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in the lobby


Well, I’m all cozy and snug in my new retail space in the lobby at Lucketts!  There’s still a lot that I want to do, but I was able to get some pieces in the space and figure out my game plan.  Some girls got my space settled while I was out of town and they put these two huge, beautiful bookcases on either side of the hardware counter.  They looked absolutely perfect there, so I changed my game plan and bought them to keep in the space.


(I’ll probably paint them eventually.)  The plan is to fill the shelves and bins with my paint, companion products, books, t-shirts, bottles of glitter and some antique goodies.  I’ll put a feature piece (probably a dresser) up on the hardware counter and on the wall where the Lucketts Green dresser is.



I decided to bring my legs in so customers can start to look at and think about the colors.  I can’t WAIT to get the paint in those cubbies!!

I asked my neighbor vendor, Anne, to look for a chandelier for me similar to the one in my dining room.  I’d like to hang a big crystal chandelier in the middle of the space to add a little sparkle and glam.  Would you believe she found TWO at an estate sale today.  Awesome.

Everything’s starting to come together…


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  1. Brenda Gist says:

    Marian, I am so bummed– I live in Charleston SC and went to Westminster Md for 10 days for a wedding and family times. My friend drove me to Luckett’s on Friday after the 4th so I could finally see the famous place and I loved it! But I just missed seeing you. BOO HOO!! I saw your beautiful space and I did buy some lavender and 2 glitter letters so I do have a little of Miss Mustard Seed at home! Can’t wait until your new paint line comes out. I love furniture painting and reading your blog!! Best of luck on your new ventures–I am a loyal follower!!

    • Anne Reap says:

      I was there on that Friday too- a surprise side trip by my sister in law. Saw them bringing in your bookshelves. Like Brenda I now have a little MSS at home also. Can’t wait to try the milk paint!!

  2. Stephanie R says:

    Are those cubbies still for sale? How much are they?

  3. I love the green table. Did you stain the top or paint it?

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