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Remember my word of the year?  It’s CELEBRATE!  Well, I have to remind myself about that often when I start feeling stressed and anxious about really good things that are going on.  When I was getting ready to go to New York to film the Nate Show, I was almost physically ill fretting over what I was going to wear.  As I was getting ready for the Lucketts Fair, all of my insecurities were popping up and I was certain everything I made wasn’t good enough and I would be a disappointment.  You know what that stuff…that junk…that total crap we do to ourselves is?  Robbery!  It’s taking something that’s awesome, that should be celebrated, and morphing it into something you should be afraid of.


I found myself getting all worked up over it when I saw girls fretting about what to wear to Haven.  I’m not sitting in judgement, because I was fretting over the same thing as I was cleaning out my closet, trying on clothes and feeling like I wasn’t good enough.  Why in the world do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we allow an outfit or how we feel about our bodies or our skin or our hair to rob us of joy we should be experiencing?  We’re going to a retreat to hang out with other awesome girls, who also mostly care more about decorating than fashion.  We’re getting to spend time with friends, some who we’ve never met, who have encouraged us, inspired us, challenged us and showed us what’s possible.  It’s going to be awesome.  Let’s not allow that to be taken from us.  Stolen from us willingly as we point out all of the flaws in ourselves and our wardrobe.



Well, Shaunna and I are going to make what to wear to one event easy.  The two of us will be wearing our paint clothes (and they aren’t pretty) while teaching the Advanced Painting Workshop and we invite you, encourage you, to do the same.  In fact, we’ll be giving out a prize to the best/worst painting outfit – a set of Annie Sloan brushes, which are very cool (and expensive) brushes.  So, while you might be stressing about your cuteness level during other hours of the conference, you can fight against it for this event!


When I’m not wearing my paint clothes, I’m just going to wear what I’m comfortable in.  That probably means I’ll be hot, because I hate shorts and sleeveless shirts and I almost always wear black and gray!  Oh well.  I’m going to fight against the urge to pick myself apart and put a damper on the celebration.  I am determined that I will not be robbed.  How about you?

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  1. Joanne says:

    Thanks for sharing. I was worried your Luckets shop had been robbed, or your home!!! Phew!!

    This is a great reminder!! And yes, age does help us be more comfortable in our own skin.

    Just gave away some clothes from years ago and they looked tiny. I wondered how did I ever think I was fat? It made me think about what am I not appreciating now…. Grateful to be healthy and painting!!

    I love this group of women that comment here!

  2. I love you. That is all.

  3. sandie says:

    Be kind to yourself……this I try to remember everyday. Inspired by your blog, thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for this post! I had planned on bringing my paint clothes for that class! Now the only trick is making sure it’s not full so I don’t have to sit through another class in my pi’s lol

  5. Marian, have you been peeking inside my brain? No. Well you could have because you nailed the way I make myself feel. Not only about the way I look but the way my home looks. Thank you for tackling the subject and doing it with such elegance and sincerity.
    I am going to focus on not robbing myself.

  6. I just started packing for Haven….then I took a break and read your post……Now I am going back and taking some things out of my bag…!!…..This post is wonderful…you are not only inspiring to me as far as your talents, but your view on life itself….I look forward to be able to get to meet you at Haven…..I shall look for the person with the paint on her pants!….

  7. Well said! so wish I could go to this and spend time w/awesome women like yourself! You’ve got the right perspective and I love that you are so REAL!

  8. Marian, once again you have been a messenger speaking to me. I am fretting over things…you reminded me that my word of the year is “Breathe”. Why am I so worried about the things I am worried about? If I would just breathe and remember that there is something great about myself and focus less on what I am not liking or what is stressing me out, I would then breathe easier! Thanks for reminding me of those things and again, of reminding me that I am not the only one to have such feelings. Do you ever wonder if your talent is the vehicle for God’s word, LOL:) I know you are very blessed, and in turn bless us, thank you from the bottom of my heart Marian!

  9. I find I must be careful even when visiting other blogs, not comparing myself but truly allowing others to inspire and breathe new life into me instead of measuring my own creativity or accomplishments against theirs. Be true to one’s self is my dad’s favorite line, but often easier said than done. Thank you for your timely post.

  10. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I needed to hear that as I’ve started packing my bags for Haven!! Can’t wait for a few days away. And I need to remember that I am more than what I wear!!


  11. I’m so excited, I just hope I remember my suitcase :) Great post!

  12. You have no idea how timely your post was today! I just returned from a principal’s conference (my day job is an elementary school principal). After spending the week with elementary principals from all over the state, I came home overwhelmed and intimidated. There are such bright, inspiring women doing great things in their schools and I felt so incompetent! Your words were a great reminder to me to find my confidence in the One who called me to lead a school. My word for the year is Obedience and I am only responsible to be obedient to the things He has called me to. He is not asking me to be someone else. I think women tend to struggle with feelings of insecurity in many situations. Thank you for reminding all of us that we have the power to stand up and fight having our joy robbed! Preach on, sista!

  13. A great post…and the way you put together a way for everyone to feel comfortable. you are a born leader,and have a knack for making people believe in themselves.That is way so many check your blog daily. …I did fashion for over 38 years…and dressed the part as a manager of a Dillards…today its paint clothes and all of us must have 2 pair of crocs…at least. I think the paint clothes are more fun.

    I did style shows and workshops…for women and most of the time. No one ever get’s the opportunity to work with someone who knows how to really help and find the right sizing…I once had a lady from a assisted living center in our community..she was so done on herself and could not understand why they wanted her to do the show…I said because we don’t want models we want real people. She said I never can find clothes that fit…I said have you ever tried a 14 petite half size. She said no…I pulled 6 outfits…everything fit and fit well. She was in tears,she said she wanted to buy it all she felt so good. No one had taken the time to help her understand proportions. In the years that past,she would call and say I need…and I would help her… The best thing you ever where is a smile and when you stand up straight you loose 10 pounds…just some stuff from a old retailer…

  14. Oh wow – so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! I paint in the same clothes day in and day out and have decided to “let it go”. I actually even stopped wearing a bra when I paint lol! Maybe I’ll re-think that if I do a tv show or even a you-tube video lol!
    Have a wonderful time at Haven!!
    home sweet nest

  15. That pic of you in NY is full of confidence and cuteness…your Chucks seal the deal!!! thanks for the inspiration, but seriously you are gorgeous inside and out….no worries girl, you rock!

  16. well I know what I want to wear at Haven–A Miss Mustard Seed Shirt!!! But I so won’t be painting in it!!

    See you in a few days!

  17. You go Girl! The timing of this is actually quite amazing. I recently came across a quote that reads “you don’t have to be great to start, you just have to start to be great” (Zig Ziglar) and this is true and encouraging in so many ways. Most women these days want perfection – they expect to be able to do it ALL (and look good in the process!). This want, this NEED for perfection, oftentimes is exactly what stops people from living their passions to begin with – it’s called “paralysis by analysis!”

    But as the quote goes – you don’t have to be great to start, just START, and good things will happen. I think you have put these words into action. It’s so inspiring to read about your journey, and comforting to hear that even you – who truly seems to be able to do it all! – have the same anxieties and insecurities that we all seem to feel.

    Thanks for the encouragement! Now I’m going to put on my own painting clothes, get myself out there, and get dirty!

  18. I SO get this. I wish I could go,maybe next year but just so you know we are with you I promise to wear my most lovely painting attire for the occasion. Cheers to you!

  19. Paula Moore says:

    Don’t let the enemy steal your joy!


  21. Oh my, this is so fun … I have a shirt I need to go dig out of the garbage now. :)

  22. If we lived next door to each other I think you would be the sweetest friend and companion! You are so beautiful! Who cares what you wear! Love that yellow dresser by the way!

  23. Debby says:

    I love your advice and the introspect you have evoked in your followers. And I have to agree with the majority. When I was younger, I really felt I HAD to dress like the rest. As I got older, even shortly after high school, I decided I liked a little “different” in my look. Especially my red glasses. I had mine before Sally Jesse Rafael had hers! In fact, there is a certain population that knows me as “Debby Redglasses”! And I also love a bit of sparkle…every day somewhere in my outfit is a bit of sparkle. Having said that, it really is all about comfort and appropriateness. And feeling good about yourself.

  24. Well, I really should be packing for Haven, but I’m on the computer, as usual. So glad I saw this post because it reaffirms why I’m going to Haven. I want to learn all about painting and blogging, not fashion. And I want to meet REAL people. I have not thought too much about what to wear, but my sister-in-law bought me a new blouse. (I think she was getting a little concerned!) I will wear it for her. I hope I have the opportunity to meet and talk with you at the conference.

  25. We woman entrepreneurs need to be more supportive of one another. It is sorely lacking in the real world and in Blogland.

    I know for me that’s why I fret about ‘good enough’ and in the end just don’t bother to share what I’ve done… ’cause when there’s no comments or advice or suggestions,… ie support, it’s easy to think that what I do is just painting crap that ends up looking like… painted crap.

  26. Oh my word thank goodness my computer has been broke and I was only following you on my phone-I had no idea the blogoshpere was having an identity crisis!!! My roomate for Haven was sending me an email saying are you putting any swag on your cards-I was like oh my word what is “swag” I was thinking of putting a piece of candy on them but that was in my fantasy world where I wasn’t trying to get a booth open transition jobs and get my house somewhat straight before leaving for Haven! Please forgive me ahead of time Miss Mustard Seed if I am unable to restrain myself from squealing and hugging you when I see you!!! I do hope you find the coolest thing you can stand to wear if you plan on stepping outside the hotel because Atlanta is HOOOOOOTTTTT!!!! I mean melt anyone from above the mason dixon line hot! Fortunately I will be drivng in from my deep south MS home on the Gulf of Mexico where heat and 100% Humidity reign!If you have curly hair you better strap that stuff down because it is going to try and get away from you!haha Sooooo looking forward to have and to meeting you!!!

  27. Great post and encouraging – especially since I’m 2 months postpartum so everything fits differently right now. :) I just did a post on Haven – and I’m thinking of wearing this wonder woman costume :)

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  28. Love this! I’m just amazed that people are already packing and thinking about stuff like this! I will be joining you in Haven and, procrastinator that I am, am still working on arrangements for my kids while I’m gone and unpacking from our last trip! Not really anywhere close to packing for Haven, and, I’ll be completely honest, it actually crossed my mind that I was wondering if there would be any clothing stores in the airport while I wait for my flight! Ha! Which pretty much means, I’ll just be showing up in what I already have! I don’t give a ton of thought to clothes and am hoping that my smile just carries me through! Now I will have to give some thought to packing my paint clothes, though… the 16 year-old pants that still fit perfectly and the t-shirt that has big paint marks on the “chest” b/c I’ve got a certain body part that sticks out too far and always brushes what I’m painting. : ) I’ll have to see how much room is left in the carry-on, but either way I’m really hoping I get a chance to meet you!

  29. Janet Lawson says:

    Great post..I couldn’t agree with you more..Wishing I lived closer..

  30. Thank you! I needed this!! Like REALLY REALLY needed this!!

    See you at Haven!! Grubby paint clothes and all 😉

  31. If you were to look at my facebook there is a picture of me there that my future daughter in law posted of me totally covered in drywall dust as I was helping them renovate their basement. NOT PRETTY. But you know something…it’s me and dust is attracted to me during furniture revivals and childrens renovations. It’s part of life and I cherish all of it because it is 1. who I am and 2. it shows I live love and laugh…mostly as myself :)

  32. I don’t even get to go and I am still moved by this post. It will never matter to me what you wear because your beauty runs much deeper than the latest fashion. Have a great trip!

  33. thank you. I needed to hear this today.

  34. Well, I have to say I have always known it’s not just me who goes through such hell working through my wardrobe searching what to wear for what should be a good day or night out – and I’ve always known it’s not just me who for some weird reason starts to doubt my ability to (first of all) do somethings (and then) reach a level of – to do anything. I have always known I’m not alone ! So why Oh! Why When these doubting times pop up to spoil everything do I think – It IS only me!! who can’t do this or no good at that or look crap in this or will let myself and others down and so on !
    So a big thank you for bringing those demons out of my wardrobes and my mind and help me to tackle them them the next time, grab them by the neck & strongly put each and every one to death when they show their ugly thorns once again, I will (try) and take each and every one as the rouse to rob me and wrap them up in a big mental sheet of CELEBRATE paper, scrunch tightly and flush down the LAV.
    Many thanks. Mary

  35. Awesome post! I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who gets into these funks. When I can’t decide what to wear, it almost always ends with me feeling a little less than… ugh. Great motivation on the paint clothes!! Thanks for sharing. Have fun!

  36. eileen marie says:

    Thank you for this. I decided about a week ago that I am packing for comfort and nothing else.

  37. Fabulous!
    Your students will be listening instead of pulling at the clothes that are not comfy!
    I look forward to the group photo!

    Thank you from all of us artists
    please take a photo of the shoes!

  38. Diana says:

    Well said! We are who we are! My hair stylist and I laughed as I sat in her chair one day with stain around my cuticles and primer in my hair. :)

  39. Faith says:

    Amen Sister! I love this post. Thanks for putting words in my mind and mouth. I did not get to go to Haven but would have worried about what to wear, what would be good enough, what other people would think was pretty, what wouldn’t make me look fat (yep, I’m a full figure girl). When what I should really be is thankful for (celebrate) having something to wear, thankful to be meeting such wonderfully, insipring ladies. Thank you for a gentle reminder.

  40. Too funny! I looked at the pic of you standing in front of Sbarros and you were right across the street from where I work. Sorry I missed ya! :-)

  41. OMG. I so needed to read this and get a fresh perspective! I have a show tomorrow and I am totally feeling like I am not matching up to the talents of others when, in reality, I don’t have to. My God given talents are just that…mine. No one else’s! I can be confident in Christ and the talents He has given me to be a blessing to others! I am now confident in that reality and am no longer being robbed but am celebrating the opportunity I am being given to shine! Thanks for helping me put my BIG GIRL panties on! LOL…happy Friday!

  42. Bridget Caulkins says:

    I love that you posted this because i think alot of us do this, but don’t talk about it. I do it all the time and it does rob our joy! I am working on this area in my life at 43…its about time don’t ya think? Anyways i just wanted to say that i love your blog, everything you paint, and i think you are beautiful! Its funny that i read this post tonight because i am struggling with self doubt. I am wanting to start a small business painting furniture and repurposing things and as i sit here tonight looking at a few things that i’ve done i’m questioning myself. My husband will come home from work tonight and get me back on track, but i hate that i do that to myself as well! Love reading your blog and learning from you!

  43. Kudos to both of you for making people realize that your dreams & passion are the important thing!!! I truly commend you!!

  44. THANK YOU! Once again, thank you.
    I just read this from last years Haven and it is just what I needed.

    I have been fretting, worrying about what to wear, dress my BRAND? cute summer dresses and sandals? Media Kits? Researching names and blogs and having cue cards?? what?? I don’t do any of that and I’m not going to start now. I decided to just go with whats in my closet and what will fit in may carryon. I have made a conscience effort to convince myself that this is meant to be fun not stressful and thats what I’m gonna do. GREAT post

    Thanks again, you saved the day
    See you at Haven 2013


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  3. […] Miss Mustard Seed challenged us to wear our best painting clothes to her painting talk, thus the obnoxious shirt. […]

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