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fun with burlap ribbon


A few weeks ago, I received a huge roll of burlap ribbon from and I knew it was going to come in handy.  I love having something like this in my supply stash.  It’s so versatile.  So, I kept it sitting in a vintage grocery basket in my office until inspiration hit.

I was in the frenzy to get ready for the Lucketts fair when it hit.  As I’m preparing for a big event, I want to make the most of it, so I suddenly try to finish things that have been sitting around unfinished.  I had some wood framed chalkboards from a craft store that I had set aside to paint.  It was the day before and I didn’t have time to wait for paint to dry.  Hmmm…the burlap ribbon.  It was the perfect size to wrap around the frame and hot glue it on.   It was quick, simple and they sold!


A couple of weeks later, I was working on a Christmas shoot for and the burlap ribbon called my name again.   It was the perfect thing to use for my Christmas-at-the-beach table setting.

I wove it through greenery and hung it loosely from the chandelier. sent me the ribbon for free, but didn’t pay me to write this post or say nice things.  All opinions are my own and I really do love this stuff and thought it would be fun to share how I put it to use.

I’m almost all packed and I’m leaving for Atlanta tomorrow to help get ready for Haven.  I can’t believe it’s finally almost here and I can’t wait to give hug to all of the girls who are attending.

The winner of the $100 Antique Farm House giveaway is…

Joey (ylyons)


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  1. Love the burlap ribbon!!! I hope you have safe travels to Atlanta for Haven.. I wish I was going this year, maybe next year!! I am looking forward to seeing all the blog posts & reading about it!

    liz marie

  2. I love the texture of this type of ribbon.. it is so different and gives a wonderful, slightly rustic look
    to ANYTHING ! Fun… have a wonderful time at Haven.
    Enjoy, and for heavens sake don’t fret about what to wear… lol, just be your self. OH, wow.. sounds
    like a MOM, ugh ?


  3. It’s always fun to see what you come up with. How cool would it be to send 10 people the same ribbon and see what each of them do with it. DIY at it’s best.

  4. Love the burlap ribbon – the texture, the color, the relaxed attitude it brings.

    Have a wonderful time at Haven! Please write some posts about it.

  5. Can’t wait to see you at Haven!! Safe travels my friend!

  6. See you there!!!!! So look forward to meeting you!

  7. wish I lived closer.would love it…Have fun and take a break of a few days from your Blog..but give us lots of info on Haven…later…we all will say thank you with deep appreciations…I really need to send you one of my paper garlands…you can use for christmas or a window sway….I love love burlap ribbon and use all the time….

    save travels,and use should paint a pair of your croc’s with all your colors….

  8. I have to say I never would have thought of draping burlap. So creative of you! Enjoy Haven – I’m sending my own hug!

  9. Love the burlap in the chandy!! Gorgeous!

  10. Marian – is the burlap ribbon you show here 2″ wide – it looks narrower to me?

  11. Marian – is the burlap ribbon you show here 2″ wide – it looks narrower to me? Thanks for letting me know! Liz

  12. Jessica B says:

    what a great idea to use the burlap for a beach-inspired wreath/holiday – my mom is going to get a great gift this Thanksgiving thanks to you ….

  13. Joanna says:


    The burlap ribbons are lovely, but this is in response to the “robbed” post. When I was teaching school and feeling down I would always rely on this verse of scripture:

    “Not that we are adequate in ourselves to think of anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God”

    It helped me many times to know that what He calls you to do, you can do through and for Him, and by Him.

    I think your work clothes sound beautiful – good idea, practical plan – you will be a shining star.

  14. The chandelier with the starfish and burlap is the exact look my brother’s fiance wants for their winter wedding! I’m pining that for inspiration! See you in Atlanta tomorrow! Woohoo!!!! (I’ve got my painty pants all packed!)

  15. Just pinned this to Pinterest! I am in love with the Chandelier! I can not wait to do this for Christmas this year! It is going to be a burlap Christmas at my house!! Thanks for sharing your talent. Oh and what is in Atlanta? What did I miss?

  16. Cute! Remebering when my mom used burlap in many ways from drapes to…. So nice when cute and pretty trends, not the ugly ones from the past come back! Have fun in Atlanta. My cousin is really looking forward to it!

  17. How nice. Nice ribbon, haven’t seen it over here yet. And nice projects. And very nice sneak peek of your Christmas shoot.

  18. Looking forward to Haven. (And your painting class!)

  19. Jeanne says:

    Very cute… I purchase burlap and the jute strapping from the same site. I just made a very cute strapping wreath (red & burlap) using 5 yds. and a wire coat hanger. the stuff is awesome!

  20. Anne Boykin says:

    Dear MMS, It’s going to be wonderful to see you at Haven! Travel safely and see you there. Hugs, Anne Boykin

  21. I love the burlap ribbon I am getting some for sure. So much to do with it. Thanks for the tip!


  22. This sounds terrific! I love your “Ideas” with the ribbon!
    I will have to give some a try!
    Thank you, Leticia

  23. Have fun at Haven – wish I was going to be there! Love the Burlap.

  24. I love burlap ribbon too. Great for so many things. I love the look of it hanging out of the greenery. Have fun at Haven!

  25. Hi MMS! Check out this burlap ribbon garland I did at Christmas last year (scroll to the end of the post and you’ll see the images):

    Basically, if you grab a thread from the middle of the ribbon and pull, it scrunches the ribbon up kind of like an accordion and makes the cutest garland!

    I waited too late to try to get my ticket to Havens and missed my chance. I hope I can do it next year! Have fun!

  26. Janet Lawson says:

    Great ideas with the burlap ribbon..
    Have a safe trip to Atlanta..

  27. You have the touch!!! I love the chandy with the burlap!
    Have a great time at Haven. I soooo wish I were able to go and meet you and so many other wonderful and inspiring women.

  28. The chandelier is gorgeous…I love using burlap but never thought to use it at Christmas time – I feel very inspired!

  29. I think I will be using mostly burlap to decorate with this Christmas. So natural, so lovely.

  30. JaneEllen Jones says:

    You always inspire me so much. Saw you on Nate awhile back also. Isn’t it great that we can use burlap for so many things and it’s affordable. With prices what they are now it’s hard to afford alot of the fabric and supplies I want to buy on SS budget, (haha what budget).
    I have a small roll of the burlap ribbon I must have bought somewhere, who knows when. Figured if I held onto it I’d need it someday, whooohooo the light bulb came on thanks to you. Sure wish I had a blog and could go to Haven. Kinda looks like it’s mostly for the younger set tho, do you younger bloggers mind older people? I’ll be 72 in a few days.

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