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10 lbs of glitter & other things


I’m constantly overwhelmed by my readers and how amazing all of you are.  Really.  In response to my post on Monday, I received tons of sweet comments, encouraging e-mails and even several offers from people volunteering to help me when things get super busy.  I do hope you know how much a part of this amazing story of my business all of you are.  One day I’ll have to find a way to put it all into words.

Anyway, I haven’t had a ton of time to work on work stuff this week.  I couldn’t eek out a blog post yesterday and had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find some pictures to post and things to write about.  It’s VBS week and I’m on snack detail.  My brother and his lovely wife and mother-in-law have been visiting as well and I’ve been suffering from/getting over a sinus infection AND I’ve ditched the DDP, which means headaches and fighting the urge to grab a swig.  Some weeks are just like that, though, and I need to roll with it.

I sold all of the bottles of glitter I put in my space at Lucketts a few weeks ago, so I placed an order for over 10 lbs of glitter.  I’m going to get some new packaging and labels and all of that fun stuff and see if more of them sell.  I’m getting too busy to make the glittered letters to sell in the space, so I thought I would try selling the glitter instead.

I did have some time yesterday to start working on this dresser…



It’s already looking beautiful and I LOVE the color…Kitchen Scale.  I can’t wait to show it off when it’s done.   Another piece I have in the hopper is this huge oak cabinet…



It was going to be in my space at Lucketts, but that didn’t work out, so I’m going to fix it up.  I haven’t figure out yet, though, how I’m going to paint/finish it.  I’m going to leave it until inspiration hits.

Well, I wish I had some big reveal or great tip, but it just wasn’t that kind of day.

…and that’s okay.

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  1. Janie Block says:

    Your humility I think out shines your creativity!! While you create and inspire us – take care of yourself and keep sharing your journey. You are much more than paint and a brush!!

  2. a busy life is a good life for a business owner (smile). Congrats on all of your busyness (and business). Success!

  3. Katia Sergio says:
  4. I love your blog.. and everything you do is just lovely. I cant wait to see the new paint color on that dresser! My husband and I are going on a trip in mid August and Lucketts is an hour away from where we will be so I convinced him to go! It will be my first time going and I cant wait to see your space and every thing else it has to offer!

  5. I love when you pop in for anything :) Can’t tell you how much I related to your last post…don’t think I actually commented, was “that kind of day” for me too! I’m a pretty new reader to your blog but am baby stepping my way to doing the kinds of gorgeous things you do to vintage pieces, and documenting them in the blogging world. I also spent my college years in Gettysburg…oof…12 years ago. What a great town, I love going back for visits.

  6. Good going on the glitter. Sometimes you have to give up something to pick up on something else!

  7. Yes, it is quite okay that it’s that kind of day…we all have them, we all need them, we can’t be 100% all day every day. Those are the days that lead to days when things come to fruition. Or when we take the time to be with loved ones. Or when we take the time to take care of ourselves.

    Can’t wait to see your kitchen scale colour!

  8. and that’s OK!

  9. Please make sure it’s just a sinus infection. My friend was just diagnosed with pneumonia, and like you, she’s been working way too hard lately.

    Enjoy the time with your family. We’ll wait fit the big reveal.

  10. So that was a his and hers set of contact paper striped dressers? That large oak cabinet is telling me that it wants to be painted in Typewriter. It feels it wasn’t properly respected in its previous life because it had to hold duck figurines, fake flowers, and Reader’s Digest Condensed Books. Get yourself a neti pot. The first time you use it is the worst. I gave up Coke Zero in February and didn’t even notice it. The new Starbucks refreshers in a can are a good substitute though. No artificial stuff, no sugar, and hardly any caffeine. Ann

  11. Another dresser with those wonky contact paper stripes! Can’t wait to see how it turns out…I know it will be amazing!

  12. Totally ok! Hard to find the balance in it all sometimes. Enjoy all the good, but take care of yourself too!

  13. Sharon in Chicago says:

    Marian — You glitter with or without the German glass stuff! Can’t wait to see Kitchen Scale on that piece; actually, CAN wait, and we will, until the time is right for you to unveil it.

  14. Being busy is a good thing. Great idea selling the glitter.

  15. I didn’t understand what DDP was. I thought maybe it was a type of vodka! LOL! I’m trying to get myself off of root beer and have had success with flavored seltzer water (I prefer lime). No artificial sweetener. I guess I really like the carbonation.

  16. I love the big oak cabinet. I might take it off your hands even before you refinish it. I do some of that too and would want to match it up with other pieces. How tall is it? Gettysburg is only a couple hours from my home and Lucketts is closer. I love your blog.

  17. Marian, you are AWESOME, AMAZING, and I am in AWE of you!! Just thought you’d like to know !

    I am so glad to see that you have some oak furniture to refinish. I have a small piece of oak furniture I’d like to do over (a small claw-foot table) and I’d like to see other re-do’s first. There is so much oak furniture out there just waiting -waiting – waiting to be redone!

  18. glad you took a bit of a break…saw your lil fun trees on christmas in July post from HGTV,,,,and a repeat of your no sew ruffled tree skirt….I have that on my Blog….as my thank you for your inspiration…of me starting a blog…I also have a special order from a lady in Georgetown,Gatherings..she wants one and so I give you a shout out…as it is your original idea….So even if you think nothing to show…your stuff and inspirations pop up all over the place….enjoy family and best of luck on the DDP …me 2 glasses to day…better then 12 so I am trying to stick with you ….on this…..harder then loosing weight….darnnnnn

  19. I actually love this post as much as any. Ya know why? Cause it means you’re like the rest of us-sometimes we aren’t brilliant and “we got nuttin'” . And that’s okay…you’ll be brilliant again (probably tomorrow-me, not so much!).

    Hugs to you Marian,

  20. I hope you feel better soon. Have you quit all aspartame, or just the pop? I quit Diet Coke cold turkey a few years ago, and other than a dream now and then that I’ve had some…and I’m mad at myself for it…I rarely ever think about it now. : )

    Have a nice time with you company,

    Julie M.

  21. Seems like we’ve all had “that kind of week/month” lately. I hope your sinus infection clears up so you can get back to enjoying life! I’ve had to watch myself lately from taking on too much as my business grows, thanks to so much knowledge from you! TYVM! Keeping it real is a big reason so many of us keep coming back even when you don’t have a big reveal as you say lol Enjoy those precious kiddos and your wonderful family. Life keeps going forward regardless of whatever we’re doing so I’m with you, pick your yes projects carefully and remember the word NO lol Much love to you Marian!

  22. That is okay!! Good idea to see copious quantities of glitter!!
    Good luck

  23. It’s okay alright! You share so much with us and I really am grateful. I’m hoping to get to your space at Luckett’s again from all the way over here in Ohio. (It is most definitely not a day trip) I hope I find that glitter for sale when I make it there again. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of your milk paint in tricyle to paint this giant 6 foot by 6 foot (!) cabinet which came from a Conrail railroad car. It was used by the welders who worked on the rails to hold their stuff. Come by my blog and see how much excitement it has caused in my heart and head if you like. :) I hope I do it justice.

  24. Thanks for being real. Someone said I should post pictures of the progress on our house on Facebook. All I could think is “What progress?” The walls that have been torn down? We can’t do it all when we want. I just had an idea for a sign…thanks!

  25. I can’t wait to see wat you do with those pieces. You are an amazing woman and inspire me every day! Thanks for being such a great sharer.

  26. You probably have more inspiration on a bad day than most do on a stellar day! I love seeing what you have posted and your talent never ceases to impress.

    I’m sure the glitter will fly off of the shelves….I love just looking at mine when it’s stacked by my desk.

    Have a fun time with the kids at VBS!

    Greetings from the brocantes of France….

  27. Lorretta says:

    You seriously are the best, your “bad day” is worth more than an entire six months of my days!! Take care of yourself and let it be……

  28. i love the glitter packaging. really cute & well done!

  29. Hang in there, girl. I feel like this a lot of the time, and I don’t have all that you have going on! I think it is human nature- actually a woman/wife/mother’s nature to feel like this, especially in the world today. We feel guilty for taking a day for ourselves- to get a haircut or a pedicure!!! At least I do- mainly because I sit in the “relaxing” spa and make a list of 10 more things in my head that I could be doing. But we need to do it sometimes so that we can be the woman/wife/mother we were meant to be.

    This came to mind after I read your post: “…I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. ” Jeremiah 29:11 (The Message)

    Oh, and as for DDP– I gave up sugar 4 weeks ago. It was a nightmarish first 4 days, but after that, my body has just about forgotten what it was like having it and I no longer crave it. So, it DOES get better! 😉

  30. it’s cloudy & rainy here in Ohio—& we need the rain…..I’m enjoying just hanging out with the kids and taking it easy. some days we need to take a break & a nap! {shhhh}
    Oh, I just buy plain club soda and add mio or a little lime juice–I love fiz!!

  31. VBS as a pastor’s wife is enough by itself to fill your life and mind. Hope the glitter is quick and easy. And thanks for the openness of your last couple of posts. I asked you how you balanced it all at the May Luckett’s fair and these have been some excellent answers. I am already working toward taking better care of my body so that when the busy fall season hits, and this period of regrouping that I’m having is over, I can hit the ground running. It is so nice when someone just reminds you that while you may be just barely equal to your day, you are equal if you listen to the Lord’s promptings. You make good choices. It will all fit in.

  32. Colleen Q says:

    I have a large cabinet very simular to yours. I have the outside natural and the inside wainscotting painted cream, I love it. I have had to keep it in a basement room for years but we are now empty nesters and redoing our kitchen. I will soon have a place for it and can’t wait.
    I love your site. It encourages me to do some of my own creating….Keep up the inspiration.

  33. Can’t wait to see what color kitchen scale is! I just checked out the blog you tweeted that used your milk paint Tricycle and it is so so cute! And I love that you helped her out when she needed it!

  34. I’ve been reading a lot in blogland about how to find balance and I do think just not blogging for a day or two is really OKAY. When I’m overwhelmed, it’s the first thing to go…of course, I just started and I’m not “famous” or anything. :-) (What an adorable comment!) Tally ho and enjoy your company!

  35. Hi Marian – I wish I lived closer. I’d help out in a heartbeat. Sometimes we just have to cut out some things. I have to do that right now because i want to do more furniture and I also want to start teaching faux finishing. That means i will have to cut back on a few things. I want to leave my ladders in my garage forever and only break them out when I work on my house.

    So, don’t overtax yourself – get extra help. Re blogging – maybe you could get more guest bloggers (I would do that for you!!) and maybe have an intern for that as well…or perhaps blog about something you already blogged about – but revamp some of it with new eyes. Some other ideas – a video (vlog) of your studio…a video of some of the other vendors at Lucketts – Maybe a shopping tour of Lucketts. Maybe share where you get a lot of your inspiration from and perhaps a post about your most asked question from your readers.

    I sometimes don’t blog because I don’t have an astounding project to show. And that’s wrong. I should learn from you that sometimes the most humble post, showing some shortcomings – is how you became beloved!


  36. Janet Lawson says:

    I love your blog and your ideas just keep coming..
    Such a creative mind..
    The glitter packaging is beautiful..
    Can’t wait to see what you are doing next..

  37. Denise T. says:

    Can’t wait to see what you will do with this dresser. While I was sitting with Dad at the hospital, I realized that it was a good break for me. I think God wants me to slow down , regroup and think about God, family and friends. Also , it was weird that my brain was overloaded with many ideas on furntiure painting, sewing, and Christmas gifts ( I know it might be too early to think about) . I have always made Moravain stars every year for my family, friends and the coworkers. I thought, the moravain stars would be amazing with glitter. Thank you for your creative inspiration. Thank you for being real !

  38. Yes, that’s OK. Are you NUTS? House guests!? I hope they’re there to clean and cook! :)

  39. I love the way you have packages that glitter — it just looks magical! :-)

  40. Hi,
    Maybe this has been answered on a previous post, but if it has I can’t seem to find it!!
    Will we be able to purchase the glitter online at some point??


  41. Michelle says:

    Marian you are amazing. I’m a fairly new follower to your blog and enjoy everything about what you do. Just reading the about Miss Mustard Seed made me think you are a very busy girl. It is perfectly OK to take sometime for you and your family. You have to enjoy what you do which it clearly seems you do but you also need to take time to enjoy what you do and that I don’t think you are. I live close to Gettysburg, I could swing on by and lend a hand. Please take time for yourself. Enjoy your family. Your readers will be here ready to read all about your creative adventures when you are ready to share them.

  42. amba O. says:

    I love your website. I have been reading it for a little over a year. You are so much of an inspiration balancing church, family, and your creativeness.

  43. We just wrapped up our VBS today, too! I was on craft duty and man am I wiped out! It was funny how all the sewing and stuff I do for my Etsy shop didn’t quite prepare me for the glue stick bonanza that was this week :) It was a super week, though. Hope yours went really well!

  44. Charlsey says:

    Marion….please help I remember reading about how to glitter letters on your blog….now I can’t find it…..I’m ready to do my project I even went out and purchased the chipboard letters but now I can’t find your post….please help forever grateful…Charlsey

  45. Gloria Crowther says:

    MMS: You really ARE busy busy all the time! But all the many things you do are GOOD things. People all over the world wish they lived on your block! I really, really want to buy some glitter — I’ll keep a sharp eye on the boards for more info.
    The piece you are working on (the big hutch cabinet) is really interesting to me — I just received my grandmother’s small display cabinet. It has the same wooden accents on both doors, right by the glass. I don’t know if they can come out to be cleaned & refinished, or how to do it. I really want to do this with one of the milk paint colors, but it isn’t at my big craft store! I love the dark woods – but this HAS to get some color & brightness to it. How would I go about posting a photo of it? I’d love your thoughts or tips! Gloria

  46. Brooke Zeissel says:

    Hello, I’ve been watching you a while now and I too refinish furniture and like to find different trinkets and that sort of thing, aka Sassi Trash. I was wondering what you would normally get at a market for these sort of pieces. I live in a small town and can’t get near what I think the pieces I do are worth. I have been thinking about entering in some fairs close by but just curious the price! Thanks

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