My guess is that Kitchen Scale is white – ish! Knowing you, it will be a beautiful white!

  3. Great color MMS! When will your paint be available?

  4. Question:

    Do you always paint before you refinish the top? I would think that you would refinish the top first so that none of the refinishing agents mess up the paint.

    BTW: You may not know this, yet …. but, you’re my new BFF :))

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      LOL…okay, we should get necklaces or something. :)

      I usually refinish the top before painting, but I was hoping I could get away with not refinishing the top on this piece. I changed my mind.

  5. Martha says:

    I am so glad to hear you said that about doubting yourself. I do this all the time. And like you in the end it turns out great. Good to know, only paint right????!!!!!!!!

  6. Love it!! Adding it to the ordering color chart for my customers!!

  7. Vicki K says:

    This piece is beautiful! Will you keep it? It goes so well with your drapes and fits the space…

  8. Gorgeous! Each piece just gets more and more beautiful.

  9. This is my absolute favorite so far! I love the piece! I cannot wait to get my hands on these paints!

  10. I’d heard the name Flow Blue… on the Antiques Road Show … I think. You can get a nicely rounded education on that show… and here, reading MISSMUSTARDSEED… I love this color and the name!

    So,let’s see you’ve shown us lots of colors so far… and the favorite of mine so far, is Lucketts Green.
    But I’m going with WHITE???? …on the Kitchen Scale? Or at least some form of white… maybe…this will be the color that chips for you.
    Oh wait…maybe it is a ZINC/METALLIC type of color? and not white at all? I’m thinking of the kitchen scale that hangs…

    Oh! I just don’t know. But I wait for the colors to be debuted… cause I’m loving the names!


  11. Oh man! I think this is my favorite color of yours yet! This piece is beautiful! Well done!

  12. Larissa says:

    Agh!! This is the perfect shade of blue to match the fabric I have picked out for our curtains!! I can’t wait to purchase this to paint our sofa table!

  13. Heather Ackerman says:

    Love it! Question for you though, do you always paint and then refinish the top after. Getting ready to start a new piec and was going to do the top first?

  14. clarika tanner says:

    I don’t really like blue ( I know), but this Flow Blue is beautiful! I would am actually looking forward to using it on a piece. It’s lovely and I want to buy it right now!!

  15. delores g bembry says:

    I am looking forward to getting my milk paint. Have pre-ordered from Robyn Story. I have never painted with milk paint love trying new things. Love the above Blue piece you did. D’styles/Delores

  16. This is a stunning color and it looks perfect on that piece along with your curtains in the photo! Hard to say what the next color reveal might be…it could be ivory or it could be like the color of my kitchen scale, which is a sage-ish green. LOVE that shade of green.

    I always finish the top last too, but it’s because I want to be able to sand off any paint oops that I might accidentally get on it, which is always a possibility for me. :/

  17. Cindy Desilet says:

    I don’t know Marian….I’ve loved all of your colors so far, but I think this has to be my favorite! It’s just stunning on this piece. Something about this piece of furniture and this color that pulls you right in! I so hope someone around Delaware is going to be selling your milkpaint!

  18. Linda C says:

    Love the ‘Flow Blue’ piece! How will I ever decided which colors to purchase?
    I am guessing since ‘Kitchen Scale’ is a blue shade that the name is based on something your grandmother or older person had in her kitchen….maybe it might have actually been a kitchen scale from the 1930’s or 40’s.
    Can’t wait for the next reveal! LC

  19. This is beautiful. I love the color. Love all the finishing and the glass knobs look perfect. Do you usually stain the top after painting out the piece?

  20. Beautiful!!

  21. Absolutely one of my favorites! This piece is gorgeous and is perfect with your window treatments. You are going to keep it, right? :)


  22. I love this. I need to get some of that paint. It goes perfect with the room.

  23. This piece really turned out fantastic so it is a good thing you kept going even though you started to have doubts. Great name for the color!

  24. I love this blue. I think Kitchen Scale is ivory.

  25. Jenn A says:

    Gorgeous color and great name for it! The piece turned out beautiful!

  26. Ooh, this piece is now a favorite of mine!

  27. I am speechless! This a fantastic piece! Wonderful! ~ Vanessa

  28. Loving all your colors! I have a thing for blue so Flow Blue is definitely a favorite. The piece is so pretty!

  29. The Flow Blue is just glorious! And the piece of furniture is ” to die for” with all those details. Great for distressing..

  30. This is a beautiful color! Love how your piece turned out.


  31. I love this dresser and I am not usually a fan of darker blues, but you did a great job. They have such beautiful pieces of furniture in the States I am so jealous.I have such a hard time finding gorgeous pieces of furniture, that is not an outrageous price. But my favorite is still the Lucketts green so far, but waiting to see all of them before I decide
    My question is not how you paint, but where the heck do you find the time? .

  32. I’d guess some shade of white or grey but maybe you already have both of those? I’ve lost track!

  33. Tami from St Joe says:

    this might be one of my fav’s

  34. what a unique and gorgeous piece! and of course color!

  35. How I wish I could get your paints over here in the Land down Under :(… I am in love with this blue and like many it is my favourite so far… I would love it so I can do something similar with a chair of mine only instead of white accents I would use gold and then sanded it all down so it’s not so blingy….It would be the perfect shade…. Kitchen scale… How I hope it is a zinc type colour! But will wait in the shadows to see the big reveal!

  36. Gorgeous color and gorgeous piece!

  37. Rondell says:

    I have a piece with a refinished top that this color would look so pretty on, love this color! I’m also loving Luckettes green too!

  38. Julia Foy says:

    MMS, How did you refinish the top? I have a piece I want to have a dark finished top and distressed milk paint bottom and have no idea how to begin…suggestions or related tutorials?? THANKS

  39. I love all the colors….I love Luckett’s Green but this color is a winner…I had fallen away from Blue but how can you not love this…I have a plate in Flow blue at the store, no one has fallen in love with it…I should just send to you…this is at the moment one of my favorites..I love the drama of a Moody Blue..

  40. Beautiful! It’s such a swoony shade of blue!

  41. kirsty says:

    I got a good chippy look by getting my heat gun onto the paint….some pieces I have waxed underneath then painted over the top then rubbed back hard but the heat gun works really well….I did a chippy mustard table which turned out really well
    I am loving your colors :)

  42. Love this paint. I can’t wait to try it. I have just the piece of furniture waiting for it. Love this color and I really love the names you are using for your paints…they are soooo you!

  43. Love the Flow Blue…gorgeous

  44. Rhonda Spence says:

    Love it! It’ always amazing to me how a piece really comes to life when the distressing comes into play. Then that coat of wax over is like magic. I have been having a blast with my new passion/obsession and it has been fun to watch my little family get excited over it as well (hubby and 8 1/2 year old twins son and daughter). My hubby is so proud, and my daughter will always come out while I am working and say, “wow Mom, you are so good at that-are you proud of yourself?”. My son almost daily asks, “well Mom are you going to go into the garage and do some of your painting and stuff cause I could come hang out with you”. It’s been such a blast and I want to thank you for all that you share on your blog for the rest of us rookies on major budget can learn, grow and drool! xoxo

  45. Another gorgeous piece! I cannot wait to try your new paints!!

  46. Love love love flow blue! Can’t wait to see kitchen scale!

  47. Love this one and the piece turned out amazing!

  48. WOW! You NEVER cease to amaze me. It’s such a lovely piece. I hope to try your paint soon.

  49. Beautiful color! Just pre-ordered some milk paint from Miss Flibbertigibbit . So wish I had seen this BEFORE I ordered!

  50. That piece looks really beautiful, it’s amazing what a difference the distressing part makes. I also look forward to trying your milk paint!

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