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didn’t make the cut


I had to do a lot for my book. A lot. It was so much more work than I anticipated.  Weeks of writing, hundreds of pictures, hours of photo editing, weeks of rewriting, dozens of projects and days of staging.  After all of the work, some of what I did didn’t make the cut.  That’s a good thing.  When I’m writing for my blog, I don’t have to carefully edit myself, because I can write another post tomorrow with new content.  With the book, we had to edit everything down to the best I wanted to share and the most important words I wanted to say.

So, a lot of great, but not perfect-for-the-book stuff hit the cutting room floor, so I’m going to scoop some of it up and share it on my blog.

Exhibit A:

A dated china cabinet, but one with really cool lines and lots of potential.  I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t buy china cabinets anymore.  They’re a pain to move and a pain to paint.  This was the heaviest piece I’ve ever moved.  It was a beast, but it was really cheap and I needed pieces to work on, so I broke my promise to myself and took it on.

So, I painted it in a custom mix of ASCP colors with a warm red interior.  The red interior was a little different for me, but that’s what I wanted – something different.


I liked it, but didn’t love, LOVE it, so I decided to put it on the chopping block.



We’re in the final stages of editing and reworking the book and it’s about to be sent off for printing.  So exciting!!

See you tomorrow night for a new installment of FFF!

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  1. michelle fuller says:

    I know everyone’s talking about the china cabinet, but personally its the curtains that I love – where are they from?

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