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table legs & glitter


 I went out shopping on Thursday, mainly in the hopes of finding an island and chandelier to use in my space at Lucketts, but I found three great (really cheap) dressers, a cute child’s antique wheel barrow, some old boards (for signs) and a bunch of table legs.  Why in the world would I want table legs?  I saw them and at first thought, “Those are so cool, but what would I do with them?”  I wasn’t sure, so I left them and kept looking.  I couldn’t help revisiting the table legs before I left and a thought hit me.  “I could use them to show my paint colors at Lucketts!”  Bingo!  There were only 11 and I have 12 colors, so I’m on the lookout for one more.  I’m leaving white (“Ironstone”) out for now, since most people aren’t concerned about what white is going to look like.


I’ve been painting them in my colors as I’m working on paint decks for a couple designers I’m working with and my manufacturer.  It’s fun to see the “line” together.  They’re actually pretty strong colors, but I like strong colors on furniture and I am going to show how to mix and lighten colors for different shades and tones.

With everything I have going on, I’m trying to think of ways I can “work smarter, not harder.”  So, I thought I would try selling German glass glitter instead of the letters.  That way people can make their own.  I’m starting with six bottles to see how it goes.



I know.  $24 for glitter?!?  Well, it’s the most gorgeous glitter in the world, made out of crushed glass that sparkles like nobody’s business.  For me, it’s worth the expense, since it is so superior to craft glitter.  I also wanted to sell it in generous (10 oz) bottles, so people could make a bunch of letters or ornaments or crafts or whatever.



I loved thinking through the packaging for these.  I’m learning I really like that sort of thing.  I didn’t know I did, but I’ve enjoyed that with the milk paint line.


 Click HERE if you’d like to watch my video tutorial on making glitter letters.

Tonight my blog world and my real world are colliding.  Kelli from Restore Interiors and her family are in DC, which isn’t far from me, so they’re coming over for dinner tonight!  It’s easy to get stuck in the bubble of my family, church and work, so it’s nice to break out of that.

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  1. I am so excited for this paint. I already have a dresser I’m going to paint tricycle red. Can’t wait. Have fun tonight!

  2. Brilliant idea about the table legs..will REALLY help you get a good idea about how the paint will look with the nooks and crevices of the wood. The glitter is lovely…

  3. You have truly stunning table legs!! And German glass glitter??? be still my beating heart! I’ve spent my limit for this payday (and next if the truth be known but how can one pass up pieces of discontinued pieces of their MIL’s Pfaltzgraff… yeah for getting Christmas shopping done early!) so I am going to have to wait just a tiny bit. You will still have more of it, yes? Because truly I am interested!! I envision beautiful bluebird Christmas ornaments… :)

  4. What a great idea with the table legs. Absolutely, brilliant! I LOVE that glitter and love how you packaged it. Hope you have a fun night tonight! x

  5. Be careful with the glitter on the tags. You may want to place them up high. I use glass glitter as well, but I am always terrified a child will touch it and rub his/her eyes.

  6. Ingrid says:

    What a great idea for the table legs Marian!

  7. You always have great ideas! I have a leg I could give you if you lived closer!

    If I come do D.C., could I come for dinner?

  8. Nicole says:

    The table legs can also be turned into candlesticks, or trimmed down and used to display vintage hats. You can also glue vintage looking bird houses on them with a square wood trim on the bottom to give it a pedestal.

  9. That german glass glitter is so pretty and enticing, and i love love the little bottles you picked for them! Clever idea with the table legs too!


  10. I think using the legs is brilliant!! And the glitter is interesting…..Looks like your are quite busy…so thanks for taking time to blog!

  11. Aunt Susan says:

    You ROCK kiddo!!!

  12. Smart thinking on the legs! Sometimes I lug things around the salvage yard thinking of things to do but even when I don’t think of something, I end up carting them home anyone. Last year I bought 2 weathered wood benches and they now await the arrival of my milk paint. CAN’T wait!

  13. Ooops….meant “anyway”.

  14. What a Creative & Unique Idea !!..I Love it !! ..I picked (from the garbage a whole trunk full of vintage table legs a while ago ..I used them to make little bird feeders for the garden ..I epoxied cute floral antique dishes on the top of the leg ..and/or cute antique tea cup with saucer ..then you add some birdseed and wha la ..a darling little bird feeder for the garden just push the bottom part into the dirt and leave the top leg and cup out about 2 1/2 ft I also screwed on a board with a lip around the edge and added birdhouses as well ..oh ..and I made some awesome candle sticks too ..You can see it all on my “White Barn Cottage Decor ” Pinterest board

  15. I loved the idea of table legs I cant wait to see the after picture…And Im curious about this glitter I think it will look good if we glue it to the sole of a pretty pumps it will look so expensive


  16. I can’t imagine you will have trouble selling 6 of anything! You are a genious, cannot wait to try your milk paint!

  17. Sharon in Chicago says:

    May have to test out the glitter one of these days…

    Do you have a good turquoise coming in your milk paint? I can’t remember…

  18. a great idea with the glitter… I have no idea how much that stuff costs; I’m assuming you bought a truck load if you’re able to make it available here! In CUTE bottles! With HANDWRITTEN FUN GLITTERED TAGS! It’s Perfect.

    have fun colliding at home with Kelli…over dinner. Sounds exciting.

  19. love it…thinking you can show how a mix of white with the color can change the tones from top to bottom…on the legs…and I thought cool hang on a wall or board that can be attach’d and hung high in a circle like a color wheel..that way…..easy to show all the colors and tones available. Also the little glitter bottles…love … all and thanks for the time to do your posting…I just did posting on some painting that I did with ASCP I think Milk paint and annie will always be my to go to for painting…

  20. What a great idea – those legs will look amazing (that sounds a little strange, but you know what I mean!) Can’t wait to see the line together.

  21. Great idea with the table legs! I am really looking forward to trying your line!

  22. Denise says:

    Wow, what a great idea with these legs. I am really excited and looking forward to painting. Will take risks to try the colors. Step out of my comfort zone!!! Yellow and red are the ones I want to try! But I am still waiting for all the colors. These glitters are gorgeous , I did not realize it was glass. Thank you for taking your time with the blog. You have done a lot of things.

  23. Holy smokes that is allot for glitter! BUT it looks amazing and you don’t need much.Also what you don’t use it can be put back into those pretty jars :-) .I am sure a little goes a long way.I love how you added a little to the tag too.

  24. Ginny says:

    If you have a ReStore Habitat for Humanity near you, they often have chandeliers and table legs.

    Also, I want to thank you for your sheet music wreath tutorial. I made one for a youth orchestra silent auction and it was so well received that we may sell more as a fall fundraiser. All for a little time and a few dollars of sheet music and glue!

  25. Pam in Oklahoma... says:

    Love it! Will you make the German glass glitter available to those of us who aren’t close enough to come to supper? We’ll pay shipping!! If you were a cowgirl, we would so be friends

    • Ha! Does it help that I used to ride horses? Always with an English saddle, though… Oh well.

      Yes, I will probably sell the glitter on the line, but I wanted to see how it did at Lucketts before I invested in the bottles and glitter on a larger scale.

  26. At first when I started reading your post I thought you were looking for a “tropical Island” and “Chandelier”. I was thinking…I guess , really what else does a girl need! Such a fun visual!
    [email protected]

  27. The table legs is a GREAT idea!! It would be really cute to do half the leg in the full strength color and then the other half cut in half with white to show that you can mix. I wish you were here so I could buy some of your paint at Lucketts! Are you selling online?

    Also, where did you get those adorable glass bottles, I totally want some!

  28. I acquired about 50 table legs/railing banisters a while back and have been slowly painting them in the colors that i use and have them @ my shop so clients can see the colors/techniques – i also see that KNACK has done the same thing – they look so cute all painted and lined up!!!

  29. Stroke of genius on the table leg idea!


  31. I love the ideas of the painted table legs. Did you know Barb Blair did something similar a couple of years ago? Great minds think alike.

    Say “Hi” to Kelli from her friend in California! We “met” through her mother-in-law on an airplane when I had only written one or two posts and wasn’t sure about blogging. Kelli was just getting started too. I hadn’t heard of your blog, but her Mother-in-law, “Mary” told me all about how you were so helpful in getting Kelli started. Kelli passed that encouragement on to me. See? Your blog has such far reaching blessings in many more ways than you realize.

    Happy Sunday. -K

  32. Sally B says:

    I’d never pay that much for glitter…I’d put it in smaller bottles and sell it for less. I just can’t justify that much to myself.
    It is beautiful, but it’s out of my comfort zone. Having said that, the table leg idea is brilliant, and if you get bored using them for models (say when your next set of colors debuts) you could use them as birdhouse or feeder supports or whatever.. you have super cute things on your site:)

  33. The table legs is a really cool way to show your milk paint off:) And I love the glitter – price is right in line with what German Glass Glitter costs. I also really like how you tagged them with the glitter on the end of the tag – great idea:)

  34. ami askins says:

    Are you kidding??? Ok, maybe most people aren’t too concerned about the white paint color in your line…but, I for one have been anxiously awaiting its debut. I just KNEW you’d name it Ironstone! Can’t wait to see it….I know it will be perfect.

  35. The glitter looks ahhhhmazing… But, I am a total nervous nelly, isn’t it a tad dangerous, being crushed glass? Regular glitter ends up everywhere, I’d be paranoid if I had crushed glass everywhere. Am I crazy?? :)

    • Well, I would not use it with small children. This is an “adult glitter.” I have worked with it for several years (a lot) and have only been pricked by a couple of shards. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds, but you do have to be a little careful.

  36. what a great idea! love the table legs. so many fun uses for them. the glitter is awesome too…did you make the glitter? the packaging is super cute. nice work!

  37. Those lovely legs were meant for you…I’m so glad they kept calling your name so you couldn’t leave without them!

  38. Rachel S. says:

    Hey, very cute idea! Where in the world did you find all those vintage table legs?? I need 4!

  39. Any information or progress as to whether or not we are able to purchase this amazing glitter? I would love to if possible… ;0)

  40. Gloria Crowther says:

    What a Beautiful Boxwood Color! I really love the way it looks on your finished piece – I was glad to see that this one was “elegant” because it doesn’t look distressed! It just has that elegant, beautiful finish that a loved family treasure would.
    I am really trying to be patient until I find a retailer who actually stocks your Milk Paints, etc. I do have several projects waiting in line, but I’m almost to the “Gnashing of Teeth” stage!! But, I will remain CALM!
    I also really, really want some of your beautiful glitter! Any advice or info of how or where & when I will be able to find this somewhere to buy?
    Hope to hear a suggestion or two coming my way — you have really stirred up my inspiration bug! I’ll be waiting & hoping! GOOD LUCK IN EVERYTHING YOU DO!

  41. complex, including turns and dips. Certainly, not just about every child is an actor. Nevertheless, like a

  42. LaurieS says:

    I have 3 wonderfully chippy shabby chic table legs on the smaller size. Just last night I pulled them out and thought CANDLE HOLDERS!!! I CAN’T WAIT :)

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