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My journey at Lucketts started in December of 2010.  I met Karen that fall and she asked if I would like to sell furniture out of her space.  Ummm…YES!  It’s only been my most favorite antique store for the last 10+ years.  So, I moved some pieces into her space.


In April of 2011, a pavilion opened up and they asked me if I wanted it.  A space of my own!  Definitely, yes!



In July, just a few months later,  I moved into my huge room on the third floor.   I finally started to get settled and painted the room.



I then realized the space was too big for me to keep up with.  I was working on my book and I had to put the retail side on hold.  So, I moved back down into the room with Karen, except then I had a dedicated alcove area that was my little corner.  It was perfect.  I was just about ready to paint and hang curtains and then I got another call.

Now, I’m moving again.  To the lobby!  It’s the perfect place to showcase my line of milk paints.  Pete, who is currently in the lobby, will move back to the room Karen and I shared, which is a much better space for his fabulous stuff.   That’s why I purchased the hardware counter and oak cupboard from Karen.  I’m going to have them as fixtures in the space and mostly carry the milk paint and companion products, some furniture and antiques, t-shirts, etc.  I’m a little overwhelmed at everything that needs to be done, but I’m really excited about it.

Every move that’s happened had been timed perfectly and this one is no exception.  I’m enjoying the process of thinking through the space and how I want it to look to represent my brand.  I never fully settled into any of my spaces at Lucketts, but I hope now I can settle into this one and make it look amazing.

The Lucketts Store has a great post about the move and my new line of Milk Paint on their blog today if you want to check it out…


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  1. Congrat’s on the move! You always have such a positive attitude about everything, you even make moving sound like fun! I’m sure that whatever you do will be beautiful and I can’t wait to see it.

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      I think that’s the Army brat in me. My mom always made moving into a new adventure, so I still view it that way!

  2. Congrats to you, that seems like a step in a great and right directions! You are moving mountains my friend :)

  3. Good luck in your next endeavor. I will be coming to PA in July for a family reunion, actually in Littlestown. Do you have a shop in Gettysburg as well?

  4. Duh I just went back and read that your design shop is in Gettysburg.

  5. Linsey @ Farmhouse Porch says:

    Cool! My booth started in an upstairs location and then I moved to the entrance. It was a night and day difference in sales. Best of luck to you, everything looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to see how you display your new line.

  6. [email protected] says:

    On one of your walls you have a large canvas type artwork of a large globe. I’ve seen that for sale out here in N. California at a couple of different stores. Now that I see it mixed in with decor, I realize I might have to buy it! It’s fun studying all of the details in your photos.

  7. Good luck!! Wish you the beast.


  8. How exciting! Good luck in your new space!

  9. the best not beast

  10. :) how very very exciting! Do you still have that french cup rack pictured in the last few pics?

  11. Well done! This will keep you busy for a while. A good idea might be a TV with a looping video that shows how to apply the milk paint and how easy it is. This stuff doesn’t always sell itself. People demonstrating the process might be a good idea for a few hours on busy weekends. Ann

  12. I can’t wait to see the space filled with your Milk Paint, T shirts and gorgeous pieces of furniture showing the colours and effects you do so well. CJ

  13. Congratulations of your new space and, of course, your own paint line! I completely understand your feelings of excitement and being overwhelmed at the same time. We are in the process of moving our entire store to a new building. Our move was unepected so everything is in storage as the new space is being renovated. We will be painting the interior for the 3rd day today. We have a terriffic new landlord with great ideas and the talent to do all the renovation work himself. He’s torn down walls, added a doorway, gotten all new fixtures for both bathrooms, all new flooring and will be painting the outside and replacing the awning. Actually moving in and getting things arranged will be a lot of work, but we can’t wait to be there.

  14. Heather H. says:

    I’ll be moving pretty close to Lucketts in the winter, can’t wait to swing by and see your space!

  15. I know you are going to make the new space look awesome! Can’t wait to see it all come together! :)

  16. I had to laugh because my family only partly understand my “need” to move…. even if its just things within a room. A definite case of Armyitis… or in my case USMC/Army/USAF “itis”. I am sure your space is going to as lovely as you! Congrats and good luck!

  17. Denise says:

    Smile. I agree moving is an adventure. I remember how fun it was with my family when we moved again and again. You are definitely moving the mountains. I know how exciting it must be for you. I am excited – looking forward to see your space at Lucketts.

  18. Congratulations on your move! I’m so pleased for you. I have a feeling that this is going to be the one you settle into. All your spaces look wonderful and I can’t wait to read about this new space and journey for you!

  19. Congratulations on the new space. I know that you will do incredibly well no matter where you are.

    Come by and register for a Paris giveaway too!

  20. You’re a mover and a shaker :) …sounds like a perfect space!!

  21. Ingrid says:

    Congratulations Marian – you have such a good attitude – I love your work ethic!

  22. Congrats!! It is all wonderful….

  23. Betsy C. says:

    All of your treasures are so cool and wonderful, I don’t know how you ever stand to part with a single one. You must have great will power. Congrats on all the wonderful things going on in your life. Reading your blog always makes me feel happy and creative about the things I might someday try. Best of luck to you.

  24. Margaret says:

    I’m from N. California, but this summer as a school chaperone I talked our leader into a drive from Gettysburg to Luckett’s. I told him it was the Spring Show. OOPS! It was the weekend before.

    When we drove into the parking lot one of the teen guys exclaimed, “It’s just a bunch of junk!” I was very apologetic as there obviously was no spring show. But when we stepped inside Lucketts I felt vindicated. We just don’t have anything like this in our parts. We girls loved it there, and I’d have to say it was a highlight even thought I didn’t get to see Miss Mustard Seed.

  25. [email protected] Charm says:

    Congrats on your new space…I know you will have it looking GREAT!!!


  26. Carolina says:

    Awww…. Marian that’s so cool….CONGRATULATIONS for the new space!
    I know you will make it amazing!!!

    Best wishes


  27. You are always so flexible and you seem to be able to work whatever comes your way. It’s fun to get a glimpse of your space and all the great ideas you have and are implementing!

  28. Congratulations on your next big move. As soon as I see one of your posts come through to my email, I open it up hoping to see more great pictures of your store. I simply love your decorating style.
    Good luck with the store, the book, and the paints!

  29. Congrats on the move! I love your paint colors! Next time I am up there I will be picking some up, I hate to pay the shipping costs when you buy it online, so I haven’t bought any yet. Oh, and your space, what a great space for you!!

  30. Marian…congrats on your new space! I can’t imagine a more perfect spot for all your goodies than when you first walk in the store :-)). julie

  31. You know what just occurred to me? You are either one of those people who everyone loves and everything goes your way or a really hard worker who is driven and gets what she wants…or both! Congrats, I know you never imagined you’d be here!

  32. That sounds like the perfect space! How exciting! I think it was meant to be with the paint.

  33. Congrats!!!! Your beautiful space was worth the climb to the 3rd floor, but now i’ll be greeted by your lovely things right when i walk in the door. xo

  34. I so wish I was a little closer to come and see your amazing space. Unfortunately the trip from Australia is just that little bit too far (or so my husband says!).

    I would really love the hear your thoughts on creating a great space – your photos always look so amazing I’d be interested to hear the process you go through to decide what gos where etc etc

    Good luck with the move

  35. This looks like the perfect spot for your new line of paints.

    Just wish you weren’t so far away. I’d be visiting regularly.

    Good luck….

  36. Woohoo! Congrats on your new endeavor!!! I told my husband for my 30th birthday (in August) I want to visit Lucketts so I can purchase something from your booth!!!!!!! I am soooo excited!!!

  37. I knew you would be moving….the front door…can’t get any better…enthusiasm is contagious…yours is.
    I know you will be successful…in this move…What a great first impression.For Lucketts…

    I was upstairs at the back,then at the front then so hot last summer downstairs..then back upstairs…all over the place….because I mdse a mix of me,and the owners…to create life style looks…

    but down stairs would still be best…some just can’t make it up those steps.

  38. My mom used to blame my Wanderlust on my genetics, My Great Great Grandmother was a Prussian Gypsy! Sometimes a move or a total space re-vamp is just the ticket. I’ve moved my space 3 times this year too. I was at the “Good Store” (My nephew’s moniker for Goodwill) last night and saw a table, a desk and a rustic shelf unit. Well, would you believe that while I was buying the table and desk, someone else bought MY rustic shelf. I need about 10 more longer arms. I thought it would be a great display for paint…hmmm, am I hinting or blatantly repeating that I would love to sell your paint? I’m waiting with ‘baited breath’ on my sample kit; hoping to have it in time to play before our “Vintage Faire” on July 14th. Looking forward to see how the Luckett’s Lobby develops.

  39. I just wanted to thank you for the encouragement your blog has been to me recently…I felt like I had some new clarity about what I wanted to accomplish. My husband is a part time woodworker and I love to pick junk. We just moved to the country and I’ve got a little spot to create a showroom that incorporates my “junk”. I’m working on it and feel I’m a little closer to one of my dreams. In one of your posts I think you said something about …one day your child will have a dream and it will be important that they saw someone close to them going for their dream. That really spoke to me! Thanks!

  40. Teri Catron says:

    How can I find out about you line of milk paints?

  41. Wow, what a beautiful store! I would love to shop there some day. I am sure you will love your new location, what a great opportunity! Good luck!

  42. Hello,
    I so love your site, makes me smile :-)
    I am interested in becoming a sponcer on your site. Could you please tell me what is involved, if it is possible?
    Thank you so very much

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