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Say hello to “Flow Blue”

It’s time for another reveal of one of my Milk Paint colors. Here’s Flow Blue…


This is how the piece looked before I painted it..


..and this is how it looked with two coats of paint, some detail painting and before I refinished the top.  This is the part where I was not in love with it and was ready to start all over…



…but then I refinished the top and sanded the finish to soften it…


…and it all worked out.  (Do you know that’s pretty common for me?  There’s almost always a moment of doubt or a time when I think the piece looks terrible, but I press through and it always seems to work out.)


The name of the color come from the technique used in the 1800’s – early 1900’s to transfer blue patterns onto pottery.  Flow Blue dishes have a beautiful blurry look to them and are in a varrying shades of a rich blue…


The rich blue I created for the milk paint line reminds me of flow blue dishes, so I thought the name was fitting.  Flow Blue milk paint is somewhere between royal and navy and has some green undertones.  It’s bright, but classic.  I love the way this color looks when it’s distressed and paired with dark woods.










The funny thing is, I’ve really wanted to create a chippy piece to show in the next milk paint videos, but none of my recent milk paint pieces have chipped!  Go figure!  I’m experimenting with some techniques to force the issue.  I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Up next – Kitchen Scale.  Many of you have asked for this color.  Can you guess what it is based on the name?

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  1. Keri Bensheimer says:

    I have seen those curtains in several of your photos and would love to know where you got them


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