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new pieces & making videos


I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, but I did get a chance to paint some pieces in the workshop. And it was awesome.  I made a few of my milk paint videos…

…showing how to mix the paint and what to expect when working with a powdered paint…

While making the video, I refinished the top of this piece and painted the base in Lucketts Green…

…and started working on this one to showcase my black – Typewriter.

I’m enjoying this one…

I hope to have something to reveal tomorrow.

The winners of the Goose Creek Candle Giveaway are…

Judy (tjgibson84), Cynthia Briggs, Nancy Salamo, Lonna Berridge, Ashley Yasek and Kelly of Dragonfly Ink Designs.  Congrats, ladies!

For those of you who didn’t win, remember you can use coupon code 1062512 when you check out and you’ll receive 30% off your entire order.

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  1. MMMmmmm… Lucketts Green. My favorite so far.
    I love how all the names of you paint are like droplets of your life!

    Can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

  2. Love that green! Whoa!

  3. Thanks for the teaser, cannot wait to see the reveal!

  4. Denise says:

    Can’t wait to see !. Realize that Lucketts Green is a pretty color, too.

  5. I can’t wait to see all the colors!!

  6. Oh yeah. That green is beautiful!

  7. Beanoto4 says:

    Nice drop cloth. LOL

  8. great color and I want all your dressers….you have the best luck in finding these…
    Happy 4rth of July to you and family…..hope you relax

  9. Awesome pieces. Can’t wait to see the end result.

  10. Vickie Buenger says:

    Pretty green!!

  11. Congratulations to the winners!
    Happy July 4th!

  12. Can’t wait to see the finished product! By the way, could you tell me what the stencil you used is and where I could get one? Thanks.

  13. I’m pretty sure that is no stencil. . . it’s freehand, right? I have to tell you – I am IN LOVE with TYPEWRITER!
    Seriously, in LOVE!
    What was on the fron of that dresser before? What were those stripes?? Did you refinish the drawer fronts?

  14. Giulia Brooks says:

    Dear Miss Mustard Seed,

    I have some questions, as I have used milk paint, and was instructed to use it differently. I was taught to sand the piece and add a bonding agent to the mix. So my questions are: 1) how durable is the paint job when not using a bonding agent? I mean, can you scratch it off? Does waxing provide the protection?, 2) Why does one use a bonding agent anyway, if you’re going to have to distress it afterwards?! (Can you tell that I’m miffed, having spent so much wasted time sanding and distressing?! LOL!) Thank you for your helpful and inspiring blog. I’m itching to buy your paints!!! (Anyway I can buy some before it goes on the market? I need it asap!)


    • LOL! Well, there’s the RIGHT way to do thing and then there’s the way I do things! I don’t like prep work, so I want to do as little as possible. I found with Milk Piant that I can paint it right onto old surfaces and it will either stick (like it did on this dresser), flake off some (like the Mustard Seed Yellow dresser) or flake off a lot (like a gray dresser that’s in my portfolio.) As long as I like the surface underneath, I will take that gamble and see how it turns out. If I’m painting a slick, non-porous surface, it’s almost certainly going to flake off a lot, so I’ll lightly sand and add the bonding agent (sometimes I won’t even sand.)

      The instrustions you’re following are based on the assumption you don’t want any flaking and don’t want to distress. (Remember that we’re not normal. Most people don’t want furniture that looks distressed!) Send me an e-mail and we’ll try to get you the paint you need…

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